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Roberto Santiago and a Shopping Haven in Brazil

Roberto Santiago is an entrepreneur who has made a big name for himself in the vast South American nation of Brazil. The Portuguese-speaking businessman owns Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping. This center has the distinction of being João Pessoa’s biggest shopping mall. João Pessoa is Santiago’s birthplace. He was born there back in the summer of 1958. He was a student at Pio X-Marist College initially. After that, he made the decision to continue his education at University Center of João Pessoa. That’s where he studied business administration and landed an undergraduate degree.


Santiago has been involved with Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping for a long while. He bought the land for the shopping center in 1987. He worked on preparing the land for a couple of years. The mall was set to go in 1989. That’s when it opened its doors to the public. This shopping center is genuinely impressive and memorable. It consists of a wide range of diverse shops, first of all. It also consists of a fitness center, banks, an educational institution, a food court, an in-depth gaming section, a concert venue and a movie theater. The concert venue has a picturesque and welcoming rooftop location that’s a big draw to people in the region.


The shopping mall is home to Domus Hall. This is on the rooftop. It’s been in existence since 2009. Domus Hall is an event space that serves as the backdrop to countless fairs, wedding festivities, work conferences, musical performances, exhibitions, graduation parties and much more. This venue has the ability to hold roughly 4,000 seated persons. It has the ability, on the other hand, to hold about 10,000 standing persons as well. Domus Hall is known for having state of the art sound equipment on its side. This is a two-level facility that is split up into cabins that are suitable for guests who crave a bit of privacy and discretion. The hall’s ground floor, however, is designated exclusively for sizable public gatherings. Domus Hall has been the location of many major performances. Artists who hail from Brazil have happily graced the stages at Domus Hall. The same goes for artists who hail from different parts of the globe.


This shopping center is a hub for people who appreciate all different kinds of entertainment opportunities. Its movie theater is a popular destination among folks who want to catch all of the latest flicks out there. Other big entertainment destinations in the mall are the bowling alley and game section.


People who adore eating and food in general regularly flock to this mall. The food court has been through numerous upgrades in the past few years. It gives shoppers many great choices in dining establishments that are appropriate for all kinds of budgets and needs. People who are looking for affordable food can enjoy many choices at this mall. This court can also cater to people who have all kinds of food preferences. It doesn’t matter what people crave. This food court can accommodate them.


Mike Baur Leads Swiss Start Up Factory In Making Startup Companies Thrive

Mike Baur is a well-known Swiss entrepreneur and business executive. He is one of the founders of Swiss Startup Factory where he is also a managing partner. Baur has been in the banking business for over 2 decades. He also worked for UBS and Clariden Leu. After leaving UBS and Clariden Leu, he started investing in startup companies prior to becoming a Swiss Startup Factory co-founder in 2014 alongside Oliver Walzer and Max Meister. Mike Bauer was a jury member for a start-up pitching contest at the University of Saint Gallen by the name of START Summiteer. In January of last year became the deputy managing director at CTI. At that time Swiss Startup Factory had a partnership program with CTI. This was during the period when Swiss Startup Factory underwent the accelerator program with Mike Baur. Baur managed Swiss Startup Factory in its partnership with Fintech Fusion in early 2016. In December of 2016, the Wall Street Journal featured a profile story on Mike Baur’s first jobs at the beginning of his career at Swiss banks to his present activities as an entrepreneur and in startup investments.


Currently, Mike Baur leads Swiss Startup Factory and is responsible for fundraising and financing rounds. He is a Co-Founder & Executive Chairman at Swiss Startup Factory. Max Meister works with Mike Baur as Co-Founder & CEO. Oliver Walzer is also another Co-Founder & CIO and completes the leadership team. The leadership team is supported be Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier as Head of Training and Head of Pitch Training and heads all training and coaching sessions. Chris Bargholz is the Business Analyst. Perhaps the most unique team member is Mexx, a dog who holds the title of Security and is Chief of Food and Good Feeling responsibilities. Mexx is currently on sabbatical per company team information. Perhaps this team is one of the most complete business teams due to their open-minded concepts.


