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Actor Kelsey Grammer Hopes to Reprise a Popular Film Role

Kelsey Grammer appeared at the New York Comic Con recently. He caused a buzz among fans at the event by indicating he would definitely welcome an invitation to reprise the screen role of Hank McCoy in an X-Men film. In X-Men:The Last Stand(2006) he played the blue Superhero “Beast”, a role he briefly resumed during a cameo appearance in X-Men:Days of Future Past(2014).


The actor appeared on screen in the popular X-Men franchise after enjoying considerable success in a series of comedic television roles. He performed in two hit TV shows during much of the 1980s and 1990s: Cheers! and Frasier.


A memorable character played by Kelsey Grammer on television, Frasier Crane, originally appeared in the Cheers! sitcom. The series ran from 1984 until 1993, and presented plots based around the zany antics of characters frequenting a Boston bar. In Frasier, a spinoff broadcast between 1993 and 2004, Dr. Crane moved back to Seattle to accept a position as a radio talk show host. His character, a professional therapist, offered psychology advice to the public. In his spare time, Dr. Frasier Crane joined his younger brother, Niles, in caring for their recently retired father, a police officer. The brothers hired a live-in maid to assist the household full time.


Now married for the fourth time and residing in New York City with his 35-year old wife, Kayte Walsh, 61-year old Kelsey Grammer anticipates the birth of the couple’s third child (Kelsey Grammar’s seventh)soon. The couple previously celebrated the arrival of their two children, 4-year old Faith Evangeline Elisa and her brother, 2-year old Kelsey Gabriel Elias. Kelsey Grammer also recently became a grandfather for the first time.


Currently, comic book superhero movies inspire a lot of interest on the part of Hollywood. Audiences have flocked to movies and sequels based on popular comic book characters, such as the X-Men. The prospect another film might reprise the Beast character delighted the Comic Con audience in New York!

Why You Should See Magic Mike XXL Now!

“Magic Mike XXL” hit theaters in early July, 2015 and was an instant smash. This sequel to the equally popular “Magic Mike” was an incredibly enjoyable, fun, and just an overall great time to watch.

Staring Hollywood heart-throb Channing Tatum, the movie is about a crew of male strippers. In the previous movie Channing Tatum was just a grunt worker at a sketchy, but incredibly sexy male strip club. In this movie his character “Mike” decides to come out of retirement and reunite with his old dance crew.

He and his friends soon set the stage, and the women lucky enough to watch, on fire as he gyrates and grinds his way to 120 minutes of sheer fun and enjoyment. The movie stars many of the original movies cast, with some exclusions.

A huge draw to this movie is its vast array empowered female characters. A movie about males dancing for females pleasure, inverting usual Hollywood expectations, is good enough. Further though, the script has a ton of highly empowered, incredible characters and really competent and good actors to play them.

One of the more notable performances of the movie was Crystal Hunt’s portrayal of the character Lauren. One of the various strong women portrayed in the film, Lauren is a woman some of the male characters are drawn towards. She portrays a woman in control of her self and her surroundings and that is rare and different in a Hollywood movie of this production value.

“Magic Mike XXL” is Crystal Hunt’s first foray into a featured role in a Hollywood blockbuster. She’s performed as, and is most well known for, her roles on television. More specifically, her best known role till now has been her portrayal of Lizzie Spaulding on the CBS soap opera Guiding Light. She was given a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for this role. “Magic Mike” is hopefully a watershed moment for this talented actresses career. Right now Crystal can be found on social media, where she’s known for interacting with fans on Facebook, as well as posting behind the scenes pictures on Instagram.

Her portrayal and the other women of the movie’s portrayal of strong women, the men’s steamy dancing, and the overall fun-loving, party, good-time vibe the movie gives off are just some of the reason this movie is a great choice for your next movie night.

Visual Effects Greatly Add to a Film’s Appeal

Variety is reporting that leading director and prominent producer, John Textor believes visual effects are essential to the creation of a successful film or movie. Currently the chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation, his wide array of specialties including the development of renowned virtual celebrities to strategic corporate finance planning has greatly influenced his professional leadership endeavors at Wyndcrest Holdings, The Parent Company, BabyUniverse, and Sims Snowboards. As an executive board member at Pulse, he excels in managing special projects and cultivating relationships with prominent media companies. In addition, Variety reports that Textor oversees the development of “virtual humans” which are used for branded advertising, medical content, live concerts, and prospective films. Moreover, he has directed the digital productions in renowned films like Transformers and the Curious Case of Benjamin Button and has created digital characters such as Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, and Elvis Presley. Most importantly, his ample experience as a visual effects artist has added to the prestige of the movie production industry.

