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Michael B. Jordan and Donald Glover Rumored for Black Panther 2

Given the success of Black Panther (and Avengers: Infinity War). There has been talk about the eventual sequel to the film. Among the rumors that are floating around is the casting of Donald Glover and Michael B. Jordan. While it is understandable why Ryan Coogler would cast Donald Glover, Michael B. Jordan would be an interesting choice for the sequel because his character, Killmonger has died in the first film. In Donald Glover’s case, he is not that much of a stranger to the MCU. He has appeared in Spider-Man Homecoming and made some contributions to the Black Panther film.

The rumors of Michael B. Jordan being included in the cast for Black Panther 2 brings about a lot of theories. One thing is that it takes away from the already debunked idea that Black Panther 2 would take place before the events of Infinity War. Another thing that this idea brings about is curiosity of what exactly might happen in the events of Avengers 4. One thing that has been suggested is that the events of Avengers 4 will lead to a new timeline. So it is likely that some of the events of Avengers 4 might lead to the resurrection of Killmonger among some other characters.

One thing that is important to understand is that this is currently a rumor. Nothing has been confirmed. At most, the creative team behind Black Panther 2 is considering the possibility of bringing in certain characters and bringing back others. Nothing has been finalized.