Mike Baur Leads Swiss Start Up Factory In Making Startup Companies Thrive

Mike Baur is a well-known Swiss entrepreneur and business executive. He is one of the founders of Swiss Startup Factory where he is also a managing partner. Baur has been in the banking business for over 2 decades. He also worked for UBS and Clariden Leu. After leaving UBS and Clariden Leu, he started investing in startup companies prior to becoming a Swiss Startup Factory co-founder in 2014 alongside Oliver Walzer and Max Meister. Mike Bauer was a jury member for a start-up pitching contest at the University of Saint Gallen by the name of START Summiteer. In January of last year became the deputy managing director at CTI. At that time Swiss Startup Factory had a partnership program with CTI. This was during the period when Swiss Startup Factory underwent the accelerator program with Mike Baur. Baur managed Swiss Startup Factory in its partnership with Fintech Fusion in early 2016. In December of 2016, the Wall Street Journal featured a profile story on Mike Baur’s first jobs at the beginning of his career at Swiss banks to his present activities as an entrepreneur and in startup investments.


Currently, Mike Baur leads Swiss Startup Factory and is responsible for fundraising and financing rounds. He is a Co-Founder & Executive Chairman at Swiss Startup Factory. Max Meister works with Mike Baur as Co-Founder & CEO. Oliver Walzer is also another Co-Founder & CIO and completes the leadership team. The leadership team is supported be Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier as Head of Training and Head of Pitch Training and heads all training and coaching sessions. Chris Bargholz is the Business Analyst. Perhaps the most unique team member is Mexx, a dog who holds the title of Security and is Chief of Food and Good Feeling responsibilities. Mexx is currently on sabbatical per company team information. Perhaps this team is one of the most complete business teams due to their open-minded concepts.


At Swiss Startup Factory, companies that are starting up have access to facilities such as a fitness center and changing room, co-working desks, Nespresso bar, super powerful meeting rooms, kitchen and lunch space, welcome area, free Wi-Fi, and video studio. These facilities are key ingredients in offering a 360 degree service platform for startup companies.


Swiss Startup Factory offers individual services to help startup companies with ideas, input sessions, 1-on-1 mentoring sessions, accelerator program and a custom service package.



Nine9 – Helping People Achieve Success with their Assistance

Nine9 is not a talent and acting agency; it is a Unagency that helps people achieve their dreams. The company assists and advice people in overcoming their problems and gain experience in their areas of talents. The company has experienced acting coaches, website developers, and photographers and help their clients meet top casting directors looking for fresh talents for different TV shows, movies, music videos and others.Their testimonials on their website from their past clients speak for the amazing work that the amazing work that the company has done over the years. According to their testimonials, some of the services that the unagency offers to its clients are –

  • The unagency helps people score in different gigs and get entry into auditions that were beyond their reach before.
  • They upload the profile of their clients on their website that can be easily accessed by casting directors.
  • The clients get insight into the industry and advice from veterans in the industry.
  • The clients also get one-on-one training by professional instructions with a wealth of experience in the industry.
  • By signing up with Nine9, the clients can easily succeed as they have experts working along with them to guide them.

On the testimonial video, clients have shared their experience with the company. One of them is Dieunoosha who was talented but was unable to get any deals to kick-start her acting career. She wanted to give up before she came across Nine9. By contacting them and using their assistance, she has been able to change her life for the better and is on the line to achieve her dream.There is another client with the name of James V who got himself invited to many auditions after being with Nine9 for just two months. His first movie is set to release this year, and he has only Nine9 to thank to for it.

Nine9 the “Unagency” Helps the Other 99% Get into Acting or Modeling

Many may want to start a modeling or acting career but have no idea how to take the first step. Other than being miraculously discovered by a talent scout, there is generally no clear path forward for regular folks to get in front of casting directors and more information click here.