Presenting an attractive motion picture with extremely vivid imagery will definitely encourage many individuals to frequently visit a cinema. Essentially, there are a few key components to developing an interesting and enticing movie. In filmmaking, visual effects (VFX) involve computer generated animations in which a set is created and manufactured outside a live action production. Some examples of possible settings include rear and front-end projections, characters, forced perspective scenes, and matte paintings. Moreover, the integration of real life footage is most often utilized when constructing an ideal environment is impractical or impossible. Therefore, for the best results, VFXs are usually generated after a movie’s filming by employing multiple modernized software involving graphic design, animation, and modeling. These special developments greatly contribute to the viewers overall outstanding experience.

Although most enhancements are completed during post-production, an effective movie or film usually requires meticulously planned choreography. In general, a visual effects supervisor is responsible for collaborating with the film’s director to achieve the desired post-production considerations. Under the manager’s guidance, employees are experienced in altering scenes related to aliens attacking the earth, developing imaginary locations, and constructing future/past settings. In many cases, building a set in another country or manipulating creatures invading the planet is unfeasible and dangerous. Remarkably, the supervisor and his visual effects crew are skilled in creating a scene or effect without the utilization of traditional photographic technologies. Undeniably, their expertise has influenced the multimillion dollar film marketplace.

Evangeline Lilly is Very Pregnant at Film Premier

Evangeline Lilly, who many remember as Kate Austen in the hit show “Lost”, has debuted her very noticeable baby bump at her recent film premier. Evangeline showed off her bump at the premier for the new film, “Ant-Man”, which she has a starring role in.

She showed up to the premier at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood wearing a black-and-white frock that was draped over her blossoming baby belly. This is a second child for the 35-year-old beauty and her partner Norman Kali. She and Norman also have a 4-year-old son named Kahekili Kali. The couple met while she was working in Hawaii on the show “Lost” where Norman served as a prodcution assistant. She has revealed that she loves being pregnant and that they hope to have more children together. Jim Dondero is glad to know that she and Norman are also looking into adopting children to join their growing family.

“Ant-Man” also stars Paul Rudd as the title character, as well as Judy Greer and Michael Douglas. In the film, a con-man receives a suit that allows him to shrink yet retain a super-strength. With this suit, he finds that he must use it to help save the world. The film will be out in theaters on July 17th.

For the full story on Evangeline, check it out on

Funny + Cool: Amy Schumer to Open for Madonna on Tour

There is Amy Schumer and then there is Madonna. Need we say more about this amazing, bad-a** power couple?!

Somehow the cosmos opened up and brought these two talented chicks together, and when Madge’s Rebel Heart Tourpicks up speed come September, Amy will be involved. The NYDailyNews reports that the very funny lady will open for Madonna during the singer’s three New York City tour dates at Madison Square Garden and Barclays Center.

Really now….this is so cool! “B—h, I’m Madonna,” is the third Rebel Heart single with a new video featuring lots of famous faces like Kanye, Beyonce, Nicki, Miley, and so on.

Amy has always been a Madonna fan, even at the young age of tweenhood belting out Madonna’s hit song, “Like a Prayer.” She has it on a home video and shared it along with the big Madonna announcement on Twitter.

Fans at Boraie Development know that thrity-four-year-old Amy Schumer is all over the place these days and with good reason. Her own stardom has really taken off just before the July release of her new movie “Trainwreck.” Judd Apatow directed the comedy and Amy wrote the screenplay and stars in it. Bill Hader and Lebron James are in the flick, and it is darn hilarious from the trailers being promoted.

By the way, tickets for those three NYC dates, Sept. 16, 17 amd 19 are still available.

Amy Schumer Leaves 1000% Tip For Waiter

Amy Schumer is more than just a funny lady who has some intelligent and insightful things to say. She’s also a very generous tipper. Or at least she was this past weekend when she left a $500 tip for her waiter at an Island Park, Long Island clam bar, Peter’s Clam Bar. According to a source for the New York post, the actor and comedian left the tip on a $49 bill after engaging in a lively discussion with her waiter.The waiter, Paul, is reportedly a college student and told her he was working two jobs so he could go to school.

It’s always nice to hear when servers and bartenders get generous tips, because as anyone who has been a bartender or waited tables knows, people in the service industry work hard, often work long hours, and often struggle to pay bills and the rent because of low wages and an industry that relies on tipping to make up for it. Stories of large tips are legendary among people in the restaurant industry, partly because they can be life changing, and also because it is and industry that is rampant with customers who stiff wait staff on tips or admonish and chastise them both publicly and in private for perceived slights, some of which are beyond the control of the wait staff.

Sam Tabar ( agrees that, while most of us can not afford to give out such a high tip, she can still serve as an inspiration to see the people who serve us as people and to treat them better.

