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Businessman Vijay Eswaran Executive Chairman of QI Companies

Vijay Eswaran is the founder of QI group of companies, which came into being in 1998. The firm provides e-commerce services that are based on conglomerate operations that entail retail sales, lifestyle and leisure goods, education resources, training and management of conference activities, telecommunications, diverse logistics, and property development.

Eswaran completed higher education studies from top universities in the UK and the US. He served in different top positions for companies such as the IBM and top ranks in many countries including the US, European nations, and others. His long time of outstanding performance built an impressive track record and experience. He returned to Asia in the 1990s and chose the path of entrepreneurship. In 1998, Eswaran and his friends came together and formed a like-minded institution that was focused on direct sales and training, which today has developed to be a multi-business conglomerate referred to as the QI group. Notably, the company is now operating internationally with its regional offices situated at HongKong, Singapore, Thailand, and Singapore.

Eswaran is a renowned motivational speaker and inspires congregations worldwide on various subjects, which range from spiritual matters to business. He has delivered his speech in different capacities and platforms including top-ranked universities, business related functions in various states, and leadership platforms like World Chinese Economics Summit among others.

Vijay Eswaran is listed among the best philanthropists in the world. He established the RHYTHM Foundation, which acted as the corporate social responsibility branch of the QI Company. In addition, he initiated the establishment of charity organizations in Malaysia, which he named Vijayaratnam Foundation after his father. In 2011, he was recognized as the Forbes Asia’s Heroes of Philanthropy, a list that included 48 philanthropists from 12 nations who were celebrated as business leaders and as noble private citizens.

Guilherme Paulus Sees Tech Changing Tourism

Guilherme Paulus is the current Chairman of GJP Hotels & Resorts, a company with 20 properties across Brazil. Along with his work at GJP, he is also in the top position of CVC Brasil’s Board of Advisors.

Paulus’ hotel brand has more than 5,000 employees throughout their different locations. The doors of his first hotel opened in 1995 and they have had more than 95,000 people who have been in their resorts and hotels.

Staying grateful for his life is something that is important to Guilherme Paulus. The hotel expert stays extremely optimistic through his day and tries to begin each one by showing gratitude. When he takes the time to think of everything that he is grateful for in his life, he looks forward to where his life will take him even more. It’s also important to try to stay organized and he also starts his day by writing out what he needs to do for the week. This makes him feel as if he is more productive and also empowered about what he has to do.

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It’s important for Guilherme Paulus to be the first one to act in a situation. Sometimes this can be extremely intimidating to do but it can get a lot done and lead to some great opportunities. While there are times where following your gut instinct can lead to bad decisions, it’s still reassuring that you decided to go with what you thought was right for the time. If you want to bring an idea to life it’s important to have faith in it that it will be able to succeed.

Technology is very exciting to Brazilian entrepreneur when it comes to both his professional life and his personal life. Technology plays a very important role in many people’s everyday lives and he sees a lot of potential in serving his customers even better. With how fast information is shared now, he will be able to know what his customers need faster than ever before. It’s an exciting time to be in business and the hospitality industry in particular. The customer experience is changing and he wants to be at the forefront.

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Nick Vertucci Excelling in Both Real Estate and Poker Game

Nick Vertucci has a curved a name for himself when it comes to the real estate investment industry. He has managed to construct a couple homes in the Orange County, California. This led him to open the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. Furthermore, Nick launched his very first book dubbed, Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed.

Apart from the real estate career, Nick Vertucci is again making a name for himself in the poker game. He is not known to many as the successful poker player. In the poker career of Nick Vertucci, he has battled it out with some of the greats. Nick Vertucci has sat at the same poker table with Antonio Esfandiari aka “the magician”, Phil Helmuth “the Poker brat”, David Benyamine, Mike Matusow “the mouth”, Phil Lakk “the unibomber” and Kenny Tran.

