Bob Dylan Gets Recognition Through A Prestigious Award

Bob Dylan has received the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature. He is the first songwriter to win the coveted award. The decision to award him with the Nobel Prize has made song lyrics to be at par with poetry, literature, and play-writing. He was born in 1941. The 75-year old legend was recognized with the award for composing a poetic expression with the American song tradition. He is also the first American to win the award since Toni Morrison in 1993. President Barrack Obama congratulated Dylan on his Twitter handle by posting that his award was well-deserved.


The Permanent Secretary of Swedish Academy appreciated Dylan’s honor by saying that he was nominated for the award because he is a great poet in English-speaking tradition. Moreover, Sara Danius added that the Nobel Prize winner had been nurturing his talents over time and identifying himself newly. Dylan is set to perform at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. He adopted his stage name from another famous poet, Dylan Thomas. Since then, he was always destined to receive the Nobel Prize. However, many music experts did not expect the academy to extend the award to the traditional rock music genre.


Former Poet Laureate Sir Andrew Motion Praised Dylan’s work by saying that his lyrics have a skillful rhyming pattern. He added that Dylan puts his words in the best possible order. It is surprising that Dylan won the award on the same day that he was set to perform in Las Vegas. The main reason that he was considered for the award was that his lyrics were more influential that the music.


Dylan is set to include Rainy Day Women from his album with The Rolling Stones. One of his songs has the lyrics “everybody must get stoned.” The lyrics have confused many of his fans. Some think that he means the Old-testament mode of punishment. Others believe that Dylan is urging people to smoke cannabis. However, many people agree that the line is one of his finest lyrics because it touches on aspects of humanity, politics, and religion at once.

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