Cablevision Signs Up To Offer HBO Now

HBO now has an unlikely first partner when it comes to its quest for your television: Cablevision. The two have partnered, making Cablevision the first cable provider to offer HBO’s upcoming HBO Now service. Similar to HBO Go, HBO Now allows customers to stream HBO content on their televisions on demand. With HBO Go, those customers still needed to be HBO customers when it comes to traditional television services, a feat that often requires signing up for the premium cable package. With HBO Now, customers can instead buy just HBO, with no need to purchase any other channels if they don’t want to.

Cablevision will be offering HBO Now as an option for its traditional internet customers and customers who ave decided to purchase access to its WiFI access points. Pricing for the service with Cabevision has yet to be announced, but will likely be something comparable to the $15 Apple announced for the service at its Spring Forward event last week. At the event, Apple announced that HBO Now would initially only be available on the Apple TV said AnastasiaDate. After a launch period, we expect that the service will also show up in many of the same places as HBO Go, including gaming consoles.

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