In addition to sitting with some of the greats in the game, Nick has also gamed with infamous public figures such as Ben Affleck, James Wood, Jennifer Tilly, and Don Cheadle. The poker game history of Mr. Vertucci dates back when before he struck gold in real estate investment.

Back in 2004, Vertucci enrolled at the first big tournament dubbed No-Limit Texas Hold’em commerce championship, CA. Out of all the 251 participants that showed up for the poker game, he emerged at the 8th spot with total winnings of $7, 530.

Over the course of the yeas, Nick has managed to improve his game. He has participated in some of the tops recognized tournaments across the world such as the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, Live at the Bike in Bell Gardens, Poker After Dark on NBC and the World Poker Tournament.

Nick rankings on the has risen to 108, 680th position on the All-Time Money List. A game of choice for the poker guru still remains Texas Hold’Em.

Taking a Look at Igor Cornelsen’s Long Investment Career

Igor Cornelsen is a successful entrepreneur and investment banker whose career has grown over the years. Igor Cornelsen is from Brazil where he began from a humble background. He was born in 1947 and attended school in Brazil. Igor Cornelsen attended university where he studied engineering. This was at the Federal University. While he was studying, Igor Cornelsen found engineering to be a difficult course that required a lot of dedication and time. After pursuing the course for two years, Igor Cornelsen decided to major in economics instead. Igor Cornelsen finally graduated from the Federal University in 1970 and immediately started working.

Igor Cornelsen’s career started at Multibanco where he was employed as an investment banker. Many people that had done engineering in University were employed in banks because they had the capability of handling the computing skills. Igor Cornelsen had two promotions at Multibanco while he worked there. First, he was appointed to be part of the Board of Directors at the institution and second he was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer at Multibanco. The latter happened in 1976 only five years later after he started working at Multibanco. Igor Cornelsen success was however put to a sudden stop in 1978 when Multibanco was acquired by another bank.

Igor Cornelsen moved on and started working at Unibanco which was huge in the investment banking at the time. His career at Unibanco did not last however because the inflation rates went up at the bank. Igor Cornelsen left in1978 to look for other opportunities. Luckily, he landed a job at Libra Bank PLC. Libra Bank PLC was a London Merchant Bank that paid its customers in dollars. This was new to Igor, and he took a job there. Igor Cornelsen was successful at this bank but he also finally left and joined another.

Isabel dos Santos Creating a Bright Future for Africa

In 2013, Isabel dos Santos was recognized as the wealthiest woman in Africa with wealth worth approximately $3. 7 billion USD. Isabel dos Santo`s mother Jose Eduardo Dos Santos is the former president of Angola. Isabel dos Santos decided to invest her money in her home country by establishing a company known as the Terra Peregrin where she creates job opportunities for many people. This act of spending in Angola is admired by many since it’s not common for wealthy Africans to invest and improve their countries economy.


Isabel dos Santos believes that everyone has equal rights regardless of gender or race. She as a role model for many people as she has excelled in various fields. Isabel dos Santos has inspired many people in Africa and the world at large. Most cultures in Africa do not empower women since most of them are married of at early ages Isabel dos Santos has tried to prove that women at most times work more than men hence should be given the chance to start their own companies. Isabel dos Santos has taken the initiative to create awareness about the importance and the power of a woman to the economy.


Isabel dos Santos strives to empower women and the youth as she understands that the young generation if motivated will build a bright future for themselves and the country as well. She natures the young people’s talents as she associates with them share ideas on how to improve Africa. Isabel provides the youth with the necessary resources to become entrepreneurs after sharing business ideas.


According to Isabel dos Santos education is the primary need of the youth hence she urges parents to educate both boys and girls even to vocational training so that they can grow to be independent, creative and innovative. Empowering the youth includes giving them the opportunity to make their own decisions and encouraging them to start their businesses.

Isabel dos Santos through her talks she encourages Africans to adopt a culture which favors each member of the family, she believes that this empowerment will lead Africa to great heights.