Al Sharpton Calls Kenan Thompson a Tubby

Al Sharpton is one of the most revered men in the black community. He is known worldwide for his outspoken criticism of white America. Al believes that Americans should show greater love and thoughtfulness to African Americans. However, Al Sharpton himself is under a ton of criticism for his rude and outlandish statements on Kenan Thompson.

Reverend Al Sharpton was recently interviewed while walking on the street, and a TMZ reporter asked Sharpton about his thoughts on a black man replacing David Letterman. Strangely, Al Sharpton began to call Kenan Thompson a fat and worthless tubby. Many people were caught off guard, because the TMZ reporter didn’t even mention Keenan Thompson’s name.

Al Sharpton has said outrageous and eyebrow raising things in the past, but his recent words about Kenan Thompson have confused everyone. What did Kenan Thompson ever do to Al Sharpton? I thought that Al Sharpton was supposed to respect and support the African American culture. Well, someone should remind Reverend Sharpton that Kenan Thompson is black.

Keith Mann has become aware that African Americans are extremely upset with Al Sharpton’s criticisms of Kenan Thompson. People should also be reminded that Al Sharpton once weighed over 300 pounds himself, and he has no right to judge others. People of all backgrounds are extremely disappointed with Reverend Al Sharpton.

George Clooney is Extremely Happy With His Wife

George Clooney is one of the most handsome men of all time. He has been voted as the “sexiest man alive” more than once, and it seems that his appearance get better with age. George Clooney is like a fine wine, and he only becomes more valuable and sought after as the years go by. However, George Clooney is also a notorious heartbreaker.

George Clooney finally decided to get married, and his lucky wife’s name Amal Alamuddin. Fans at The Aspire New Brunswick ( have found that George was recently interviewed, and he said that he is the happiest man in in the world. Apparently, the marriage is a match made in heaven, but some people have not forgotten about George Clooney’s previous relationship. Prior to getting married, George Clooney was in a highly publicized relationship with former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler.

For those of you that don’t know, Stacy Keibler is one of the most beautiful women alive. She has long legs, and a beautiful face. Men all over the world fantasize about Stacy Keibler. However, George Clooney is not an ordinary man, and he decided to break up with Stacy after years of being together. Stacy Keibler was completely heartbroken after the breakup, and she said that George’s marriage to Amal made things even worse. features a lengthy article about George Clooney and his new wife. However, Stacy Keibler is still heartbroken over the gorgeous man. George Clooney is truly one of a kind. No one in their right mind would dump Stacy Keibler, but apparently, George Clooney is on a whole different level.

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake Share Photo of their Baby

Actress Jessica Biel and her musician husband, Justin Timberlake, have welcomed their first child recently. Their son, Silas Randall Timberlake, was born around April 11th. Both mother and baby were in good condition. The parents have named their son after members of the Timberlake family. Silas was the middle name of Justin’s grandfather, Bill Bomar, who passed away in 2012. Randall is Justin’s middle name as well as his father’s first name. The couple did their best to keep the pregnancy quiet, with Justin finally announcing the news publicly last January.

Recently, Justin posted a picture of his newborn son to his Instagram account captured by Jaime Garcia Dias (see more at The baby has beautiful blue eye like his father and a sleepy look on his face. Jessica is cradling their son who is wearing a Memphis Grizzlies jersey, a team that Justin is a part owner of. This is the first picture of the pair after Silas’ birth.

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake have been married since October 2012. The pair had dated for five years before tying the knot together. Silas is the first child for the hit maker and his actress wife.

To see the picture of baby Silas Randall, check it out on The Daily Mail.

Paul Walker Jokes Cut from Bieber’s Roast

As we all know by now, pop star Justin Bieber has taking part in a roast in his honor set to air on Comedy Central on March 30th. And rumors are that the roasters did not go easy on him. And why should they? Bieber is a spoiled, entitled grown-up who still acts like a rotten teenager. Ricardo Guimaraes BMG ( knows that he has been in trouble for stupid, petty crimes like urinating in public and throwing eggs at his neighbor’s home. He has also been in trouble for serious crimes like reckless driving and driving under the influence of alcohol. The boy needs to get his act together before he does something that hurts other people. The roasters joked about Bieber seeing prison sometime in the near future, which might not be too far off.

The digs and jokes at Bieber’s expense were harsh, and funny. Except the jokes about the late Paul Walker that comedian Jeffrey Ross made, according to the story on USA Today. Those jokes just went a little too far. Ross joked about the Ludacris lyrics, “move b****, get out the way” should have been what Walker said to the tree his car hit. Ludacris, who was friends with Walker, was on stage when Ross made that joke and looked very uncomfortable. Even the audience groaned and booed it.

Comedy Central agreed that it was too much and they are cutting any jokes related to Paul Walker.