Mike Baur Leads Swiss Start Up Factory In Making Startup Companies Thrive

Mike Baur is a well-known Swiss entrepreneur and business executive. He is one of the founders of Swiss Startup Factory where he is also a managing partner. Baur has been in the banking business for over 2 decades. He also worked for UBS and Clariden Leu. After leaving UBS and Clariden Leu, he started investing in startup companies prior to becoming a Swiss Startup Factory co-founder in 2014 alongside Oliver Walzer and Max Meister. Mike Bauer was a jury member for a start-up pitching contest at the University of Saint Gallen by the name of START Summiteer. In January of last year became the deputy managing director at CTI. At that time Swiss Startup Factory had a partnership program with CTI. This was during the period when Swiss Startup Factory underwent the accelerator program with Mike Baur. Baur managed Swiss Startup Factory in its partnership with Fintech Fusion in early 2016. In December of 2016, the Wall Street Journal featured a profile story on Mike Baur’s first jobs at the beginning of his career at Swiss banks to his present activities as an entrepreneur and in startup investments.


Currently, Mike Baur leads Swiss Startup Factory and is responsible for fundraising and financing rounds. He is a Co-Founder & Executive Chairman at Swiss Startup Factory. Max Meister works with Mike Baur as Co-Founder & CEO. Oliver Walzer is also another Co-Founder & CIO and completes the leadership team. The leadership team is supported be Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier as Head of Training and Head of Pitch Training and heads all training and coaching sessions. Chris Bargholz is the Business Analyst. Perhaps the most unique team member is Mexx, a dog who holds the title of Security and is Chief of Food and Good Feeling responsibilities. Mexx is currently on sabbatical per company team information. Perhaps this team is one of the most complete business teams due to their open-minded concepts.


At Swiss Startup Factory, companies that are starting up have access to facilities such as a fitness center and changing room, co-working desks, Nespresso bar, super powerful meeting rooms, kitchen and lunch space, welcome area, free Wi-Fi, and video studio. These facilities are key ingredients in offering a 360 degree service platform for startup companies.


Swiss Startup Factory offers individual services to help startup companies with ideas, input sessions, 1-on-1 mentoring sessions, accelerator program and a custom service package.



Nine9 – Helping People Achieve Success with their Assistance

Nine9 is not a talent and acting agency; it is a Unagency that helps people achieve their dreams. The company assists and advice people in overcoming their problems and gain experience in their areas of talents. The company has experienced acting coaches, website developers, and photographers and help their clients meet top casting directors looking for fresh talents for different TV shows, movies, music videos and others.Their testimonials on their website from their past clients speak for the amazing work that the amazing work that the company has done over the years. According to their testimonials, some of the services that the unagency offers to its clients are –

  • The unagency helps people score in different gigs and get entry into auditions that were beyond their reach before.
  • They upload the profile of their clients on their website that can be easily accessed by casting directors.
  • The clients get insight into the industry and advice from veterans in the industry.
  • The clients also get one-on-one training by professional instructions with a wealth of experience in the industry.
  • By signing up with Nine9, the clients can easily succeed as they have experts working along with them to guide them.

On the testimonial video, clients have shared their experience with the company. One of them is Dieunoosha who was talented but was unable to get any deals to kick-start her acting career. She wanted to give up before she came across Nine9. By contacting them and using their assistance, she has been able to change her life for the better and is on the line to achieve her dream.There is another client with the name of James V who got himself invited to many auditions after being with Nine9 for just two months. His first movie is set to release this year, and he has only Nine9 to thank to for it.

Nine9 is Revolutionizing the Entertainment Scene by Helping Models and Actors to Succeed in It

The nine9 Unagency is a brainchild of Anthony Toma. He serves in the position of chief executive officer of this innovative company. He recently had a privilege of sharing his personal and career story with ideamensch.

Origin of the idea to establish Nine9

Toma came up with the concept of building Nine9 when he was still running a grocery business. In his quest to identify profitable opportunities in the food sector, Toma bumped into an agency that focused on acting and modeling matters. He decided to acquire the business, studied it, and eventually expanded it by opening up to 26 branches across the nation.

A look at Toma’s typical day

CEO Anthony Toma begins his day by preparing his children and taking them to school. Upon arriving at the office, he prepares the schedule for the day, replies to emails, and then jumps on social media to acquaint himself with current trends.

Developing ideas and executing them

CEO Toma pens down ideas that come to his mind, identify strengths and weaknesses of the idea, and then shares it with his team. At times, Toma and his team may put the idea online, carry out some tests, and eventually launch it and more information click here.

