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Jay Z Continues to Make History with ‘4:44’

The year was 2003. The Album was called The Black Album. This was supposed to be rapper Jay Z’s final album. The greatness of Jay Z however has continued to live on. Nearly 14 years later he has broken records with his latest album 4:44. Jay Z’s latest album is his fourteenth album to reach number one, the most of any solo artist. In a day of digital streaming and itunes downloads, the album still sold an amazing 262,000 units it’s first week out.

The success of Jay Z’s latest album may be in large part because of his wife Beyonce. Just last year she dropped the historic ‘Lemonade’ album which shed light on problems in the couples marriage. 4:44 in many ways is a response to that album. The first single, also titled 4:44 shares Jay Z’s apology about his transgression during the couple’s marriage.

4:44 is the fourth biggest debut of 2017, following behind Kendrick Lamar’s ‘DAMN’, Drake’s ‘More Life’ and Ed Sheeran’s ÷. This success is even more amazing considering the album was only available on Tidal during it’s first week of release. There were also a number of promotional giveaways courtesy of Sprint before the physical release of the album. The entire album was produced one of Jay Z’z favorite producers NO ID and has gained lots of attention because of it’s subject matter. The album discuss everything from his relationship to Beyonce, his troubled friendship with Kanye West, racism and even financial advice. Considered by many to be one of the greatest rappers ever, Jay Z continues to make history in the music industry.