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Investment Banking Expert, Martin Lustgarten

Investment banking is a scenario whereby a private company offers various financial services to governments, corporations, and individual persons. It acts as an agent of setting prices and capital formation. The financial services rendered include mergers and acquisitions, equity research, sales, raising capital, retail & commercial banking, and security underwriting.


In Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), an investment bank advises prospective sellers, which is called sell-side engagement. On the other hand, when it takes the advisory role to the buyer, it is called buy-side assignment. The advice given to buyers and sellers is on negotiation, business evaluation, pricing, procedure, transactions, and implementation. An investment bank assists companies to raise capital and security underwriting. For instance, if a company wants to give new securities to the buyers, investment banks act as intermediaries between them.


Regarding Sales & Trading and Equity Research, the banks connect buyers and sellers in addition to marketing securities, thus delivering prices and liquidity to investors. For facilitation of trading securities purposes, banks also buy and sell securities out of their own account. Institutional investors like mutual funds, pension funds, hedge funds, and university endowment are known to use investment banks for trading securities. The investment banks will then charge commission fees for the services rendered.


If there is an expert in investment banking, it could be none other than Martin Lustgarten. In the recent past, he has made great fortunes by coordinating imports and sales from various countries like France, Venezuela, and Singapore. In Venezuela, the situation was rife, whereby the dollars were few, and the government had some difficulty in tackling the issue. Martin Lustgarten approached the banks of Venezuela and struck a deal with them. He offered to sell them dollars at a little bit hiked prices. The deal saw Martin make a fortune amidst tough economic times.


His dual citizenship of Australia and Venezuela has made his investment even more successful. He is an international financier that has provided money and loans to companies in Venezuela. He is the best role model for investors as he has worked in many countries like South Africa, America, Australia, and Venezuela.

Investment Banking is on the Rise

Investment banking is on the rise. The reason is that traditional banking is not helping people make enough money or protect their current investments. Investment banking can help you reach other markets that you may not have noticed. That way, you won’t miss out on opportunities that could grow your financials quickly.

From startup companies, large organizations, and individuals, everyone is considering investment bankers. Investment banking is a powerful strategy to leverage your wealth and take advantage of volatile global events. But you must select an investment specialist that has a keen eye for markets. Your investment advisor needs to know the ins and outs of the market and have experience not just in your local jurisdiction but also abroad. That’s why you should consider someone like Martin Lustgarten. His unique expertise is well known through finance and that’s why he is able to get his clients excellent returns on their funds, which not all investment banking professionals are able to do.

Martin Lustgarten is an investment banker. He is originally a national of Austria and also holds a passport and citizenship in Venezuela. He uses his dual nationalism to spread his wealth around the globe. He is a believer in diversifying your investments in different vehicles and different countries. This is because it lets you avoid risk of local markets and enjoy the upside of existing international grade.

Lustgarten is based in Florida. There, he has advised his clients on a number of investment issues. This includes protecting their current wealth, growing it, and gaining access to international investments. For example, when the Venezuela oil crisis was in full swing, he managed to help his clients gain access to USD. This was rare and difficult to achieve, but Lustgarten’s experience in the industry allowed him the unique insight to make it happen. HE is known for finding great investments in the market and spotting the upturns and downsides before they occur. Because of this, he is able to make his clients a lot of money and prevent them from having too much loss. Other investors even emulate Lustgarten because of his skills.

The Incredible Success of Igor Cornelsen

In investments according to, there are individuals who really stand out above the rest. These individuals have been noted for their successful investment strategies. These investment strategies have helped them to continually create gains for their own and their client’s portfolios. Igor Cornelsen is one of these individuals who has risen to the top of the investment world with his straightforward views when it comes to money management. His background in international banking has helped him to have a firm grasp on what really makes investments successful.

Cornelsen has been very successful when it comes to his long-term investment strategies. He steers clear of the short-term gains that are enticing to many money managers. He knows that his is not a fundamental part of growing a healthy investment portfolio over the years. He instead focuses on healthy investment principals which allow him to create steady gains for his clients over many years. Cornelsen has noted that this is where real wealth is created. Cheap investment tricks are never the way to long=term growth. There are far too many money managers who follow the get rich quick way of investing, but that is not the way Cornelsen chooses to invest. Instead of focusing on broken companies, Cornelsen focuses on broken stocks. These stocks are usually traded at a much lower trade value. This allows individuals who do not have a large lump sum of money a way to jump into the world of investing. These stocks usually have a very large upside over time if investors are patient enough to hold their stock. sees the future is very bright for Cornelsen. He has a great foundation to build upon with his great background in Brazilian banking. This has helped him to have the foresight needed in order to be successful in many different market conditions all over the world.