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Dr.Mark McKenna, The Patients Advocate

Dr.Mark McKenna is a General Practitioner licensed in Surgery and Medicine, but he is also a very prominent and well-known entrepreneur. He is a dedicated community servant and a passionate patient advocate.

Dr. Mark McKenna owns and operates Shape Medical Wellness Center in Atlanta Georgia. Shape Med is a Wellness and Aesthetic based medical practice. It offers the most comprehensive weight loss solutions along with a variety of cutting-edge NSA (Non-Surgical Aesthetic) procedures.

Dr. Mark McKenna also acquired and launched McKenna Venture Investments which is a boutique real estate development firm. He also owns Universal Mortgage Lending & Uptown title Inc.

When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, it devastated New Orleans and destroyed so much. Dr. Mark McKenna lost many of his businesses as well. He actively participated in the rebuilding of New Orleans through the redevelopment of low-moderate income housing. He used his connections and his businesses to assist in the rebuild. He was hands-on through the process and he made sure that the people of New Orleans were taken care of. He knew that they could not afford much so he offered them what they could afford.

Dr.Mark McKenna is constantly on the go. He has the best attitude towards life and people. However, he feels that healthcare or at least the field of aesthetics is in need of reinventing. He feels that there are many opportunities to disrupt the industry and will continue to seek a technology-enabled elective healthcare. Dr. Mark McKenna has done just that with the onset of OVME a consumer-facing, technology-enabled, medical aesthetics company.

Dr. Mark McKenna has always remained humble. He feels he has never had a bad job. He feels that if he was had to do things differently he would have gone slower because he feels speed without direction is useless. He meditates every day and feels that this is a recipe for success. You need to set goals and practice visualization. The one habit he has that makes him more productive is that he is a voracious reader. He suggests you read Think &Grow Rich.

Felipe Montoro Jens Report on Rejuvenating Brazil through Infrastructure

It is always a troubling experience in any government attempting to make significant development changes. The government runs many businesses and projects in Brazil. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, Brazil had a hard time shifting from state-run plans to the involvement of the private sector. Felipe is a respected professional and infrastructure expert.

Notably, the second half of the year starting from September is scheduled for great infrastructure auctions. The Investment Partnership Program (PPI) coordination secretary Tarcisio Freitas revealed that the project would carry out about 18 infrastructure auctions.

According to Mr. Felipe’s report, the secretary assured that the auctions would proceed as scheduled despite the government political arguments. Besides, the PPI secretary also said that criticisms from the private sector were allowed. It is after Lava Jato denounced that significant projects would fail. The issue has since then affected many large contractors. However, Felipe points out that the project is set to involve a new group of the infrastructure industry players.

Moreover, the Investment partnership program secretary also outlines that the Brazilian government has a significant challenge facing the increase in Brazil level of production. Expansion and modernization of the infrastructure sector have proved to be a considerable challenge. The only solution to this issue is devising measures of attracting investors and increasing employment. Felipe also points out that the PPI is currently selecting projects that are attractive to private investors. Such a historical project is one of the transmission lines auction which was transacted earlier in April and was so successful.

Nevertheless, the Investment Partnership Program is on a mission to rectify the Public-Private Partnership relationship that was so unsteady in the past. As stipulated in Felipe’s report, the program will ensure that the awarding of infrastructure contracts is expected to accommodate both the public and private investors.

The program has enhanced significant developments in the infrastructure sector. Mr. Freitas and the ruling President Temer have significantly contributed to the improvements in this industry.