At Swiss Startup Factory, companies that are starting up have access to facilities such as a fitness center and changing room, co-working desks, Nespresso bar, super powerful meeting rooms, kitchen and lunch space, welcome area, free Wi-Fi, and video studio. These facilities are key ingredients in offering a 360 degree service platform for startup companies.


Swiss Startup Factory offers individual services to help startup companies with ideas, input sessions, 1-on-1 mentoring sessions, accelerator program and a custom service package.



Mr. Adam Goldernberg – The Great Entrepreneur

The Chief Executive Officer Adam Goldenberg has introduced Techstyle fashion group in the year 2001 along with his colleague Mr. Don Ressler. He wanted to blend the technology and data into the whole business cycle from designing the product to making it circulate it.

TechStyle is the largest developing fashion firms that have ever existed. It has got great brands such as Fabkids, Fabletics, and more than four million VIP members on Mr. Adam Goldenberg’s career started at the age of seventeen years. He sold his first firm to Intermix Media. He became the COO of that company.

Mr. Ressler and Mr. Adam Goldenberg made the Intelligent Beauty which is an e-commerce brand platform. It led to the making of Techstyle.

Justfab altered its name to Techstyle fashion group. The new name strives to exhibit the roots of the firm in technology and digital commerce. This significant change was anticipated from El Segundo which is a company based in California.
This renaming stresses on the roots of the firm in technology with a broad range of brands like Fabletics, Fabkids, and ShoeDazzle. Mr. Goldenberg mentioned that he and his partner Mr. Ressler wished to alter the way how people do the shopping for the providing fashion at a great value.

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We have been faithful to that vision. The firm has changed to a high brand making platform that is managed by data. The business recognition gets the spirit of what JustFab has become now. TechStyle has risen financially to at least $300 million to date. It is anticipated to end the year with at least $650 million in revenue.

Mr. Adam Goldenberg, the Chief Executive of JustFab to speak regarding his firm, its future and how he established it. This e-commerce company raised at leat $85 million in the year 2014. The gross funding of JustFab is $300 million, and it became a ‘unicorn’ or a firm that had a valuation of at least more than one billion dollars.

Mr. Goldenberg was questioned about what it is about being in that exceptional club. He replied that he did not consider himself as a unicorn. We have got plenty of employees who have devoted the previous five years to create top brands. They have strived to make the customers contented and satisfied. Unicorns are very much existing in the past years.

Mr. Ressler and Mr. Goldenberg initiated Intelligent Beauty and made approximately $500 million in revenue. Intelligent Beauty creation has got an online marketplace for cosmetics like Dermstore which is a great subscription based service for design and fashion.

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Nine9 is Revolutionizing the Entertainment Scene by Helping Models and Actors to Succeed in It

The nine9 Unagency is a brainchild of Anthony Toma. He serves in the position of chief executive officer of this innovative company. He recently had a privilege of sharing his personal and career story with ideamensch.

Origin of the idea to establish Nine9

Toma came up with the concept of building Nine9 when he was still running a grocery business. In his quest to identify profitable opportunities in the food sector, Toma bumped into an agency that focused on acting and modeling matters. He decided to acquire the business, studied it, and eventually expanded it by opening up to 26 branches across the nation.

A look at Toma’s typical day

CEO Anthony Toma begins his day by preparing his children and taking them to school. Upon arriving at the office, he prepares the schedule for the day, replies to emails, and then jumps on social media to acquaint himself with current trends.

Developing ideas and executing them

CEO Toma pens down ideas that come to his mind, identify strengths and weaknesses of the idea, and then shares it with his team. At times, Toma and his team may put the idea online, carry out some tests, and eventually launch it and more information click here.

