Can the Universal Monster Movie Universe Succeed?

Universal is continuing to roll out their classic horror movie universe. Dracula Untold had a very interesting run. The film itself was decent, but it didn’t make much of a splash in the United States. Worldwide, however, it was a success.

With that film as the foundation of the movie universe, we will be seeing more films such as The Mummy starring Tom Cruise (yes, really), Bride of Frankenstein, The Invisible Man and Van Helsing.

The Van Helsing situation is a really interesting one. The original 2004 film was flawed but fun. It didn’t do well enough to merit a sequel. The new take on Van Helsing is said to be based on Mad Max, which feels like a misstep.

If there’s one thing that wasn’t wrong with the movie, it was Hugh Jackman. The script might have let him down and the tone was a bit off, but Hugh Jackman still feels like he should be the guy. He deserves another shot with a script that doesn’t involve resurrecting hundreds of dead vampire babies with Dr. Frankenstein’s lightning apparatus.

The idea of Van Helsing taking on the Dracula we’ve already been introduced to seems like a fantastic idea. How exactly the Bride of Frankenstein could possibly fit in to any of this is a mystery.

The greatest idea of all would be if the properties could somehow coalesce into thea League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The original comic by Alan Moore was fantastic and the movie translation was so bad that Sean Connery quit acting altogether. It would be nice to see the League done right.

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