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Equities First Holdings Experiences Rapid International Growth in 2013, Establishes Offices and Furthers Reach into Europe and Asia Pacific

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Equities First Holdings is a stock-based loan providing company based in the United States. As a matter of fact, the company has sought to take over the world as one of the best options concerning the allocation of fast working capital. For you to secure a loan with the company, you just have to give them your stocks as collateral and get the fast working money. In his case, you will make sue o adhere to the contract. If you fail to bring back the money promptly, they will liquidate your stocks and get back their money. For this reason, you will have nowhere to go and read full article.

In the recent past, the company has seen growth in the intake of fast working capital during the harsh economic crisis. When the crisis sets in, banks tighten their lending capabilities. For this reason, most people fail to get the loans. Moreover, the banks also have their loans raised in interests to have most people scared away from the loans. As a matter of fact, no one has a better understanding of what to do when the crisis sets in. But for those who are wise, they understand that Equities First Holdings is the best option to contain your needs and Equities of Website.

According to Al Christy of Equities First Holdings, the many people do not understand the differences between the stock-based loans and margin loans. For this reason, they end up worrying that the two loans are seamless. As a matter of fact, the two loans are very different in nature. For the margin loans, the use of the loan must be stated for you to qualify for the loan. However, the use of the loan is not reported for the stock-based loans for you to secure the loan. Moreover, it is now clear that the stock-based loans are better than the margin loans.

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Troy McQuagge is the CEO and President of the USHealth Group and USHEALTH Advisors

He has an unbridled passion for the Captive Insurance Industry and products for a better quality of life. His thirty years in this extremely competitive field have sharpened his business acumen, strengthened his leadership skills and he makes the businesses profitable.

His accomplishments were submitted to the One Planet Awards Programs and he was the recipient of the Gold Award for “CEO of the Year.” He contributes his winning the award with the complete involvement of all the employees of USHealth Group.

The One Planet Awards wants to acknowledge their hard work while informing businesses of how well USHealth Group is operating. The awards program also acknowledges some company’s services offered, new products, corporate communications, and Marketing.

Troy McQuagge entered the President Agency Marketing Group in the Health Market and sharpened his talents in PR, Marketing, Hiring, and Recruiting from 1996 through March 2008. He joined USHEALTH Advisors in July 2010 and developed an Agency Platform to market their services and their client’s service.

He continually proves that he is “The Man With A Plan.” The Stevie Awards honored Troy’s people skills as a Finalist for “Hiring and Recruiting Program of the Year” in February 2007. The awards continue to flow because of the innovative techniques for marketing, applying exceptional leadership skills to teams and being a team player.

His awards from 2016 also include, “CEO of the Year” and the “Most Innovative CEO of the Year” by CEO World Awards.
The company received the Silver Stevie Award for the “Field Sales Team of the Year” and then was given the “Sales Growth Achievement of the Year” in March. June brought them the Gold Stevie Award for “Company of the Year, Insurance.”
In June they were awarded the “Company of the Year, Accounting, Banking, Financial, Insurance” by the Golden Bridge Awards.

Troy McQuagge has proven that people are his business. Satisfying them personally with the correct insurance coverage and products their clients’ wanted. He has volunteered his services and made donations to many charities over the years.

Don Ressler And Great Fashion For Any Circumstance

Anytime could be a great time to be well dressed. There are a lot of good clothes for women for different occasions. There are a lot of good clothes when it comes to formal and casual occasions, but when it comes to working out and physical activity, there seems to be a limit to the type of clothes a woman could wear. Don Ressler himself has seen such a gap in the industry. This is the reason that he decided to work on bringing forth something that could be used for workouts, but are elegant in appearance and style. This has brought forth Fabletics.

Fabletics is the type of brand that brings forth clothing styles that are known as athleisure. These are the types of clothes that could be worn for workouts and for other occasions, including a casual get together. This brings out a new inspiration to working out for Don Ressler. Women will look really good while they are in the gym or in the area where they are getting their workout. However, there are plenty of other advantages that people get when it comes to great fashion. Looking good is one of the advantages that are really desirable to people that are interested in fashion.

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One of the more important reasons for people to dress well when it comes to fashion is that it makes them feel good. A lot of people dress up for themselves. Therefore, it is good for them to not just dress well, but to wear the clothes they like. This will put them in a state where they could handle more of what life throws at them. Also, this will give them the confidence they need to do the work that they set out to do. Therefore, athletic activities would benefit more from an extra push in style.

The most important thing that people should understand about style is that it is not about what other people think look good on the person. It is more about the type of clothes the person loves to wear according to Don Ressler. The person is the style. The clothing is fashion.

