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The Five Crowdfunding Platforms Acquires Tycoon Real Estate

On November 9 2015, the very first acquisition of the crowdfunding platform was conducted. A five-platform acquired Tycoon Real Estate for the first time. The group aims to repair and revamp the projects. The purchase was done by various companies, which involved Peer Realty, CrowdFranchise, Patch of Land as well as the American Homeowner Reservation.

People have known much about the estate crowdfunding and this courtesy goes to the Shark Tank, which featured the Tycoon. Mr. Jason Fritton, the current CEO of Patch of Land said that they had an opportunity to explain thoroughly about the environmental regulatory authorities, which permits the crowdfunding. He also added that the SEC regulations are being leveraged by prosperous companies to crowd fund millions of dollars in the real estate investment.

Mr. Mandy Calara, the CEO of CrowdFranchise stated that they were very overwhelmed about the Tycoon acquisition. He also noted that the authorization of the Title III showed the ideal acquisition. The JOBS Act was approved on October 30 2015, which was on a Friday. The approval enabled the non-accredited investors get involved in the crowdfunding.

The CEO of American Homeowner Preservation company, Jorge Newbery, made it clear that there was a very strong sense when the five platforms came together to combine their efforts in the investment. This was an indication of growth in the industry and a bright future. Mr. Bhavik Dani also stated that there is a an achievement in finding local investments in real estates through online as well as getting other Franchise businesses.

Tycoon Real Estate Company has thus offered commercial as well as residential estate investments opportunities the clients. The company is commonly known from the Shark Tank Episode. Kevin O’Leary later offered fifty thousand dollars for 50% of tycoon and Daniel declined the offer. Much later, the five platforms stepped up to attain 100% of the Tycoon.
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