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Betterworks Offers New Edition To Team Members Of Businesses

Betterworks is a startup out of Silicon Valley that got its start in2013. Ever since 2013, they have been constantly growing, improving and achieving new technological feats with their software. Betterworks has a software that allows talent professionals to manage and improve performance amongst workers. The company is innovative. Their success in business comes from offering a host of opportunities through the improvement of their software to meet the needs of customers. This new edition is called their team edition. This edition will enhance improve amongst team workers of a business.

The team edition is better for companies that have a lot of people collaborating together. The team edition can allow for up to one hundred people to work together. Collaboration, communication and continuous performance management are the highlights of this version. This version works best for both managers and workers who want to improve work relations between each other. The team edition is a great way for more workers to feel better about their performance. The team edition is currently available and is being used by businesses all across America.

The team edition has been anticipated by both customers and Betterworks. This edition reveals to people that the team edition is one of the best and most innovation editions created by Betterworks. Small, medium and large companies are customers of Betterworks. Cost-effectiveness is one of the reasons Betterworks created the team edition. This version is more friendly on the pockets of customers who want a cheaper yet productive continuous talent performance management solution.

Paul Mampilly – Financial Advisor to Your Rescue

Achieving success with your investments is not easy these days as the market is saturated with a wide range of investment and financial products. People who have money to invest are looking for ways to ensure that they do not suffer losses and the best way to ensure that is to take advice from a renowned financial expert such as Paul Mampilly. He is one of the most sought-after financial analysts in the US financial industry and comes with years of experience. In his career, Paul has worked for different banking and financial organizations and helped improve their performance and revenue. In the last few years, Paul has been working as a senior editor for the leading financial publishing house, Banyan Hill Publishing.

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Paul Mampilly wants to guide main street Americans to financial success, and he lays down a list of stock recommendations in the financial newsletters he has introduced, including True Momentum, Profits Unlimited, and Million Dollar Club. Paul focuses mainly on the mid-range stocks as these are the stocks that come with high return prospects. People who want to ensure that their money doesn’t go down the drain due to bad investment choices, subscribing to the above-mentioned newsletters by Paul Mampilly would come in handy in providing you the information and knowledge needed to make the right investment choices. His tips are also easy to use and can be easily understood, allowing people to benefit from it.

Paul has been featured on many leading financial networks for the kind of success he has achieved with his investments. He has also won the Templeton Foundation Award, which showcases his strengths as an investor and his knowledge of how to put money at the right place to achieve investment objectives in the long-term. Paul Mampilly is using his skills to help people with little knowledge of investments to grow their wealth. It often happens that most people do not have time to continue reading different investment plans and often is out of opportunities. Paul Mampilly wants people to be aware of what is going on around them so that they can invest their money wisely.


OSI Industries Acquires Tyson Foods

OSI Industries has remained focused in its expansion activities, especially in the past decade. The operations that are taking place in this company show that everything is happening as planned. The last two years have been very successful for the American based company. The management of the company has managed to secure several prominent companies so that the food production company increases its presence in the market and also deals with the increasing demands from customers. Almost three years ago, OSI Industries successfully purchased one of the most successful food processing facilities that were based in Chicago.

Tyson Foods, which is very popular among the people, has a significant space that will be used as storage for the large productions in OSI Industries. The report from the food processing firm states that Tyson Food has a strategic location, just close to the OSI Industries properties that are in Chicago. The large production will not have to be transported for long before it can reach its a storage facility in Tyson Foods. In the recent years, the demands in the food market have increased and also changed rapidly. For the people who were not well prepared, this has been a tough time, and they have been forced to close business. The Industries is always fast when it comes to adjusting to the needs of the modern customers.

This is why the organization has been looking for any extra space so that it can take good care of all the emerging needs. Kevin Scott, one of the senior vice presidents of the OSI Industries says that his company understands that it has a large client base in North America, and it can only be met by making space available. The company presence in this region will be increased by the time Tyson Food Plant is transformed. Tyson Foods has had a tough time due to the economy. In the past year, the organization announced that it was planning to close the Chicago facility which was mostly used for food preparations. After getting a deal from OSI Industries, Tyson Foods accepted the offer, and both parties are happy.

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Nick Vertucci: The Master of Career Diversity

Nick Vertucci is a successful real estate mogul, author, businessperson, and poker player. He is the master of career diversity and shines in both the real estate and poker world where he has made a fortune and a name for himself. Vertucci is a reputable poker player who has rubbed shoulders with the best players in the world and competed in the biggest and most competitive tournaments.


Nick Vertucci started as an entrepreneur selling computer accessories. His business flourished until the advent of the dot-com boom that left him at the verge of bankruptcy. In early 2000, he ventured into the real estate industry where he has enjoyed a successful and vibrant career. Vertucci’s went from grass to grace, from bankruptcy to a millionaire in the real estate sector. Nick uses his expertise and experience in real estate to teach and inspire people interested in real estate.