What is Nine9?

he Nine9 is reputable Unagency that helps actors and models established professional and well-paying careers in the entertainment sector. The organization delivers innovative tools, lucrative opportunities, and unwavering support that assist entertainers in starting and developing their careers. When Nine9 began its official operations, its main agenda was to offer tools and necessary resources for all ambitious talent to succeed in their endeavors.

Over a decade or so, Nine9 has grown drastically to become an esteemed authority in casting throughout the nation. The firm leverages cutting-edge technology and committed staff with more than ten years of experience to nurture strong client relationships, organize events, and offer reliable advice. The Unagency boasts a competent staff that upholds the virtues of kindness, honesty, and respect when dealing with clients and what Nine9 knows.

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Tammy Mazzocco A Real Estate Agent Focused On Good Customer Relations

Tammy Mazzocco is a Real estate agent based in Ohio. She is the kind of real estate investor that likes to form strong relations with her clients to be able to give them exactly what they need regarding properties they would want to purchase. She prefers going down the old school way and interacting with her clients and customers face to face which is what has led so many of her clients to have immense faith in her as a real estate agent.


Tammy Mazzocco believes that every client who comes to her services as a time investment, to achieve the goals that she sets for herself. Tammy Mazzocco is one of those real estate agents who strives always to give the client what’s best for them, and not focus on the financial aspect of the sales that she conducts.


Being in the business for as long as she has, Tammy Mazzocco has worked with a large number of clients. She started out in the business of real estate at The Edwards Realty Company, where she served as a secretary. This encouraged her to go on and get a realtors license on seeing the success of her colleagues around her. After attaining her realtor’s license, she went on to become a condominium manager at Scotland Yard Condominiums. She has also worked with multiple at site projects under T&R Properties. This was just the beginning of an incredible career for Tammy Mazzocco. All of this experience working at these places has led to her being the successful real estate agent she is today, that can be found on crunchbase.


For her, real estate selling isn’t just about selling; it’s a lot more. Tammy Mazzocco carefully constructs a plan around each and every one of her sales and is heavily involved in researching about the various little nuances of real estate. She is all about developing, both herself and her company. For more info, visit her linkedin page.


Tammy Mazzocco is extremely passionate about her business and is constantly looking out for ways to make it grow and expand. By using online portals and face to face strategies, Tammy has been able to reach out to more and more clients. Using online software, she always tries to keep her clients in the loop and her potential customers informed. She believes by offering them top-notch client services, she and her company will be able to succeed much better in the real estate industry.

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Anthony Petrello is well known for his role with Nabor

The Role Of Anthony Petrello In Nabor Industries

Industries Limited where he acts as the chief executive officer. He has held this position for 10 years now having being appointed in the year 2008.

He had served as the president of this company since 1992 till his appointment as the chief executive officer. Other positions that Anthony Petrello as held in the past include chief operating officer, a position he acquired in the year 1991.

He has also served as the deputy chairman and chairman of the board of directors of the company. His main responsibilities as a chief executive officer include the provision of strategic planning initiative for the company as well as guiding the company in the right direction. He is also responsible for helping the company prosper and at the same time adapt to this dynamic competitive environment.

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Tony has been shaped by the education he received as a young man. He holds several degrees. He has a degree from Yale where he specialized in Mathematics and a law degree from Harvard Law School. Soon after finishing school, Tony took an employee opportunity at Baker & McKenzie law firm. He worked with this company for 12 years where he was charged with several responsibilities such as taxation, international arbitration as well as general corporate law. In the year 1986, he took an opportunity with this company as a managing partner at the firm’s New York office.

Currently, Tony holds other positions rather than the one at Nabor Industries. For instance, he happens to be a director at Steward and Stevenson LLC. He is also a director at another company called Hilcorp Energy Company. On the issue related to giving back to the society, Tony is involved with an organization called Texas Children Hospital where he sits on the Board of Trustees. He is motivated to help children suffering from neurological disorders by his daughter who suffers from such a disease.

