Bhanu Choudhrie Adds Aviation To Its Investment Portfolio

Bhanu Choudhrie is a leading businessman and investor in London and manages a board portfolio of investments in various sectors. After graduating high school in New Delhi, his birthplace in India, he came to America for continuing his education. Choudhrie attended the University of Boston for four years and holds a BA degree in international business and marketing. He landed a job working in an internship program at JP Morgan and other companies before moving to London, England.

A year later in 2001, Bhanu Choudhrie helped to form a private investment firm operated by his family, C&C Alpha Group. He increased the company’s investments in its portfolio to include hotels, agriculture, healthcare, utility, and restaurants. In 2003, he expanded his portfolio with an aviation acquisition of a small commercial airline called Air Deccan in India. The airline received remarkable growth within five years in operation carrying 200 passengers each day. Yearly, Air Deccan was transporting approximately 7 million patrons.

The commercial airline was C&C Alpha Group’s first aviation investment. The Air Deccan felt some effects from the global economy after the recession caused oil and gas prices to rise. Bhanu Choudhrie found a solution and remained in the aviation sector. He formed a partnership with Prescient Systems & Technologies in Singapore and started Alpha Aviation Group, a training pilot academy. Before establishing the commercial pilot training school, Choudhrie observed a shortage of licensed and qualified pilots.

Alpha Aviation Group is now a leading pilot training and licensing academy in the Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Since starting the academy, over 800 commercial pilot students completed the training program. Bhanu Choudhrie successfully formed prestigious relationships with commercial airlines including Philippine Airlines and Air Arabia, to name a few. He expects the company to grow as the demand for qualified commercial pilots continues to rise worldwide.

Bhanu Choudhrie is the Managing Director and Founding Partner of C&C Alpha Group. He and his family manage investment assets in the real estate, hospitality, aviation, and other industries. Alpha Aviation Group is one of his most rapidly growing ventures he is confident of future expansion.

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