Apart from his expertise in the boardroom, Nick Vertucci has received recognition at the poker table. He is a prominent poker player who has earned the affection and respect of many people. Vertucci played his first poker game in 2004, and with a buy-in of $1,500, he won $7,530. Over the years, Vertucci has enhanced his poker skills and made a name for himself among the poker kings. He has competed with world champions and participated in globally recognized tournaments such as Poker after Dark and World Series of Poker.

Vertucci has earned a spot among poker gurus like Phil Helmuth and David Benyamine. His ranking on, a renowned poker player database, has risen over the years. Nick Vertucci’s success in the poker world emanates from his discipline, resilience, flexibility, and attention to detail. Also, he applies the knowledge and skills learned in the real estate industry to his poker games.

Businessman Vijay Eswaran Executive Chairman of QI Companies

Vijay Eswaran is the founder of QI group of companies, which came into being in 1998. The firm provides e-commerce services that are based on conglomerate operations that entail retail sales, lifestyle and leisure goods, education resources, training and management of conference activities, telecommunications, diverse logistics, and property development.

Eswaran completed higher education studies from top universities in the UK and the US. He served in different top positions for companies such as the IBM and top ranks in many countries including the US, European nations, and others. His long time of outstanding performance built an impressive track record and experience. He returned to Asia in the 1990s and chose the path of entrepreneurship. In 1998, Eswaran and his friends came together and formed a like-minded institution that was focused on direct sales and training, which today has developed to be a multi-business conglomerate referred to as the QI group. Notably, the company is now operating internationally with its regional offices situated at HongKong, Singapore, Thailand, and Singapore.

Eswaran is a renowned motivational speaker and inspires congregations worldwide on various subjects, which range from spiritual matters to business. He has delivered his speech in different capacities and platforms including top-ranked universities, business related functions in various states, and leadership platforms like World Chinese Economics Summit among others.

Vijay Eswaran is listed among the best philanthropists in the world. He established the RHYTHM Foundation, which acted as the corporate social responsibility branch of the QI Company. In addition, he initiated the establishment of charity organizations in Malaysia, which he named Vijayaratnam Foundation after his father. In 2011, he was recognized as the Forbes Asia’s Heroes of Philanthropy, a list that included 48 philanthropists from 12 nations who were celebrated as business leaders and as noble private citizens.

Nick Vertucci Life Lessons

Nick Vertucci had the chance of growing up in a loving family. Although they did not have too much wealth at their disposal, his parents made sure that their children enjoyed life. This life, however, was short-lived. Vertucci lost his dad at a tender age, and he knew that he had to fend for himself because his mother could not afford to take care of the large families. His first business idea was becoming a taxi driver since he owned a van. Most of his families had to move from their home and look for better things to do. With no accommodation available, Nick had to work and stay in his van most of the times.

Working as a taxi driver might not have been a great working opportunity for Nick, but it was a great way of surviving and earning some money. The little he was making helped him to venture into business where he would sell computer parts and earn very good profits. The business idea was so good because he made a significant amount of wealth, and he even managed to settle down with a beautiful wife. His three daughters became his new reason for living. When the internet revolution came knocking in the year 2000, Nick Vertucci realized that his business started going down. In few months, the business closed, and he could no longer raise enough money to raise his daughter and feed them. In the midst of the problems he was facing, Nick Vertucci realized the real estate industry and how it could change his career and financial life.

Nick Vertucci has enjoyed the fruits of working in real estate. His dream and passion of ensuring that everyone has the home they have always dreamt of having makes him wake up early every single day. Nick has also founded an academy so that he can train the people who are interested in real estate. The academy has been operational for some time, and it has given many young people hope in life. Apart from being the founder of the academy, Nick Vertucci is a respected book author. After his successful venture into real estate, the businessman saw the need of encouraging people in the international platform to achieve their dreams without fear. The books mostly speak about his journey to financial freedom and how he managed to raise above the situations he was facing when he was growing up.

Nick Vertucci: Educator Of Real Estate Investment

Investing in real estate is well known as one of the most surefire ways to increase your long-term assets. By investing in real estate, you are able to generate income in several methods. You can increase the value of the property and turn these over and sale them, generating income by selling it for more than you bought the property for. You are also able to generate income by renting the properties out. All of these methods are discussed in the real estate Academy that Nick Vertucci has launched and been leading over the last four years.

Nick Vertucci is a successful real estate investor who has several years of experience in the real estate industry. He began his career by selling computer parts prior to the economic crash of the early 2000. After the economic crash of the early 2000’s he was down on his luck, however, a lucky friend invited him to attend a real estate seminar. At this seminar, he learned something that would change the rest of his life. After the seminar, he uses the knowledge that he gained in order to begin his own business investing in real estate properties. He promised himself that if he were to become successful through investment in real estate, he would develop his own method and inform others of the processes that he used in order to become successful.

In 2014 he launched the Nick Vertucci real estate Academy. He has advertised the Academy through a number of advertising mediums and promised individuals that if they attend it could potentially change the rest of their lives. At these events, you will have access to Nick Vertucci and a team of experts who were all investment professionals in the real estate markets. He has developed a method of investing in real estate that is easily understandable and will be able to generate significant individual returns on their investments in a relatively short period of time. He already has several success stories of people who have attended these seminars and have become successful by influencing the techniques and knowledge that he has taught them.