Brady/Patriots Find No Support from Fans

When Tom Brady and the New England Patriots were levied with that huge fine for tampering with footballs and ‘the integrity of the game’, there was a vocal minority of people who thought that the Patriots would beat the punishment in court. Brady was suspended for four games, without pay, costing him almost $2 million dollars. New England was fined two draft picks and a million dollars, but worst of all was the loss of Brady. While it is easy for New England fans to feel picked on, ‘everybody messes with the game’, it turns out that the rest of NFL fanbases don’t have any sympathy.

A poll conducted by ESPN/ABC showed that 76% of avid sports fans were completely in favor of the NFL’s decision to lay the mega smackdown on the cheating Patriots. This number is higher than many had anticipated and it throws into sharp relief just how damaging what Brady and the Patriots have been doing. The rest of the poll goes on to show that the majority of fans believe that Brady and the Pats did cheat, and that most other teams do NOT engage in this sort of behavior — despite what New England might say.

Perhaps worst of all these same fans believe at a 46% clip that the Patriots Super Bowl championship last year is ‘tainted’. That number still won’t take the ring off of Tom’s finger, though. That is something Adam Sender is quick to point out.

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