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What You Will Find At Workville


The workplace culture is on its way to big changes in the future, and that could be thanks in part to coworking spaces such as Workville, a popular Manhattan-based shared office space. Coworking spaces were started both as a convenience to remote workers and independent contractors, and because they represent a shift in dynamics for the workplace overall. Working from a traditional office space has its place, a regular schedule and surrounded by coworkers who can keep you moving, and an active social life to go with it. But it can also be demanding and sometimes stressful for others. Working from home can be convenient, not having to drive through traffic or worry about dressing up every day and being free to work at your own pace. But it can come with distractions and sometimes feelings of isolation. But that’s where a place like Workville comes in.


Coworking spaces like Workville allow workers to be surrounded by people with similar interests, and even at times the chance to take on another job or make a little more money. But Coworking spaces also provide things to workers such as high-speed internet they wouldn’t get at home, landline phones for business use, office equipment such as printers and fax, and even activities for after hours. And workers still have complete independence to go to their coworking space whenever they want, or to take time off for vacations or emergencies. All in all, coworking spaces provide the needed balance between worker independence, yet also providing structure and a social environment.


Workville is a luxurious coworking space where workers not only rub shoulders with many brilliant entrepreneurs, but also have access to top quality amenities. Workville is located in central Manhattan, not far from transportation hubs and metro stations, and is surrounded by many shops and cafes. Workville provides workplace options ranging from open lounge and café area usage, to private office spaces and dedicated desks. Workville also allows you to schedule meetings, reserve conference rooms, or even host company private parties and functions through reservation. You can find out more about Workville by visiting

Eugenia Shea to Moisturize Skin and Hair

Shea butter, a product known to be good for your skin, also can be good for your hair. Eugenia Shea offers customers a line of pure Shea butter moisturizers that can be used for skin or with a few slight tricks, your hair. A recent article demonstrated how Shea butter can be used to add intensive moisture to locks as well.

Shea butter is extracted from a nut in the African Shea tree and is packed full of vitamin E. This vitamin is known to help repair skin and hair and to protect it from dryness. Shea butter can be made into an easy to use hair product. Heat two tablespoons of Shea butter with two tablespoons of coconut oil until better is melted, then add hair friendly ingredient like honey. Apply mixture to damp hair to add shine and softness.

You can also use it to detangle by adding Shea butter to hair when you comb. It can replace your curl cream to add bounce. The heat from straighteners do not have to damage your hair any more with a little Shea butter to protect it.

Eugenia Shea sells the highest quality Shea moisturizers made from a family recipe. The mother daughter partnership founded Eugenia Shea in 2014 to spend more time together after her mother’s cancer diagnosis.

Eugenia Shea used a family recipe with high quality ingredients, like Shea butter  oil, Baobab Oil, and other quality oils to create the ultimate moisturizer. Eugenia Shea’s goal is to be dedicated to fair wages for female workers in Ghana and donated 15% to help them in their education.

Pulse Evolution: The Quest for Pixel Perfection is Here!

Think about how far we have come–the digital cloning of superstar Michael Jackson, rap icon Tupac Shakur and the beloved Mets baseball team. That’s just a sampling from the genius of John Textor, CEO of Pulse Evolution.

As Mr. Textor likes to say, this is just the beginning for his exciting company:

“We have quickly established ourselves as the early market leader in the creation of hyper-realistic digital humans for diverse applications.”

It was Pulse Evolution that brought the late Michael Jackson back to life, astonishing the masses globally during a live performance of the Billboard Music Awards on May 18, 2014. Jackson’s pixel perfection was captured beautifully and watched by more than 11 million television viewers. Instantly, more than 2,400 news articles and 98 billion Internet impressions popped up following the one-of-a kind virtual tribute performance.

A heavy portion of Pulse Evolution’s operating expenses comes from its development of digital humans and the exciting technology and entertainment properties that go with it.
Mr. Textor noted that a move to a national stock exchange is vital for the future of virtual reality and artificial intelligence:

“Our company was initially listed on OTC Markets to provide a linked security for our European Depositary Receipts, which were listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in early 2014, helping us to raise more than $15 million through institutional investors to fund our launch phase. We now feel that our leading role in the advancing uses of digital humans, combined with significant interest from both financial and strategic partners, suggests strongly that we should move to fully reporting status and be recognized on a national exchange.”

Pulse Evolution cites operating expenses during the three months and the six months, ending December 31, 2014 were $3,452,673 and $7,024,761, respectively. Net loss attributable to the common shareholders, for the three months and six months, ending December 31, 2014, were $3,292,373 ($0.03 per share) and $6,511,536 ($0.05 per share), respectively.

The sale of common stock, net of fees, during the three months and the six months, ending December 31, 2014 shows proceeds of $2,096,588 and $4,253,309, respectively. Subsequent to the quarter ended December 31, 2014, and through August 20, 2015, proceeds achieved from the sale of preferred stock and common stock, sold in connection with two separate strategic partnerships, amounted to $5,020,000.

Joseph Bismark A New Kind Of Businessman


I recently read a blog on WordPress Blog Citizen Shame that talked about a fascinating new type of businessman Joseph Bismark. Other company founders would do well to follow in his footsteps. Mr. Bismark isn’t the kind of businessman to sit back and tell others what must be done, he goes out and does it himself. He is currently the director of Ql a company that he co-founded.

Mr. Bismark is not only a sharp businessman who set up one of the best foundations a company could have, but he is also an active advocate for healthier lifestyles. He is firmly involved in the Rhythm Foundation, which is actually a part of Ql. Rhythm is a program that encourages social responsibility.

One of the things I have found most interesting about Joesph Bismark is that he is a follower of Vedism. This religion is thought to date back to the 2nd millennium BCE. Some parts of Hinduism were influenced by Vedism. Through his studies of the religion, he found that the sacrifices he makes the greater his reward. This ideology has heavily influenced many of his good works.

In 2007, Mr. Bismark’s company acquired a business called Down To Earth. They specialize in both organic and natural whole foods. Their mission is to help Hawaiians to live a healthier life through a better diet. Joseph Bismark feels that is vital that all people have the healthiest possible diet, and he is more than willing to do whatever he can to assure that it happens.

Mr. Bismark appears to know what he’s doing and how it needs to be done. He’s a man who is willing not only to sacrifice for the benefit of others but is willing to “get dirty” to see that’s it’s done. I can only hope that other business owners see how effective he is in both companies and as an advocate for others. If they would follow Mr. Bismark’s footsteps, the world would be a kinder and better world for everyone.