Bruce Levenson – Journalist, Businessman and Entrepreneur

Bruce Levenson is probably best known as the owner of the Atlanta Hawks, a profession basketball team. Bruce Levenson and Ed Peskowitz are the majority partners and along with a group of other businessmen purchased the Atlanta Hawks basketball team which included the National Hockey League team the Atlanta Thrashers, who in 2011 were sold, and operating rights to the Philips Arena in 2004. In 2012 he hired Danny Ferry as General Manager and as the president of basketball operations. Mr. Levenson was the team managing partner and also was a member of the National Basketball Association of Governors and has served as the Atlanta Hawk’s Governor since 2004. Under his leadership the Hawks are the only team in the Eastern Conference to reach the NBA playoffs the past seven seasons. In 2014 Bruce Levenson decided to sell the Atlanta Hawks basketball team and those negotiations are ongoing.

In March of 2014 Bruce Levenson and his wife accompanied the Atlanta Hawks to Washington D. C. to tour the Holocaust Museum. His mother-in-law, Irene Boyarsky, a Holocaust survivor herself also accompanied them and Bruce spoke to the team of her experiences as a survivor before and while touring the museum.

Not only is Bruce Levenson known as a businessman he also had a journalism career before starting UCG. His journalism career started as a reporter for the Washington Star and as a reporter for the Observer Publishing’s energy information newsletter.

Bruce Levenson is also a well known businessman and a successful builder of several businesses, and his global endeavors span a wide range of interests such as business intelligence, cooking technology and professional sports. He is also known as a journalist and entrepreneur. Bruce is probably best known as co-founder of UCG. In 1977 Bruce and Ed Peskowitz started the company United Communications Group (UCG), which was started in a storage room above Bruce’s dad’s Washington D. C. liquor store. This is a company that provides guidance, analysis, data and solutions to multiple customers in numerous fields such as healthcare, information and software, banking, technology and defense industries worldwide to name a few. Bruce is also on the board of UCG’s companies and is an advisor to UCG’s executive team.

Other companies that Bruce Levenson has been involved with and instrumental in starting was TechTarget, this company was started inside UCG. Bruce is a Director of TechTarget, which is a publicly-traded company, and was a founding board member. Additionaly he co-founded DOT, a new cooking technology that among other things can toast bread in three seconds. Bruce is also a partner in a mobile app that millions use every day called GasBuddy to find low-priced gasoline.

More important Bruce Levenson is also known for being a philanthropist for over forty years.

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