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Magic Mike XXL: Magical Cinematic Fantasy

Imagine a night club full of women looking to be entertained. The lights are down low, the smoke rolls off stage and the music begins, amidst the curtain, Romanesque built male dancers emerge. Fulfilling your wildest dreams and most envisioned desires, this is the essence of the Comedy/Drama film, Magic Mike XXL.

Magic Mike XXL is the 2015 sequel to the first Magic Mike film that premiered in the year of 2012. The film was directed by Gregory Jacobs and stars an solid cast including Channing Tatum as Mike Joe Manganiello, Jada Pinkett Smith and Matt Bomer. Guest stars include Amber Heard, Michael Strahan, Facebook fan favorite Crystal Hunt and Donald “Childish Gambino” Glover.

Crystal Hunt plays an eccentric character named Lauren. This is a great change of pace for Hunt and she has spoken openly about the joy and comradery she experienced while on the set of the film, and shared many funny behind the scenes photos with fellow cast members on her Instagram.

In this sequel, we find the infamous Magic Mike settling down in a quieter lifestyle with a serious relationship and running his own furniture business. He receives a surprise phone call from former stripper buddy, Tarzan that brings him back into the forefront of his former dance group. The dancers all agree that the ride was slowing come to a halt and propose going out with a bang by traveling and performing in a Myrtle Beach stripping convention. Mike at first argues and after reminiscing with his famous “Pony” dance routine, he decides to join the troupe on their excursion.

Among many shenanigans and experiences, the group finds themselves in a bind, searching for an emcee for their performance. Mike visits an old flame, Rome (Pinkett-Smith) who agrees to join the dance troupe in Myrtle Beach.

The group features six amazing music and dance performances at the convention such as Bomer’s soulful stripping and singing routine to “How Does It Feel?” as well as a dark, sexual fantasy dance by Manganiello to the Nine Inch Nails hit “Closer” involving a wedding and a sex swing. Among others, the convention closes with a jaw dropping duo performance with Tatum and dancer, Twitch to the R. Kelly song, Cookie.

This film features some of the best cinematic dance performances in the last decade, proving to be iconic and mimicked across the world for years to come. The soundtrack is even more stand-alone than the film featuring the famous Magic Mike song “Pony” as well as songs by 112, Bando Jonez and more.

An American Talent

There are many people that aspire to be in the spotlight, but getting a shot at stardom is a chance that comes around very rarely for many. Many people have the ambition and the drive to see their name in lights but the only trait that matters in the world of acting and film is true and bold talent. Crystal Hunt is a women who knew what she wanted to do from a young age and pushed herself until she reached her goal. Crystal Hunt is not only an Emmy-Nominated actress but is a successful director as well as business owner.

Hunt started her road to success at the ripe age of two and spent her childhood entering beauty pageants, using her acting as her pageant talent. Hunt is a face you’d recognize from early 90’s and 2000’s commercials before she got her big role on CBS. Hunt participated in an anti-drug advertisement with the massively popular N*sync as well as a commercial for The Walt Disney Company’s twenty-fifth anniversary celebration. Her long time running role and what she is best known for is what caught America’s attention and hearts.

She started her role at the mere age of seventeen, staring one a major network’s highly ranked soap opera. CBS’s daytime series, The Guiding Light, featured Hunt as ‘Lizzie Spaulding’ an iconic role as the troubled daughter of long-suffering couple Phillip and Beth Raines. After being spotted by an agent at the Actors Workshop in New York she was quickly offered the role. Hunt played the role from 2003 to 2006 and received a Daytime Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Young Actress In A Drama Series in 2005. Amid her busy series schedule Hunt was able to break into film, staring alongside well known actor Zac Efron in the movie The Derby Stallion. After leaving The Guiding Light she starred along side actress Amanda Bynes in the comedy “Sydney White”, which was a modern twist on the Disney fairy tale, Snow White.

Hunt is also an accomplished producer and just recently finished her film she made with her best friend and fellow actress, Dania Ramirez, who stars on the show Devious Maids. The feature film, Talbot County, is an Alfred Hitchcockian horror film based off a true story. This film is just the beginning of Hunt’s continuous career in film and she will continue to dazzle America from behind the lens.

San Andreas Further Cements Dwayne Johnson as a Superstar

Dwayne Johnson has come a long way from his days as “The Rock” on WWE TV. He was a superstar then and now he is an even bigger superstar. His newest film, San Andreas, is hardly winning critical accolades. (Rotten Tomatoes notes the reviews are mostly negative) Audiences do love the film though and the first weekend brought in $53+ million. That is much bigger than the debuts of all the other top releases over the past two weekends.

The plot of the film somewhat borrows from the disaster movies of the 1970’s. Johnson plays a father who has to save his family when a huge earthquake hits California. Can he get to where he has to go and overcome a ton of thrilling obstacles on the way? You are going to have to watch the film – in a crowded theater – to find out.

Johnson has another mega-hit in theaters right now. Furious 7 is still pulling in big money and has surpassed the $1.5 billion mark. Johnson is coming back for Furious 8, is slated to appear as Black Adam in D.C. Comics’ Shazam movie, and might even see his Furious character get his own spinoff. Yes, Johnson is definitely a very busy actor. His amazing screen presence and charisma really helps him rise to the level of a superstar. Ironically, his career started almost by accident when he was picked to play a cameo in one of the Mummy sequels.

James Dondero recently said on Facebook that he never would have thought when Dwayne was wrestling he’d end up as big a movie star as he did?