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Owner Gregory Aziz Establishes a Leader in Car Manufacturing

Mr. Gregory James Aziz has been on top of the company National Steel Car for quite a few years now. Mr. Greg James Aziz is holding the positions of Chairman, President, and Chief executive officer of the National Steel Car. The company of National Steel Car is working in the business of railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing. National Steel Car is one of the global leaders in its line of work. The headquarters of National Steel Car have a permanent home in Hamilton, Ontario.

Mr. Gregory James Aziz was born in London, Ontario in 1949. He received his higher education from the Ridley College, and after that, he received a major from the University of Western Ontario graduating in Economics. The family of Mr. Gregory James Aziz owns a wholesale business called Affiliated Foods. Mr. Gregory James Aziz became a part of the firm after he had graduated from university in 1971. The company of Affiliated Foods is quite large. Over the sixteen years of operation, it had grown to become a worldwide establishment that imports fresh food from Europe and South and Central America and the distributing them across Canada and the United States.

In the 80s and the 90s, Mr. Gregory James Aziz was a part of the banking business, and so he worked in a few investment banks. After that, however, Mr. Gregory James Aziz purchased the company of National Steel Car in 1994 from its previous owner Dofasco. It used to be a Canadian firm, but Mr. Gregory James Aziz intended to transform it into a leader in its line of work across all of North America. When the company was purchased in 1994, National Steel Car was able to manufacture only 3 500 cars a year. In 1999 that number multiplied significantly. National Steel Car started manufacturing 12 000 cars every year. In terms of employment, the number increased 600 to about 3 000 people. The growth had truly been a significant one, and it put the business of National Steel Car among the top leaders in the industry.

National Steel Car manufactured their first railroad freight car more than 100 years ago. Today the company remains among the top producers of railroad freight cars in North America. National Steel Car has managed to stay on the upper part of their line of business through the company’s commitment to the high quality engineering of their products. Mr. Gregory J Aziz intends to continue growing the business.