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Michel Terpin an icon of Brazil rally.

Michel Terpins is a sporting champion in various circles in the Brazilian rallying field. He began a career in the cross country championship as a relatively young man and with the support of his father Jack Terpins AKA Jacko a sporting champion himself who played professional basketball in Brazil both in club level and nationally. He was a very powerful force who even caught the presidents eye and was elected the chairman of the sports commission in Brazil where he was responsible for growing sports in Brazil.

He encouraged his sons to pursue sports and it thus came as no surprise when they started excelling in the same.

Michel Terpins is the former cross country champion a feat he was able to achieve in less than a decade of joining the competitions by the time he left the cross country for rallying he was performing so well that he was the current champion. He would, later on, be elected as chairperson of the sport and an ambassador of the same. He joined his brother Rodrigo Terpins in rallying and together they formed the Bull Sertões Rally Team. This is the team that they would from henceforward compete in and they have today managed to build it into a formidable outfit.

They began competing in the T1 prototype category wherein the initial years they highly depended on themselves. Later on, MEM motorsport would step in and developed the T-Rex a model that was meant for the T1 prototype competition. Taking turns as driver and navigator they were able to horn their skills and it is this that helped them build a recognizable reputation in the rallying circles.

They have taken part in various Sertões Rallies. They have over the various editions been able to be consistent and even when he parted ways with his brother Rodrigo Terpins in order to grow the team by bringing in more members his star has only continued to shine brighter.

He is today considered more of a rally driver as opposed to earlier when most only so him as a cross country champion. He continues to compete and grow as a driver with each new edition.