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Laidlaw & Company A Growing Boutique Investment Firm

Laidlaw & Company is an investment banking firm registered in the United Kingdom with over 170 years of finance and trading experience. They are currently on the grow with more than 150 employees in the United States of America.

The company refers to itself as a “boutique” investing company, which classifies them as a small investment firm. Small can be good when an individual investor is getting started and needs to have someone explain what is happening in the high anxiety field of finance and investing. Laidlaw & Company also specializes in “alternative investments” those investments outside the realm of stocks and bonds. Alternative investing venues have been popular since the critical banking collapse of 2007-2008.
The company is headed by Matthew D. Eitner and James P. Ahern.
Whenever selecting a financial services company to handle your investments, it is important to spend time researching the firm and meeting with representatives if at all possible. Laidlaw has a long, proud history both in the United Kingdom and now here in the states. Their approach to alternative investing while interesting could also be risky. But remember, “No risk, no reward.” Having a smaller firm to handle a person’s, or a firm’s, or a family’s investments can be a good thing but having peace of mind and being able to sleep at night is most critical when large amounts of money are being invested.