What is Nine9?

he Nine9 is reputable Unagency that helps actors and models established professional and well-paying careers in the entertainment sector. The organization delivers innovative tools, lucrative opportunities, and unwavering support that assist entertainers in starting and developing their careers. When Nine9 began its official operations, its main agenda was to offer tools and necessary resources for all ambitious talent to succeed in their endeavors.

Over a decade or so, Nine9 has grown drastically to become an esteemed authority in casting throughout the nation. The firm leverages cutting-edge technology and committed staff with more than ten years of experience to nurture strong client relationships, organize events, and offer reliable advice. The Unagency boasts a competent staff that upholds the virtues of kindness, honesty, and respect when dealing with clients and what Nine9 knows.

More visit: https://www.facebook.com/nine9dallas/

Jeffry Schneider Continues to Make a Name for Himself

Founder of Ascendant Capital, Jeffry Schneider started his career making waves in the industry. Like many before him, Jeffry began working at other firms in the hopes of moving up the corporate ladder. Dissatisfied with the way other companies are run, Jeffry set out to build his company the way he wanted. In the short time since Ascendant Capital was founded, Jeffry has raised nearly $1 billion in assets and grown the company to employing more than thirty employees. His company is quickly becoming one of the foremost expertise in alternative investments.

The Austin-based company operates within a wide range of categories. Ascendant has professionals who have decades of experience in marketing, education, and sales and operational services. The collective knowledge at Ascendant allows them to approach financial structures in an innovative manner. Many of the business deals Ascendants handles involve raising funds for well-established and emerging alternative asset sponsors. Jeffry also brought a well of networking value to his company. Ascendant uses a vast network of family offices, broker-dealers, private banks, and registered investment advisors to help provide clients with the best options. Unlike other companies, Ascendant uses its network to offer better options to both public and private clients all over the world.

Ascendant Capital was founded only five years ago, but Jeffry has led the company to such great success that many believe he’s a true genius. When Jeffry founded Ascendant, he had only two employees. Now he has over thirty, and his company is still growing. Raising nearly $1 billion, on behalf of several managers, isn’t successful enough for Jeffry. Jeffry wants his company to be the best in the country. He plans on using his huge network of investment advisors and family offices to expand his company’s reach further. More and more eager candidates apply to work at Ascendant Capital every day. Ascendant Capital’s team has no plans of stopping and being contempt with their current success. As of 2016, it is estimated that Ascendant will be raising $50 million a month.

Jeffry is truly different from any other massive finance guru. He loves being healthy. Most successful businessmen wait until their doctors tell them they need to be healthier. Jeffry has always loved eating healthy and staying in shape. Jeffry loves being active and participating in healthy activities. He’s participated in numerous marathons, iron man, and half ironmans. He also has a personal love for travel. He has traveled all over the world and says he will continue to explore new places and culture. He’s also an avid philanthropist. He firmly believes in giving back to the less fortunate.

Developing The Wealth Producing Side of Your Brain

Martin Lustgarten has found that there are certain types of brains that tend to succeed financially. In the global system, it helps to know what you can do to grow your wealth producing capabilities. This will assist you in your journey toward financial freedom.

Martin Lustgarten is an expert in the field of investment banking. If you want to learn more about what Martin can assist you and your company with, contact Martin at his Linked In account.

The brain types that make the most money are the ENTJ, ESTJ, INTP, and ENTP. All of these personality types are dominated by the rational or left side of their brain. That means they act based on facts and reality, rather than their own feelings and opinions. This is one of the first keys to becoming wealthy. Acting logically, rather than emotionally. People who base their life on how they feel become poor extremely rapidly. A common brain type for a convicted felon is an ESFP, a highly emotional, temperamental, and artistic person.

Wealthy people are often cool. They lack the soft compassion for their fellow creatures that most people have. They often try to make up for it by giving large sums to charity after they make it big. The ESTJ Rockefeller is a great example. He was extremely tough on his oil workers, but after he made it big, he gave generously to charitable causes.

There are two kinds of wealthy brains. The first kind is the extremely honest and independent people, the ENTJ and ESTJ. Both of these individuals are responsible, and they value hard work and moving forward. The ENTJ likes ideas and conceptual executive roles. The ESTJ likes facts and practical managerial roles.

The other kind of wealthy brain grouping are the sly and clever people. The ENTP is the slick politician and yes man. They will say anything to get elected. They are flattering, affirming, but very cold on the inside. They have no real compassion, only political cunning.

The INTP is the brilliant scientist and innovator. It is to the INTP that we owe the efficient and modern designs of our automobile industries. INTP’s, like Warren Buffett or George Soros, often do well in the field of investment banking.

