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America’s Got Talent Reaches An All Time High After July 4th Weekend

America’s Got Talent is the most well respected talent show on television today. Known for discovering singers like Bianca Ryan and magic acts like Collins Key, the show is known for creating massive amounts of viral hits on YouTube. The show recently hit an all time high on Tuesday night’s show on July 5,2016. After the holiday weekend, the series rose to becoming the highest-rated episode of the season and also celebrated the most-watched episode ever since the show premiered. With more than 12.6 million people tuning in, they dominated the 8 to 10 p.m. section. It’s one of the highest rated showing in years, and they witnessed a growth of more than 10 percent in their ratings.

The CBS and ABC channels were the only channels to air originals after the weekend. Shows like Zero Movement, Uncle Buck, and To Tell The Truth aired episodes. The channels all fought over who would gain the attention and views. Millions of people watch the episode of Simon Cowell nonchalantly being intensely honest to people.

America’s Got Talent has been on the air since 2011 receiving respectable reviews for finding new raw talent every single year and broadening the opportunities of performers in all disciplines outside of just dancing and singing. Actors, entertainers, magicians, puppeteers, and performers from all sorts of entertainment have gone on to America’s Got Talent to showcase their skill and performances. The show continues to dazzle audiences year after year, alongside inspiring up and coming performers to audition for the show.