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Lawrence Bender Pushes the Limits with Pulp Fiction

Lawrence Bender first started pushing the limits of what we were used to seeing in mainstream cinema with his breakout film, Reservoir Dogs. This collaboration with Quentin Tarantino launched Lawrence Bender to new heights in his career and gained him recognition as one of the forward-thinking film producers who was willing to go out on a limb for the right project. Despite the overwhelming success of Reservoir Dogs, I still think the best film that Lawrence Bender produced was Pulp Fiction in 1994.

Pulp Fiction confused and delighted fans all over the world with its quirky humor and serious backdrop. The movie revolves around interwoven storylines of crime plots. It delves into the seedy underground of the Los Angeles crime scene and infuses humor with graphic violence. Even after the debut of Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction was deemed too violent and offbeat for some critics. It started gaining critical acclaim for its juxtaposition of raw personalities with seriously violent activities. The writing in this classic film is certainly worth of all the praise it has received over the past almost 25 years, but it was Lawrence Bender’s vision behind the camera that brought the entire movie together.

Lawrence Bender was not involved in the movie industry from a young age. After growing up in Jersey, Bender studied engineering at the University of Maine. He took an odd turn by trying out dancing as a career. Once he suffered a serious injury, Bender was forced to look elsewhere to fulfill his dreams of working in the arts. He took an entry level job on several movie sets and started learning his way around the industry. It quickly became clear that Bender had an eye for design and telling a story in an impactful way. Reservoir Dogs was his first foray into producing mainstream movies.

Since he has worked in Hollywood, Bender has received three Oscar nominations and a growing list of other awards. He has also produced major documentaries and successful television series. Bender has worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood and is considered one of the most successful producers.