Anthony Tomas said he founded Nine9 the “Unagency” in order to aid the “99 percent” of aspiring actors and models who don’t have industry connections. Tomas says, as a school-age child he was a small kid who was part of the nerdy set, dictated to by the popular 1 percent. Tomas wants to tip the balance in the favor of the majority. Nine9, Tomas says, provides a proven system to help get talent their big break. Of course, hard work is always involved, but for those who want to get a foot in the door, Nine9 can be the first step and learn more about Nine9.

Nine9 offers professional photo shoots for all clients. Clients are advised on how to prepare for their photo shoots as well as what to expect. Nine9 also offers coaching, by trained professionals, on how to perform on camera. The Nine9 website contains testimonials from many casting directors who look to Nine9 to find talent for a variety of projects. There are also many happy accounts from satisfied Nine9 clients who have found work. One client, Bobby L, writes: “Like many others, I am sure I was skeptical about signing with Nine9 … However, the personnel that I have interacted with at Nine9 have all been very respectful and I personally have had more call backs than I can get to!” and Nine9 of lacrosse camp.

Other Reference: http://inspirery.com/anthony-toma/

Equities First Holdings Experiences Rapid International Growth in 2013, Establishes Offices and Furthers Reach into Europe and Asia Pacific

Equities First Holdings is a stock-based loan providing company based in the United States. As a matter of fact, the company has sought to take over the world as one of the best options concerning the allocation of fast working capital. For you to secure a loan with the company, you just have to give them your stocks as collateral and get the fast working money. In his case, you will make sue o adhere to the contract. If you fail to bring back the money promptly, they will liquidate your stocks and get back their money. For this reason, you will have nowhere to go and read full article.

In the recent past, the company has seen growth in the intake of fast working capital during the harsh economic crisis. When the crisis sets in, banks tighten their lending capabilities. For this reason, most people fail to get the loans. Moreover, the banks also have their loans raised in interests to have most people scared away from the loans. As a matter of fact, no one has a better understanding of what to do when the crisis sets in. But for those who are wise, they understand that Equities First Holdings is the best option to contain your needs and Equities of Website.

According to Al Christy of Equities First Holdings, the many people do not understand the differences between the stock-based loans and margin loans. For this reason, they end up worrying that the two loans are seamless. As a matter of fact, the two loans are very different in nature. For the margin loans, the use of the loan must be stated for you to qualify for the loan. However, the use of the loan is not reported for the stock-based loans for you to secure the loan. Moreover, it is now clear that the stock-based loans are better than the margin loans.

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Contact The Sunny Plumber To Schedule an Appointment For an Inspection and a Quote Today!

You may be wondering about what options of plumbing are available for you in your particular area. If you are within the areas of Tucson, Arizona, then you may be able to benefit from hiring The Sunny Plumber. The Sunny Plumber is a company that has been well renowned as being one of the most viable options of plumber services in the area. The services they provide for their customers are some of the best options of restoration, maintenance, and/or upgrades that are available in the plumbing sector of service oriented businesses. Therefore, it is highly recommended for you as a homeowner to ensure that you are taking the steps that are necessary towards attaining a home that is able to not only retain its value, but potentially of even increasing it.

Every homeowner should know that their home’s plumbing system has a critical role in not only the functionality of several of the home’s amenities and appliances, but also in its overall value. As prospective home buyers “line up” to browse through homes, they will often ask how the plumbing system is and if it has been regularly maintained through the acquiring of appropriate services. If you are unsure about what steps that you should take in pinpointing whether issues exist within the premises of your home’s plumbing system or not, then please do not hesitate to contact the Sunny Plumber today. They will be more than happy to assist you with your plumbing needs so that you can rest easy knowing that you have made the right decision of restoring one of the most important components of your home property. It is the condition of your home’s plumbing system that will often have a major effect on its appraisal value is selling it is in your plan.

