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Brown Modeling Agency: The Unsung Hero of the Modeling Industry

Did you that for anyone whose aspiring to be a model, that person doesn’t have to move to a big city to make their dreams come true. Did you know that high profile modeling agencies have a giant pool of models that hardly ever receive work? That’s right! Many big city agencies are over saturated with aspiring models that never see the light of day, as for work purposes. Many of these agencies already have models with huge names and celebrity status’. This can be the downside of the business as most people don’t really have the perseverance to see things through. One of the best ways for breaking into modeling is by working in a smaller market and there is one modeling agency that’s setting new trends in the industry.

Brown Modeling Agency is the name and model success is the game. This Austin, Texas agency opened it’s doors back in 2010 and has produced some great results. The agency has a reputation for finding talent and prepping the talent for work in a number of sectors. Brown Modeling Agency (BMA) is innovative in-a-sense as it combines models with commercial talent. This means that they have enough talented individuals that are capable of doing work in numerous fields such as print, magazine, commercials, and fashion. The agency has made a name for itself and has put Austin on the map.

Are you interested in print modeling? If you’re interested in this style of business the opportunities are endless. Of course for anyone aspiring to model has to have a decent look about themselves. Yes, vanity is important here so let’s not sugar-coat things. Print Modeling has numerous avenues to venture into and the good thing about it is that most print models doesn’t necessarily need portfolios. Portfolios can be expensive depending on the photographer, but they are good to have for professionalism reasons. Magazines, books, newspapers, etc provides tremendous amounts of work for individuals. Fashion Modeling is very popular, but this division is seeking a specific look. For women, height requirements are between 5’7″-5’11” and for men it’s 5’11”-6’2″ give or take. The downside of fashion is that the amount of work is lower than print and many of the already established models receive most of the gigs.

Print Modeling is a great way to go for any new or veteran model and Brown Modeling Agency is one of the best in the business for helping individuals reach their goals. Of course having thick skin is a must as you can’t expect to get every job you audition for. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what’s good for one campaign, may not be good for another.