A Review Of IAP Worldwide With Emphasis On History And Accomplishments

Many companies in the aviation and other technical sectors appreciate the support they get from IAP Worldwide Services to manage their processes more efficiently. Founded in 1953, IAP has worked on developing a network of professionals and sections that are made up of highly skilled professionals trained to handle problems in specific industries. The company has been coming up with a new service each year and for the over five decades they have been operational, they have managed to place professionals in virtually all specialties.

To understand what IAP Worldwide Services has achieved over the years, it is vital to have a preview of the services the company offers today compared with what it was capable of at inception.

Aviation engineering
The aviation industry has grown and brought many opportunities and openings for individuals and companies to embrace. IAP Worldwide Services has invested in the aviation industry by offering technical support to support different processes. The company works with engineers who facilitate the design and development of systems for different facilities. They also take up the role of maintaining the complex machinery available in the industry and this can be attributed to the acquisition of businesses like DRS Technologies that strengthened the technical team of the company.

Supporting the troops
One of the biggest achievements IAP Worldwide has earned so far is successfully serving the troops of the army that are based overseas. The company helps them to handle different processes and they have remained the perfect choice for the government for more than 30 years. IAP Worldwide Services works with the troops by providing aviation technologies and maintenance as well as generator supplies. The company has excelled at working in austere environments where few are able to emerge successful.

Emergency response services
Emergencies occur often and the response that is given to the situation is what determines whether there will be a permanent solution or not. IAP Worldwide Services has been offering emergency response services to companies based in different specialties to help them to manage different tasks and problems.

In healthcare, the company maintains and installs fire control devices and their team also offers power backup and generation options that ensure services proceed seamlessly despite challenges in the mains supply. These power supply options use renewable sources, so there is little worry about pollution. IAP has been a major advocate for green energy, something the company implements during power generation projects.

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Learning About Activist Adam Milstein

There have been a lot of people who have wanted the title of being one of the top 50 most influential Jewish people in the entire world, but they do not necessarily come up to what it entails. If you are interested in learning more about an individual known as Adam Milstein, you will be happy to know that he was actually named one of the top 50 most influential Jewish individuals in the entire world by the Jerusalem Post. There was good reason for him receiving this title and many people who know him also know that this title comes very well deserved.


One of the main reasons Adam Milstein has received this title is because of his work and activism within the Jewish Community itself. He has truly made it his career and mission in life to give back to this community so that people all over the world can benefit from the work that he has been doing for them. In fact, he and his wife have created a Family Foundation specific to helping people in the Israel area and those who are within the Jewish Community itself. This is just one of the activists options that he has done for those around him and it is why he is often very sought-after when it comes to getting help from people who desperately need it.


Adam Milstein is a philanthropist and activist before anything else and he truly makes it his mission in life to help the Jewish Community as much as he possibly can. In order for you to learn more about this amazing individual Adam Milstein, you can visit his social media pages and follow him to see what he is up to in his career. You can also visit the Family Foundation website if this is something you would like to learn more about or would like to make use of for yourself. Lots of individuals are finding that Adam Milstein has truly been a contributor to the Jewish community and continues to do a lot of work for the people who truly need it each and every day.


The Generous Economist Stephen Murray Passes on

The renowned economist and generous philanthropist Stephen P. Murray passed away on March 12, 2015, at the age of 52. Murray died shortly after leaving CCMP Capital. He left behind his wife Tami Murray with whom they were blessed with four children. He knew how to blend the family life and business.

Murray was an alumnus of the prestigious Boston College where he graduated with a degree in economics. He studied for his master’s in business administration and graduated in 1989 from the Columbia Business School.

The trained economist was widely recognized for his philanthropic deeds. Murray ran charitable activities that made him stand out during his time. Metro New York’s Make-A- Wish Foundation where he was a member of the chairman’s council benefitted greatly from his selfless giving. Other beneficiaries of his benevolence included The Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County and Stamford Museum. The Columbia Business School where he was the vice chairman of the board of trustees also received his generous gifts.

Murray rose from humble beginnings to become the President and Chief Executive Officer of CCMP Capital, a private equity firm whose core business includes business mergers, buyouts and growth capital operations. He dedicated his life to American Private Equity, philanthropy, and his family.

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Murray started his career at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation (MHC) in 1984 in the Credit Analysis division.MH equity division which resulted from the merger of Manufactures’ Hanover private equity group and its leveraged investment unit beckoned him in 1989. Murray joined the new merger and grew it to deep levels. A year later saw the Hanover being bought by the Chemical Bank creating a new merger between Manufacturers Hanover and Chemical Ventures. It brought about a name change, and hence called Chase Capital Partners.

Being the astute Economist that he was, he was called up to join JP Partners as the head of business buyouts in 2005. He took the opportunity and turned the company into a lucrative venture. It was here that he Co- founded the CCMP Capital which was a partnership between the buyout and the growth equity of the private equity group. He rose to become the CEO in 2007.