The Midas Legacy Is The Gold Standard

One of the most important traits in life is being self aware as often as possible. It is important to know what someone is doing right and what someone is doing wrong. When that happens, they are in a position to succeed. Sometimes it requires taking a long hard look at what has worked in the past and what has not worked in the past. When something is working, there are still things that can be improved upon in that situation. It is like taking a great recipe and adding something extra to it to make it even better. When it comes to things that have not worked out, it is important to remember why they did not work out and how they can be corrected and fixed.

The Midas Legacy is the gold standard when it comes to a life that has been lived to the fullest in terms of enjoying all that it has to offer. Life will give people many chances to make the most out of it. However, sometimes people have to see what these things are and really go after it. Thankfully, for them, they have The Midas Legacy, which knows how to help people live a life that is meaningful and successful.

The Midas Legacy is a research services company that focuses on wealth management advisory. A lot of people sometimes are unaware of how to manage their wealth. They think it might last forever and it will never run out for them. However, it does not take long for them to realize that is not always the case. The money will run out and they need to make it last as long as humanely possible. Sometimes, they don’t realize that until it is too late and the time has already passed. The Midas Legacy makes sure people have no regrets when it comes to their life.

They know how to lead people down the right path and make sure everything is in order with their finances. This takes a lot off their plate and makes life a whole lot easier for people. They can simply kick back, relax, and enjoy their retirement years. Many people talk about things they have wanted to do but have never actually done. Now, with the help of the Midas Legacy, they can do those things and live the life they have been wanting for a long time.

Check out Midas Legacy’s CrunchBase to see if any of their services match your needs here: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/the-midas-legacy#/entity

Dick DeVos Ventures into the Liquor Business

Dick DeVos is a very famous businessman based in Michigan. He was born and raised in Michigan. His father is the founder of Amway. Four years ago, the Forbes Magazine recognized him as one of the wealthiest individuals in the US.

When he was still very young, Dick DeVos started getting involved in his family business. Whenever he was not in class, he would spend his time in the family business welcoming guests or clearing plates during any special gatherings. His early involvement in the company gave him the courage to speak confidently in gatherings and conventions.


Dick DeVos joined the family business officially in 1974. At the Amway Corporations, he was given several positions in departments like development, marketing, finance, sales and research. After working for ten years, he was appointed to become the vice president in 1984. After this appointment, Dick was responsible for all the operations in eighteen countries. During his tenure as the vice president of Amway, Dick DeVos worked hard and opened many new markers around the globe. Thanks to his leadership, Amway managed to triple its global sales. For the first time in their history, the family business reported that they had exceeded the domestic sales. He held the position for six years before leaving the institution for other activities.


This year, Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy announced to the world that they will be venturing in to the liquor industry. One of their companies, known as Windquest Group has started its plans to acquire Coppercraft Distillery. At the moment, Windquest has been listed among the registered agents at the Holland Township company.


Although the resident does not always confirm the ownership of an institution, this position is allowed to receive mails or important documents on behalf of the company. According to the licensing department in Michigan, Windquest is allowed to receive all mails and documents on behalf of Coppercraft. In January this year, the LCC approved the operating license transfer, and this is the biggest step in the whole process.

Several years ago, Dick DeVos acquired the Orlando Magic Basketball Franchise. After the new ownership, Dick became the president and CEO of the team. The team experienced a lot of success under his leadership. After several years, he left the team to become the president of Amway. Dick got the top position from his father, Richard DeVos. The company expanded its operations and grew significantly when he became the president.

Sam Tabar Excels in His New Position

Sam Tabar is one of the prominent capital strategists in the world. Sam started his successful career when he was appointed to become an associate at an institution known as Skadden Arps and Slater when he had completed his education at the Columbia Law School.

While working at Skadden, Sam Tabar was given several duties. He counseled his clients concerning hedge fund formation, investment management agreements, side letters, private placement memoranda, employment issues and compliance issues. He was later appointed by SPARX Group in the year 2004.