Tony Petrello is 61 years old and resides in Texas. According to a 2016 report, Tony has an estimated annual salary of $ 7.7 million including bonuses. His dedication and commitment to the Nabors Industries is a clear indication that the company has a brighter future.

Stephen Murray Made A Name For Himself in The Financial Industry

There are many executives in the financial industry. Some of more well known than others. However, the leadership ability that executives provide for the companies they lead cannot be overstated. Just because executives are well known does not mean that the executives are better leaders than executives who do not have the public popularity of some other executives. The judge of executive performance in the financial industry is cold hard numbers.

All financial companies have numbers that show how well the companies are performing. These numbers tell a lot about the companies, but the numbers also say a lot about the executives in charge of running the companies. Executives must produce good numbers to remain as executives over the long haul. While many executives get attention and notoriety away from the boardroom, it is in the boardroom where the success or failure of the companies they run is determined.

Executives must make sound business decisions, and executives must be able to lead a team of management and staff. One of the most respected executives over the past few decades in the financial industry has been Stephen Murray. As the CEO and founder of CCMP Capital, Stephen Murray provided outstanding leadership, vision, and business decisions. His superior executive performance allowed CCMP Capital to perform at a high level during the entire course of his role as CEO and founder.

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Stephen Murray decided to step down from his position as CEO of CCMP Capital a short time ago because of unknown health reasons. Shortly after he decided to step down from his lead executive position at CCMP Capital, Stephen Murray passed away. He was only 52 years old.

Mr. Murray was an excellent executive who was very talented. He had an impressive academic background that included both an undergraduate and graduate degree. He was known as a hard worker, and a professional who was able to get the job done. He was able to move up the career ladder from his humble start to become a CEO at one of the best performing financial firms in the financial industry.

There are many executives who fill the CEO role at the various financial companies in the financial industry. However, only a few of these executives are considered top notch CEOs. Stephen Murray was one of those few CEOs. Mr. Stephen Murray earned a high level of respect from his peers and the business world as a whole. As a man and as a business professional, Stephen Murray will be missed.

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Adrian Figueroa Jose Velasquez Shares His 10 Simple Tricks For Improving Smartphone Photography

Adrian Figueroa Jose Velasquez is a professional executive who was born in Venezuela. Adrian currently serves in three different positions with five companies. He is the president, director, and treasurer of the firms based in Panama.

Mr. Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa has an illustrious career in entrepreneurship and has actively been involved in growing businesses, mentoring young entrepreneurs, and improving the living conditions of the communities in Panama.

Apart from business, Adrian is an avid fan of photography and advises smartphone users on his ten tricks of improving picture quality. Figueroa hints at the need to learn the art of creating a scene, understanding the photographic depth and getting some lighting techniques. Here are my six favorite picks from Adrian’s tricks:

Take your time

Many people rush to take pictures with blurred images, poor lighting, wrong positioning, and mission out on the important objects. The current smartphones come with very sharp and definite picture capability, and there should be no excuse for taking bad pictures. Take that extra second to position accurately and angle the phone to avoid shadows and direct light to ensure your photo is excellent.

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Apply the Principles of Composition

A good picture will come as a result of unique and creative scene composition. For example, you can bring the horizon to the center of the scene to create a great picture. The viewer’s attention will be drawn to the sky and the ground at the same time.

Come closer

Smartphones do not offer optical zoom features. That means that by excessively zooming in, the picture gets a lot of noise and distortion. You need to get closer to the object you’re taking to create a clear and accurate picture. It also saves you the time you would spend cutting and editing photos.

Get rid of Flash

The light from the smartphone camera flash is usually very abrupt. It can cause unnecessary shadows and highlight strange effects. It affects the natural color and can ruin your picture with an unwanted glare. If you have an option of changing positions and angling your phone correctly, please do!

