Bruce Levenson Historic Contribution

People will always love the pressure experienced in the basketball pitch. For some, it will be just be about fun every time the teams are battling each other. However, for a man like Bruce Levenson, he goes ahead of the rest. This is because of his contribution as an owner in the basketball arena. He has made tremendous upgrade in the Hawks upto a time when he sold it. It was amazing to the analysts who thought the price could not near the $1 billion mark. However, it ended up otherwise as people value the Hawks and appreciate their playing plans. The deal which was facilitated by Inner circle sports and Goldman Sachs attracted attention from the industry players.

The progress of NBA

It is considered as the basketball premier league in the world. Watched from all ends of the world, NBA has upgraded over the years to make a professional men basketball game in North America. It has 29 member clubs in the United States while 1 is in Canada. It has remained a strong member of the USA basketball. The professionals playing in the teams are the highest paid in the world of sports.

NBA began in 1946 in New York City. By this time it was called the Basketball Association of America. This name was adopted in 1949 which was after a merger with the National basketball League which was a close rival. Later the name was changed to National Basketball Association with the reason for change being to avoid legal complications with the previous name. As the game continued to grow, there was desire for each region to have their team. This brought about the owners who have been quoted to sell their teams to new owners at some point.

NBA ownersbreakdown

The principal owners of National Basketball Association teams have played part in revamping the game. Contribution in terms of monetary terms, moral support and strategic ideas has given the audience an extra reason to celebrate their favorite teams. The different owners include Tony Ressler of Hawks, Michael Jordan of Bobcats sports and entertainment and Jerry Reinsdorf of Chicago Professional sports. Mikhail Prokhorov of Onexim sports, entertainment holding and Dan Gilbert of Cavaliers are also in the line. There is also Mark Cuban of Dallas Basketball limited, Tom Gores of Detroit Pistons. These among many others from different companies have different Franchise. The owners are also divided into regions including Northwest, Pacific, Southwest, Atlantic, Central and Southeast.

Business think tank Bruce Levenson

As the owner of Hawks, Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson has been hailed for the transformation experienced in the team. This is because he believes in giving back to the society. He has served in various positions which are about development of the society to a better one. The positions include presidency of ‘I have a dream Foundation which carries out philanthropic endeavors. He is the co-founder of United Communications Group. He has studied in Washington University acquiring a degree in Arts. He also attended American University where he acquired a law degree.

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