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The Entrepreneurial Nature of JustFab’s Don Ressler

One of the people who can be termed a perfect entrepreneur is Don Ressler. Don Ressler serves as Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Intelligent Beauty. Mr. Ressler co-founded and served as CEO and President of and Brand Ideas. He started his Internet career consulting firms aiming to take advantage of the expanding online space. He has generated more than $1 billion in sales and has accumulated over $100 million in capital for online firms. At Intermix, Don Ressler foresaw core ventures which enhanced shareholder value such as co-founding Alena Media and Hydroderm, the acclaimed skincare brand that broke ground in the internet CPG space. In the year 2005, Intermix Media, the parent company of was bought by News Corp. for over $650 million.

Life After Intermix Media

When Intermix was bought in 2005, Don Ressler and his colleague, Adam Goldenberg experienced tremendous successful in the e-commerce business they had launched. Being frustrated since they were not bound to the new firm, the two new business partners left to explore new ventures. They knew that they had the skills to prosper in the growing industry of online advertising. They gathered a group of former Alena staff members and convened a brainstorming meeting in Goldenberg’s sitting room. Two weeks later, the Brand Ideas, later rebranded to Intelligent Beauty. To start off, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler held a brainstorm session on what would best to offer them a chance to succeed in their field. The last meeting ended with the creation of Intelligent Beauty, which managed various remarkable brands like DERMSTORE. DERMSTORE is a cosmetics retail company that offers internet subscription services.

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Two years later, Goldenberg and Ressler achieved tremendous success with their first brand and decided to add another subsidiary, SENSA to their company. It is a weight-loss brand. The two firms are said to have produced millions in revenue as they offered motivation to the firm to further delve into the business of online retail stores. That motivation is what culminated in the formation of JustFab, the biggest ever brand the duo ever started. JustFab is a retail outlet where clients can buy products through a subscription system.

TechStyle Fashion Group, formerly known as JustFab Inc., is a leading online subscription fashion retailer which carries selections of shoes, jewelry, handbags, and denim. The site offers a personalized shopping experience which is based on members’ fashion preferences. TechStyle Fashion is the parent company of an assortment of five online subscription service firms including FabKids, JustFab, ShoeDazzle, and Fabletics.

Top 10 locations to visit in Panama

Panama, located in Central America, offers an exciting blend of captivating cities, peaceful villages, white sandy beaches, coffee plantations, rain forests and mountains according to Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. It is bordered by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean to the north and south respectively. Both of these water bodies are connected through the Panama Canal, which is an important conduit for global maritime trade. While in Panama, please make a point to visit the following exciting locations.

10. El Valle de Anton
Come and explore this fascinating town high in the peaks of Panama, on the floor of the biggest populated volcano crater on earth. Located almost 2000 feet above sea level, the town boasts of a special spring-like climate and the surrounding mountains and tropical forests are perfect for horseback riding, hiking and bird watching.

9. Las Perlas Archipelago (Pearl Islands)
The Pearl Islands of Panama is simply an archipelago that comprises of about a hundred small islands across the Gulf of Panama, nestled on the Pacific Coast according to Figueroa. Virgin forests and immaculate beaches characterize the Pearl Islands. Contadora Island is the most famous for holidaymakers, boasting of great resorts as well as an airstrip.

8. Baru Volcano
Baru Volcano, a dormant volcano located in Chiriquí Province offers absolute adventure for mountaineers and hikers according to Figueroa. Try out the steep and rocky mountain climb to the summit of the dormant volcano, as you pass through lush jungle, rolling green hills and rocky cliffs. If that doesn’t excite you, try out the hot springs located underneath the dormant volcano.

7. Gulf of Chiriquí
Located along the Pacific coastline in Panama, Gulf of Chiriquí prides itself in having widespread coral reefs, rich mangroves, several sandy beaches, and notably Coiba, the largest island in Panama according to Avid lovers of sports fishing, diving and surfing can greatly enjoy what the coastal and marine locations have to offer.

6. Boquete
Boquete town lies in the western-most region of Chiriquí in Panama Highlands. Whether it’s exploring the cloud forest, bathing in hot springs in Rio Caldera or taking a boat tour of the White Water River in Chiriqui Viejo, visitors to Boquete town are spoilt for selection.

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5. Santa Catalina
The hidden paradise of Santa Catalina exists in quiet seclusion on the Chiriquí Gulf. Besides its serenity, this tropical paradise offers the best surf, beautiful beaches as well as the closest access point to Coiba National Marine Park.

4. San Blas Islands
Off the northern coast of the Isthmus of Panama, lies the San Blas Islands comprising of about 400 islands, of which just 49 are inhabited. Its simplistic beauty is the main attraction, offering visitors a chance for relaxation with modern luxuries limited.

