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Glenn Beck’s Accusations Against George Soros Are Unfounded

Glenn Beck’s recent attack on George Soros has seen many writers and journalists question the motive of the Fox employee. He attacked him with the aim of painting him as a pro-Nazi. For Kati Marton, Beck’s comments were a perverse twist on Soros’ experiences during the Nazi occupation of Hungary. She added that the remarks were damaging and uncalled for, especially when one considers the vast audience that the TV personality commands.

For Marton, the accusations were not surprising. Over the years, many people have been making similar remarks against the self-made billionaire. These claims vary from his involvement in the global conspiracy, bringing down governments, and to being a pro-Nazi: a group that is closely related to anti-Semitism.

While the billionaire is being accused from various corners, he does not pay attention to such issues. Over the years, George Soros has rarely replied to these accusations. He keeps focusing on his investments and charity works. People are not surprised that he has not responded to Beck’s accusations.

Having grown in Hungary during the Nazi occupation era, George Soros Nazi has a firsthand experience of what fellow Jews went through at the hands of Nazis. This way, painting him as a Nazi tool is far fetched and malicious. During the summer and fall of 1944, the Nazis were defeated. However, Adolf Eichmann continued to orchestrate one of the most violent Holocaust in Europe. He was the Nazi who was in charge of Hungary. Eichmann’s determination to finish the Jews in Hungary made it tough for them. To this end, the Jews avoided arrest and a journey to the concentration camps at all costs.

For the 14-year-old Soros, life was unbearable. As a messenger, George Soros was charged with the duty of sending letters among Jews to ensure that they all remained calm and increase their chances of surviving the ordeal. His father ensured the safety of his family. He bought fake identification documents and changed the names of everyone in his family. This strategy enabled the family to hide in plain sight from the Nazis.

Marton pointed out at beck’s glaring ignorance of recent history. She asserted that if Beck were keen on history, it would have been clear to him that Soros is the exact opposite of the person his show tried to paint. Soros’ contribution to ending communism in Europe was a good gesture to human rights and freedom in those countries. George Soros’ fight to end communism started in Budapest in 1984 when he opened the first Open Society office. Soros has been named as one of the four people who played a pivotal role in putting an end to communism. The three others were Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II, and Margaret Thatcher. His iconic moves included smuggling a typewriter into the Budapest office by disguising it as a Xerox machine.

Soros has played an instrumental role in enhancing democracy across the world. He has financed several groups involved in democratic engagements. Soros has also contributed money to the campaigns of liberal presidential candidates in the United States. Some of the beneficiaries of his funding are Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton. However, Beck is not talking about any of these individuals.

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Relmada Theraputics Sues Laidlaw & Company

According to this article on PR Newswire, Relmada Theraputics has sued Laidlaw & Company for actions it took while acting as Relmada’s investment banker.

One of the accusations concerns Laidlaw sending out false and misleading proxy materials about Relmada in December 2015. However, the article fails to explain this, so I am forced to do my best to read between the lines.

The U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada issued a temporary restraining order and injunction against Laidlaw and its principals. Those are its Chief Executive Officer, Matthew D. Eitner and its Manager Partner James P. Ahern as a result of the proxy materials they sent out.

Apparently, Relmada had to spend money responding to whatever allegations Laidlaw, Ahern and Eitner made against the company, and now they are suing for financial compensation. And they wish the court to prevent Laidlaw from damaging Relmada in the future.

Laidlaw did serve as Relmada’s investment banker when it sold stock offerings in December 2011 and May 2014. In early 2015 Relmada engaged Laidlaw to put on a road show to attract more institutional investors, but Relmada was unhappy with the results. At a December 1 meeting, Laidlaw demanded the right to appoint a majority of the board of directors. On December 4 Laidlaw put out a press release announcing it was attempting to elect five directors to take control of the company. Relmada’s management had to spend money to respond, and Laidlaw’s attempt failed.

All I can say is that when a company hires an investment banker to raise funds, they should not have to be afraid of the banking firm trying to take over the company. How often has that ever happened? What laws apply here? Where is the SEC?

Laidlaw & Company is an investment banking and wealth management firm based in the United Kingdom, which operates in both the UK and the US.