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Benedict Cumberbatch Fans Await Doctor Strange

Fans of British television and film star Benedict Cumberbatch recently received news that the talented actor’s latest movie, Doctor Strange (2016), will arrive in movie theaters this autumn in time for Thanksgiving. In anticipation of the film’s release on November 4th, the studio recently unveiled another theatrical poster. It joins trailers of Doctor Strange (2016) in cinemas.

The poster appeared in advance of Comic-Con International 2016, scheduled to draw crowds of comic book enthusiasts later this month between July 21st and 24th. The promoters of Doctor Strange (2016) will reportedly appear at the event, much to the delight of fans of the classic comic book series.

Based upon a comic book character who abandons his career in medicine to pursue the life of an actual magician with incredible superpowers, Doctor Strange (2016) has already begun generating a buzz among film audiences. Star Benedict Cumberbatch also appears in the hit British television series, Sherlock, a cerebral drama-adventure mystery based on the concept of a modern Sherlock Holmes who solves murder mysteries in contemporary London. The television show helped make handsome Benedict Cumberbatch one of the most popular stars in the UK.

The talented British actor, who married shortly after accepting the role of Sherlock in the TV show, has also gained fans in the United States. He appeared a few years ago in the Star Trek franchise, playing the villain responsible for murdering young Captain Kirk’s mentor.