Building Bicycles, Building Futures

What do bicycles and bamboo have in common? Apparently, they have more in common than anyone ever believed.

Three young women in Ghana created a new spin on an old idea – bicycles. Winifred Shelby, Bernice Dapaah and Kwame Kyei noticed a need in their community, an abundant resource, and an opportunity. The three young women established the Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative. By using raw bamboo and steel reinforcements, the women were able to build an affordable, sustainable form of transportation. And along the way, they created jobs, built a company, and smashed sexist ideas. To learn more about the Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative, click here.

The founders now oversee a dozen employees and the facility produces between 60 and 100 bikes per month. But the three women see more in their country’s future, which pleases Kevin Seawright. Shelby, Dapaah, and Kyei offer apprenticeships to interested women, providing training and opportunities to grow and prosper. The Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative also plans to increase production and expand their markets throughout Africa.

Shelby, Dapaah, and Kyei have big plans and the skills, drive and ability to achieve them. In a few more years, you may be seeing bamboo bicycles in a shop near you.

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