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Handy Growing To Over $52 Million In Run Rates

Handy has got the attention of many people looking for cleaning services at an affordable cost, and self-starting entrepreneurs looking to get into the market, or just for people wanting a little extra money on the side. The company has gained a lot of traction as nyctechmommy recently reported its run rate at $52 million, well over 10 times where it was just 3 years ago. It’s also become a big investment for venture capital suppliers, having now raised over $50 million in supply capital. Part of this is because Handy’s model looks attractive to investors, and because this new phenomena known as a “gig market” is starting to become a popular alternative to traditional employment.

Handy ( works similarly to Uber, the cab-alternative app for those who need a ride somewhere fast. Whenever someone wants to hire someone to clean or perform basic repairs at their house, they can signup for the service and the nearest Handy worker can take the job. Handy workers are considered independent contractors, though there are codes they have to agree to when they apply to use Handy. Handy does due diligence on each contractor to make sure they pass background checks, and are qualified to do the job. It’s said that they earn between about $15-$22 an hour, but as with all other independent work there are no guarantees of any work in a given time period. Also, workers have to purchase their own cleaning equipment, but they do get paid weekly.

For customers, this app has worked well because hiring permanent housekeepers, or various home cleaning companies such as carpet and floor cleaning companies can cost a lot of money. Hiring one-time independent contractors through Handy costs far less, and if customers want to signup for recurring cleaning services, they can. Most of the work supplied through Handy is standard household cleaning, though there are a few plumbing and high-maintenance repair technicians that use it.