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Hair Care – Wen by Chaz

One of the most common women’s hair problems is having dull and dry hair. They want to maintain clean and fresh-smelling hair, but every time they wash their hair, it seems to become drier than before. Most likely they don’t think much about choosing the right shampoo for their hair. Some choose shampoos according to shampoo’s fragrance; others according to what the shampoo promises to do to enhance their hair.

Sulfate in Shampoo

Women don’t realize that they should be careful in choosing their shampoos. Most shampoos contain sulfate as one of their ingredients. The sulfates make the shampoo lather up and give a feeling of cleaning the hair thoroughly.

In reality, sulfates have the potential to damage the hair. They have many bad effects on the hair follicles, hair shaft, and the scalp, like:

  • Irritates the scalp. Sulfates will likely aggravate dandruff and eczema. They leave the scalp feeling itchy and uncomfortable.
  • Dries the hair and scalp. Sulfates strip all of the natural oils on the scalp, leaving the hair and the scalp drier than usual.
  • Strips hair color. The sulfate has a destructive effect on hair coloring. It strips the hair of that coloring, leaving the hair dull and faded.
  • Hair loss. Sulfates destroy and harm the hair follicles leading to hair loss. It becomes more dangerous if the hair is not rinsed properly.


WEN is a relatively new company in the business of hair care and management. Their new revolutionary hair cleansing conditioner product has been making the waves because of its amazing results. More information on the company can be found on

WEN is a leading hair cleanser that cleans and moisturizes the hair, leaving it soft, smooth and shiny. Many hair companies have followed suit by creating their own cleansing conditioner, but so far, none of them came close to WEN. It seems that WEN hair knows women’s hair better than the others.

Today, many women have become wiser when it comes to their hair. They are now searching for shampoos with no sulfate contents. Dull, dry hair is now a thing of the past for them. Wen hair care products are available on Customers can also go directly to the Chaz Dean online store:


WEN By Chaz Dean, Revolutionizing Hair Care

Hair care is one of the basics in looking good. Maintaining healthy looking hair may seem like a taxing ordeal, however, top stylists say that good hair can be quite easy to get and maintain. The most important factors to keep in mind regarding hair care are to understand the important role the scalp plays. Some scalps secrete excess sebum making your hair greasy, which is why it is important to know the right products for your type of scalp.

The importance of finding the right products for your hair type cannot be overemphasized. This is because everyone has unique hair types that may require different maintenance. The product you choose for your hair should be compatible with the kind of the scalp that you have. This may need the advice of a hair styling professional or a dermatologist. Once you get your products right, you now have to ensure you brush your hair regularly to avoid it being all tangled up. Shampooing and conditioning your hair is paramount and should be done periodically.

The quality of hair products is vital, and that was the focus of Chaz Dean ( when he launched his WEN product. His passion for hairdressing is what propelled him to come up with the state of the art hair conditioner. This conditioner was formulated for fuller and stronger hair adding more shine and life after just one use. During the nine months of formulating the product, Chaz was keen to ensure that he produced a product that he was 100% confident about. Chaz sells his creations exclusively on eBay and QVC (see;

Chaz today runs his salon in Hollywood. He has a stellar track record in hair care. The outstanding concept of cleaning hair without lather in his WEN conditioner is just another addition to his amazing portfolio. He continues to grow career wise and expand the boundaries of his hair care knowledge. His passion for hair care has made his product WEN become a successful hair care brand globally, selling over 40 million bottles since it was launched. Learn more about the company, visit their crunchbase profile or Twitter account today.

Discover The Secrets To Clean Healthy Hair

A deep cleansing conditioner is a great way to get rid of oil and dirt in your hair. Often times, this can contribute to your hair not growing like it should and you may need to find a product that works for your hair type. Wen by Chaz provides a revolutionary cleansing conditioner product with all natural ingredients. They have done away with the harsh chemicals in their hair care products and provide a rich all natural solution. Their cleansing conditioner has become one of their most popular products causing them to be one of the largest hair products in the industry.

Wen By Chaz Products

  • Shampoo/conditioner
  • Neutralizing shampoo
  • Styling products
  • 5 day hair treatment

and much more…

You can get Wen by Chaz by visiting their easy to read and navigate website, or major online retailers like Sephora and QVC. They offer an exclusive line of hair care products that really work. They provide a wide range of products that are reasonably priced for under $40. You can order their products and get promotional offers and free shipping for a limited time. You can build your hair with the nourishment that only comes from the award winning Wen products.

Wen by Chaz has been helping women revolutionize their hair for over 15 years. The Wen product line has recently became popular for their all-natural cleansing conditioner that is guaranteed to rid your hair of a dirt and oil buildup to promote healthy hair growth. One college student tried it on her budget and reported her usage to Bustle online. She complained of thin hair and needed something that wouldn’t cause breakage. She discovered Wen by Chaz from an infomercial and noticed no breakage after a week and stronger locks after 30 days. Discover the secrets to great hair with Wen by Chaz products today.