Murray was often called upon to sit in boards of notable companies such as the Legacy Hospital Partners on LinkedIn where he provided insightful advice. The other leading companies whose boards he sat in include the Aramark, Generac Power Systems, Entertainment, The Vitamin Shoppe, Cabela’s and Pinnacle Foods.

Murray will be remembered for his economic prowess and generosity which made him stand out from the crowd.

Sam Tabar- The Chief Operating Officer of the Full Cycle Energy Fund


Sam Tabar is a capital strategist and a licensed New York-based attorney. He has recently joined the Full Cycle Energy Fund as the Chief Operating Officer. He is proficient in developing budget strategies for different institutions, building teams for the office operations, and global marketing management. Sam Tabar holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Oxford University and masters in law from the Columbia School of Law. He served as the editor of the Columbia Business Law Journal.


Career Background


After completing his education, Mr.Tabar joined one of the largest law firms in the United States, the Skadden, Arps, Meagher & Flom LLP in 2001 where he worked for three years. He later joined the Sparx Group Co. / PMA Investment Advisors as the Co-Head of Marketing for the Business Development Division and worked until 2010. He then became the Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia-Pacific Region at Merrill Lynch. From September 2013, he served at Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP as the Senior Associate. He was responsible for the hedge funds, formation of fund and structure, and the regulatory and compliance issues. He worked here before moving to the Full Cycle Energy Fund. He is presently a member of the New York State Bar.  That’s why he founded Sam Tabar Advisory to provide legal advice.


Full Cycle Energy Fund


Sam Tabar has vast knowledge in finance, capital fund management, and investments. His experience and expertise are of great use to the Full Cycle Energy Fund in the development and management of company’s finances. The primary goal of the company was to replace the expensive and polluting fuel with a more affordable and environmentally friendly one. They, therefore, developed electric generating plants powered by the Municipal Solid Waste and upgraded the existing ones to function in the same way.


Community Involvement


Sam Tabar understands different cultures and languages including the Japanese and the French language, which he fluently speaks. Tabar is one of the first people to invest in Tribute, and he has made major investments in SheTHINX in his quest to help women in Africa and Asia. SheTHINX is concerned with the feminine hygiene industry with the aim of empowering women around the world.

All You Need to Know About OSI Group

The OSI Group has been in operation since it opened its first branch in Chicago, Illinois. Since then, the company has remained dedicated to its customers and has always strived to offer its customers the best services. Currently, the company has its headquarters in Aurora. Illinois and is also a privately held company. In the United States of America, the industry operates under the name OSI Industries on foodworks.pl. Apart from the plants found in the cities of Chicago, and West Chicago in Illinois, the OSI group has other outlets in Oakland Iowa, Utah, Riverside California, and Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin as well as West Jordan, Utah.

OSI Group specializes in producing private label brands as well as co-packing foods for their customers. The group is believed to be operating over 60 facilities in more than 16 countries across the globe. The facilities are found in North America as well as eastern and western Europe, and the Asia-pacific region. The company’s most notable products include dough products, hot dogs, pork, bacon, and even vegetable products. Not only does the company specialize in branding and packaging but OSI Group also specializes in supplying meat to other western food chains operating in China. The company supplies meat to companies such as Pizza Hut, Subway, Starbucks and the Papa John’s Pizza. OSI group has been recognized for its good work and has received several awards over the years. The most notable award includes the award for health management and safety risk and that one of environmental protection.

The company has a long history originating from 1909. The company has its roots from a German immigrant by the name Otto KolSchowsky when he established a meat company and grew a reputation for offering the best meat in the area. The company’s breakthrough came when it signed a deal with McDonalds, then a startup company to supply them with quality meat. By then, the company was referred to as the Otto and Sons. Supplying meat for the McDonalds became their main business. In the year 1973, the Otto and Sons opened a separate subsidiary known as the Glen Mark that would oversee the sale of meet outside the McDonalds. OSI Group would supply meat to restaurants and supermarkets within the Chicago area. The company, however, had to change the name in 1975 serving the McDonalds and grew as time went by. This was the fact that McDonalds was also expanding its geographical presence.

In the year 1999, OSI was able to agree with Best Chicago Meat Company to use the brand name GlenMark. However, in 2011, GlenMark Brand was fully bought by Best Chicago Meat. OSI had an annual revenue of $ 3 billion and was listed as the 136th largest American company. The company’s revenue has grown over time. This year, the company was listed as number 58 by Forbes in the list of the largest private companies in the USA. The company had a revenue of $6.1 billion. On August 2016, the company acquired Baho food. This was a private Dutch company that specialized in meat manufacturing and manufacturing of other food products. OSI group continues to grow with each day.