3. Bocas Tel Toro
Bocas Tel Toro (popularly known as Bocas Town) boasts of the historic Caribbean architecture, lush tropical vegetation, and amazing opportunities for snorkeling and diving in the Caribbean ocean added to the interesting co-existence of different races and ethnicities.

2. Panama City
Panama City is a hotbed of different cultures. Modern high-rise structures characterize it. Its quick development can be attributed to the Panama Canal. The most notable city attraction is the Panama Canal, although a tour of the Old Town shouldn’t be overlooked.

1. The Panama Canal
Considered as one of the contemporary wonders of the world, the Panama Canal is an important conduit for global maritime trade because it connects the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean. Panama’s economic growth mainly depends on the Panama Canal, and it has become a key tourist site.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a key presence within the corporate scene in Panama. He holds the positions of Treasurer, CEO, and President in 5 Panamanian companies. Mr. Figueroa regularly provides start-up businesses and young executives with sound advice on how to achieve success.

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George Soros Innovates Aid Strategies For Migrants

George Soros is attempting to inspire the global business community to help migrants around the world. Tens of millions of migrants have been displaced by civil strife. There are some who have been driven from their homes by carnage and war and others who have fled because of the stinging bite of poverty. George is working with the United Nations and he intends to invest $500 million into these communities so that they can integrate into their new homes. Most of these affected are living in Europe by George Soros’ Open Society Foundations has been helping migrants from all over the world for decades already. He is committed and he always hopes that by showing off his commitment other great investors who have had good fortune will be feel inspired to follow his example.

George has been championing causes for many years because he wants to spread “civil society” across the world. George Soros believes the best way to do that is through making economic investments into disadvantaged communities. He has long studied the key problems these communities suffer from and as a result he knows which services and products are likely to have the maximum impact. In the case of displaced refugees, all aid that George is dispensing will go out through his nonprofit organization. Soros will be sharing his methods because he wants others to see how private money can be a constructive force in helping migrants. If any profit is made it will be turned over to the Open Society Foundations, and then it will be redistributed to migrant aid projects again.

One of the key technologies that George Soros feels can benefit migrant communities the most is digital money transfer on This technology has been used in first world countries and Africa for a long time so it is tested. It can be used by drivers so they can find customers and also allow doctors in the United States to see patients in Africa. When these technologies are innovated and customized for the unique issues facing migrants it will dramatically improve the quality of their lives in a short period of time. An example has already been set by the integration of these technologies into low-income communities across Africa.

George plans to make investments in many business sectors. He has targeted plans of action to create products for legal, financial, and health services. There are other private business who share George’s commitment to servicing migrant communities and they are also devoting billions of dollars to problems. It is also necessary for governments to help. These people have been failed by the government in their home country and host nations are not yet doing enough to aid them in their plight. Source:

CCMP Capital Got Off To A Good Start Thanks To CEO Stephen Murray

The hedge fund industry has its rock stars like all industries. The music business doesn’t have an exclusive on brilliant talent and awarding-winning intuition. The people that choose to be hedge fund managers are a select breed that eat, sleep, and drink the art of the deal. Stephen Murray, the former CEO of CCMP Capital, was one of those people.

Stephen Murray cut his investment teeth at Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co. in 1984, after earning a Master’s in Business Administration from Columbia University. Murray was a New Yorker through and through, but he did attend Boston College to get an undergraduate degree. But his love affair with Boston was short-lived. He wanted to work where he was born. And, while he worked for Manufacturers Hanover Trust, he made a name for himself in investment circles.

The world of investing is constantly changing, and the companies involved in multi-million dollar investments are constantly reinventing themselves in order to stay current in the marketplace. When Manufacturers Hanover Trust merged with JP Morgan in 2000, Stephen Murray became a Vice-President because of his successful investment record.

But investment firms are always under some sort of scrutiny, and the new JPMorgan company was no exception. Possible conflict of interest allegations were being tossed around, and the executives of JPMorgan decided to start another company that had solid investment professionals doing trades.

The partners named Stephen Murray, the squeaky clean manager, the president and CEO of the new company. The partners called the new company, CCMP Capital, and Murray started putting $100 to $500 million deal together as soon as the print on the company’s SEC license was dry.

It didn’t take CCMP Capital long to make a dent in the hedge fund industry, thanks to Stephen Murray’s leadership and investment skills. Murray and his partners had some excellent asset management years from 2009 to 2014. Life was good, and Murray was on top of his game until he started to feel like something was wrong with him. In 2014, he got too sick to work.

The prognosis wasn’t good, according to some of Murray’s associates, but CCMP Capital continued to prosper thanks to the foundation Murray put in place. In 2015, Stephen Murray passed away, and it was a dark chapter in the history of CCMP Capital.

Stephen Murray was the rock star that kept the company strong. But before Murray got sick, he put a team together that could carry on without him and not miss anything but him.

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