At this new company, Sam Tabar worked hard, and he in a short duration of time, he was chosen to become the Managing Director and Co- Head of Business Development. Sam Tabar was also appointed by the America Merrill Lynch to become its director and also the head of capital strategies.

Not long ago, Sam Tabar was given a new position. He will now serve as the Chief Operating Offer for a company known as FullCycle Energy Fund. This is one of the top positions in this company, and Sam Tabar will be in charge of the institution’s fund management strategies.

Sam Tabar is excited about his new position as the COO of FullCycle Energy Fund. He is actually looking forward to partner with the rest of the senior leadership who are also talented so that he can deliver the institution’s mission. At the end of the day, Sam Tabar wants to ensure that the consumers move away from the high cost and pollution fuels that are currently available in the market. His mission is to deliver low cost and environment friendly fuel that will be favor everyone using it.

For many years, Sam Tabar has been overseeing the budget strategies for various financial firms. For instance, when he was working as the Head of Capital Strategies in the Bank of America, he gained a lot of experience. At this financial institution, he used to offer fund managers with the targeted introductions to the organizations investors like foundations, endowments, pensions, family offices and funds of funds. This experience will help him in new position, and the energy sector will definitely benefit from his contributions.  For more on Mr. Tabar, be sure to check out the Examiner article on his financial strategies.

Mike Baur Knows How To Maintain Startups

Mike Baur is the principal at Swiss Startup Factory where he is helping people make sure that their startups will have funding. Funding is the thing that most companies are lacking the most, and they are going to be able to get what they need just by asking when they come to the office for help. Mike Baur has collected people who know how to help with funding, and he has mentors who help his clients with the kinds of things that are helpful to digital companies.

Mike Baur has made a career on helping people get what is needed to make their businesses better. He knows that every digital business that comes to him is going to be able to have a good chance to earn more money and have a larger clientele. These companies have big ideas, but they are going to have a hard time getting their big ideas to work because they are going to wonder how it is that they can get everything done.

The team at the Swiss Startup Factory is going to make sure that everyone who needs help will get it, and they will send people in to make sure that someone is there to guide the client. The client will be able to ask any questions that they want, and they will learn a lot about the money they have been given. They can be given a new management plan, and they can be given a chance to earn more money than they have ever earned because they now have a chance to change the way that they manage their business.

The best thing that can happen to a company is to come to see how they can get the money they need. They can get money that will completely change the way that people look at the way they run a company, and it can give them the money that is needed to get real work done. They can put that money to any use, and then they can turn to Mike Baur if they ever have a question about their next move.

Duda Melzer, President of Grupo RBS

Mr. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer has officially taken the presidency of Grupo RBS. This was a ceremony that was aired on TV to the six thousand employees of the company. The event was attended by friends and family at Port Alegre.

The decision about choice Duda Eduardo as the president of Grupo RBS began two years ago when he became the Group’s vice president. He then decided to pass the command of the group to his nephew and said that he was very comfortable with the choice he made because his career was solely focused ahead of the performance of the team. The Group’s founder, Mr. Eduardo’s grandfather by the name Mauricio Sirotsky, the founder of the group, he affirmed it in his speech during the inauguration period that he will have the human dimension without ever losing sight as well as the technological developments.

He said that the company has ever fascinated him from his very early age. He was ever contaminated by the dream it had and represented. He also stated that he was passionate about their high technological industry but mainly to the impact that it has on the people of Brazil. He has learned from his ten years serving as an executive that the company has challenges that are made by the people that are passionate about their work and what they do.

Mr. Melzer stated that his work has begun, and he will commence by creating a new relationship with the company. Mr. Eduardo vowed to stay true to the values that have propelled the group to its heights as well as ensuring that the importance of Grupo RBS is kept high. He promised to affirm with television, radio, as well as newspaper operations to successful partnerships. To the most of his commitments, he said that he would ensure that Grupo RBS remains a special place for all of us.