Beneful’s Wide Variety of Healthy Foods

When it comes to wet and dry dog food, very few companies offer the same level of quality and variety that Beneful has to offer. Since it’s establishment to the market, back in 2001, Beneful quickly rose to become one of the most popular dog food brands in the world.

One of the reasons why this may have been the case is partially due to their scientific approach that they utilize in their products. Not only do they offer a variety of food that your dog is sure to love, they allocate a portion of their revenues to continuously tweak and enhance the health value of their products such as the integration of essential vitamins and minerals that only serve to prolong the life of dogs that utilzie their products.

Dry Food
One of the products that they offer is dry food. Unlike the typical dry dog food which focuses on flavor, Beneful selections of dry food consists of a variety of nutritious ingredients from meat and vegetables alike. To put things in retrospect, just to give you an idea of how nutritious their dry dog food selections are, some of the ingredients that they include are: chicken, soybean, sugar, calcium, zinc, dried beans, dried carrots and rice flour.

Many dog owners can attest to the fact that their dog’s dental health is one of their greatest concerns. As far as snacks go, besides offering over 7 different selections, each that come with a unique flavor such as cheese, beef, chicken, peanut butter and bacon, they also have a variety of snacks that consist of ingredients such as calcium that help to maintain the strength of your dog’s teeth and bones. They also include a variety of natural ingredients that help to reduce plaque and tartar as well as freshening their breaths.

Wet Food
Many people have proclaimed that Benenful sets the standard of what delicious wet dry dog food should be like. Back in 2012, the company even amped up its effort of delivering a superior product and made their wet dog food selections more human-like. Meaning, unlike other companies that typically use the worst part of an animal and offer it as a mushy, mulched product, their dog foods contain only the most nutritious parts of the meat in question. Simply said, if you put their wet food next to a typical wet dog food, one will seem edible and the latter will look repulsive. As far as the contents of their wet food offerings go, Beneful offers a wide array of different selections such as chicken, turkey, lamb, beef stew and salmon.




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