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Securus Technologies Is Expanding Its Team

Securus Technologies is a market leader in providing technological solutions for civil as well as criminal justice. These are designed specifically for the purpose of public safety, all kinds of investigation, and corrections besides monitoring requirements. The company has announced that its leadership will be developing a high-tech sales team. This will be a software based team that will complement the expanded portfolio of the company which now boasts of over 800 products. All these products are for the law enforcement as well as corrections sectors.

According to Wikipedia, Rick Smith is the Chief Executive Officer of the company. He disclosed that the company had invested $600 million in acquiring as well as developing hundreds of safety and security related products. They have been doing this over the past three years. Now they have added a key sales resource to their team. This is required in order to transform as well as evolve their existing sales teams. This is required by the company in order to present its expanded product portfolio in an effective manner. For this purpose, John Bell has been recruited. This is because he has a career that includes the transformation of organizational culture leading to exceptional performance. He is a 35 year old with an outstanding career that forms the foundation of his exceptional professional portfolio. He has spent a lot of time with IBM. This is the top company in terms of high-tech, integrity as well as premier sales business processes. John Bell has a graduation degree from Holy Cross. He holds a postgraduate degree from the Wharton School of Business as well as the Kellogg School of Management.

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He has professional work experience that spans over IBM, Verizon, as well as AT&T, NTT Verio besides Time Warner Cable. John Bell will be taking responsibility for the sales team at Securus Technologies that includes over 100 people. Rick Smith has assigned a few key responsibilities to Bell.

These include presenting the entire product set to more and more customers. Next is to identify the target audience and reach them accordingly. The number of face-to-face transactions with each customer has to increase on a monthly basis.

Rick Smith advocates enhanced use of Securus Technology Center. This should be used to prepare customer presentations, and to compare the superior product set of Securus in a much better way. Next, Bell has to develop a highly sophisticated and updated training program for the sales associates of the company.

The fact remains that the corrections, as well as law enforcement partners, are not able to understand everything that is being offered by Securus Technologies. This is why they are not able to win every new contract that comes in. Rick wants to change that.

Securus Technologies Releases Damning Louisiana PSC Report On Global Tel-Link’s Actions

Global Tel-Link cheated and overcharged its customers when it provided telephone services for the Louisiana Department of Corrections, a report by the Louisiana Public Service Commission concluded. The PR Newswire published report was recently brought to light by Securus Technologies. In it the Louisiana PSC details a pattern of wrongdoing by Global Tel–Link that saw the company illegally gain over a million dollars from inmates and their families that used the payphones in the jails and prisons throughout Louisiana. While no one at Global Tel was criminally charged, the integrity of the company was called into question.

The insidious nature of the company’s actions represented a serious breach of trust. Many of the people that used the phones were from poor families. Being double billed and overcharged by Global Tel-Link may have caused them serious hardship and placed them under unnecessary financial burden. Kudos to Securus Technologies for making people aware of what is happening in their industry. Securus America Technologies is a leading provider of communications technologies for the corrections community throughout the United States. The company is known for its innovative technology and advanced software.

Securus Technologies provides cutting-edge communications solutions a growing number of state and local law enforcement, criminal justice, and public safety agencies use to monitor, gather information, and engage in investigations designed to protect the public. The A+ accredited company by is releasing the facts and findings of the Louisiana Public Service Commission report as a public service and to protect the integrity of others in the industry.

The company understands that in order to be effective they need the public’s trust. Global Tel’s wrongdoings violates that trust and impugns their reputation as an inmate communications provider. Securus, on the other hand, works to help provide high-tech tools for incident and information management, biometric analysis, and communications to improve public safety.

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