Learn about your camera applications

A third party application installed on your phone will enable you to adjust your settings to suit the scene you are taking. You can change the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO to get the exact photo you desire. Some camera features can be a bit complicated, and you may need to get a tutorial on the usage or watch a YouTube tutorial to learn more.

Use the HDR (moderately)

High dynamic range (HDR) works as a double edged sword. It helps you to achieve a balanced exposure where many reflections are visible, but can also make your picture look out of place. Use the DDR moderately to maintain image quality.

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The Life of the Former CCMP Capital’s CEO, Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray was a top specialist in providing private equity investment services, and he was highly recognized in the finance sector. He died in 2015, and his last professional role was serving as the chief executive officer of the CCMP Capital. Murray had been having health complications and left the company one month before his death. He first served various mother companies of the CCMP Capital since 1989. He was employed by the Chase Capital Partners which was later incorporated by the JP Morgan to create JPMorgan Partners. The firm was successful, and it was considered as one of the leading businesses that offered private equity services. The CCMP Capital was then created as a spin-out of the JPMorgan Partners. Its formation was led by Jeff Walker who served as its first CEO before the leadership was transferred to Mr. Murray in 2007.

The passing on of the finance expert worried his former workmates at the CCMP Capital. A condolence message was sent to his wife and four sons by, Greg Brenneman, who is the new chief executive officer of CCMP Capital. Stephen loved his family, and they were his pride. He had exceptional knowledge in making successful transactions, and his skills were highly appreciated by the CCMP Capital as well as other companies that he worked served.

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CCMP Capital Advisors Gets Backing to Resume Investing From Fund

Murray was a primary participant in the growth of the businesses that hired him. He led the CCMP Capital to rise at a rapid rate from a small startup capital. The worth of the firm was $30 billion by the time he passed on. He assisted the company to make $3.6 billion in the last five months that he worked for it. Greg Brenneman who is also the present chairperson of the CCMP Capital and Stephen Murray are the only two individuals that have ever been recognized the Securities and Exchange Commission for overseeing the company’s fund. Mr. Murray and five other executives were also named on the CCMP Capital’s Form ADV.

Stephen Murray also served as a board member in various organizations. They include Strongwood Insurance Holdings, LHP Hospital Group, Jetro JMDH Holdings, Crestcom International, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, and Infogroup Inc. He was also a socially responsible individual who enjoyed participating in the running of institutions that are important to the community. He sat on the boards of the Boston College, the Columbia Business School, Make-A-Wish-Foundation, Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, and the Stamford Museum.

Kenneth Goodgame Beats the Competition through Difficult Choice

The newest appointee to the position of chief merchandising officer by the True value company is Kenneth Goodgame. He has been working with the company for a couple of years now in junior positions but still in the merchandising department. The experience that he has in merchandising spans over three decades and this is more than the experience that he needs to handle the demands that come with the newly attained position.

One of the skills that he has learned over the years, and which he applies in all his endeavors is the principle of value addition. Kenneth Goodgame states that value addition is a tricky form of marketing because sometimes, regardless of the amount of value addition you do, the customers may not appreciate it. He states that in a social experiment where shoppers are faced with the decision of buying a value added item or service and a similar brand that is of lower quality and lower cost, he states that most of the times, the customers will move towards the item with the smaller price tag. What makes one successful as a merchandiser in this case therefore, is trying to help the customers understand the true value of the value added goods or services.

The best way to make customers see the sense in value addition is focused advertising. This can be done both at the local and national levels. He also states that the model that he has adopted has helped him create more than 10 percent growth in business sales for his company. This is evident in his sales report for the last quarter that he has worked as a merchandiser with the True Value Company where he registered a 9 percent business growth. He says that his secret weapon for all this success is the OEM model of marketing. He also makes use of the SKY EDLP program and as a result, the sales in his departments have been growing very steadily for the past five years.

Kenneth is a University of Tennessee graduate in Marketing. He has a vast experience in his field a merchandiser and if the sales record in his current position are anything to go by, the sky is the limit for him.