Jeremy Goldstein Is A Legal Representative With Alot To Offer

There are times in life where everyone finds themselves in a legal situation and they could use some advice on how they should go about their circumstances. Unfortunately, due to costs, many people don’t handle these situations as well as they could, whether its related to custody cases, tenant cases, employee or employer cases, or any other case that should not be ignored. There are many lawyers out there trying to do right by the legal system as well as those who need help in the system. There are many capable lawyers ready to handle business throughout New York, including the renowned Jeremy Goldstein.


Jeremy Goldstein is a reputable lawyer working out of New York City that currently owns his own practice and he is also a member of the New York State Bar Association. This organization is available every single day, 24 hours a day for people to contact for legal services. Attorney fees are only charged by the organization if an individual finds a lawyer and retains their services. This service is possible because of the partnership between and the New York Bar Association to make it easier for residents to get legal support. is actually a national provider that offers referral services and technology to companies in the legal field.


One of the legal firms that is apart of this legal referral service is Jeremy L Goldstein And Associates. Jeremy Goldstein founded this firm and currently operates as a partner. Jeremy Goldstein has gone to several different academic institutions to gain knowledge and improve his own capabilities as a professional. Jeremy has attended Cornell University, the University of Chicago, and the New York University School of Law. Through his studies, Jeremy has obtained his art history degree, law degree, and Juris Doctor degree. Before Jeremy founded his own law firm, he first worked at Sherman & Sterling after graduating from the New York University School of law in 1999. Learn more:


Nick Vertucci Takes His Business Skills To The Poker Table

It began in 2004, in a pocket-sized city squeezed between East Los Angeles and Bell Gardens. The Commerce Casino hosted a No-Limit Hold’em Championship, enticing 251 players to this 5.6 square mile city with the opportunity to win big in the largest cardroom in the world.

Nick Vertucci was one of the 251 players drawn to the tournament. Four years earlier, Nick lost his computer accessories business to the dot-com bubble, and he was still three years away from founding his real estate investment company. On that day, however, Nick Vertucci discovered his talent for strategy after taking home over $7,500 in prize money.

Moonlighting as a professional poker player is not a typical path for real estate investors, but the skills required to succeed as an investor and as a poker player are the same.

Nick Vertucci is an entrepreneur with a head for strategy. Strategy helped Nick survive the dot-com bubble and pivot to an industry where he could thrive, and he’s improved his strategic skills over the past ten years as part-time poker player.

In business and poker, the key is to play both the cards in your hand and the players at the table. A good poker player learns to manage their emotions and keep a level head during big plays, and the same lesson applies when negotiating large business deals. Moreover, in business and in poker, success depends on a player’s ability to adapt and quickly react to the events unfolding on the table.

Nick Vertucci is a formidable opponent. Over the years, he’s played with celebrities and poker heavy hitters, like Don Cheadle and Antonio “The Magician” Esfandiari. And, with more than 10 years of experience under his belt, underestimating Nick Vertucci at the poker table or in business is a costly mistake.

Neurocore Offers Relief From Stress

Stress has become an integral part of everyday life. With increased stress, our health is at risk as well. Ineffective stress management has many symptoms and can include sleep disorders, migraines, and increased blood pressure. Stress can also contribute to mood disorders and depression. Our health requires our effective management of stress.

When stress gets out of control the traditional methods of treatment have generally required psychotherapy or medication. Oftentimes lasting benefit requires a combination of both. While traditional treatments can be effective, Neurocore offers another option, biofeedback. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

Biofeedback is a technique that uses self-awareness of the body’s functions, often breathing, heart rate rhythms, or brain waves coupled with regulation of these function to retrain the brain’s thinking and behavioral patterns. Neurocore uses two methods of biofeedback, Heart Rate Variability Training (HRV) and Neurofeedback Training.

Heart Rate Variability Training (HRV) helps bring awareness and control to the breath, which will subsequently control the heart rate. This process aligns the cardiopulmonary system with the brain and will help keep all three systems within normal rhythms and within normal boundaries. This type of training is incredibly helpful in controlling anxiety and allowing a more restful sleep. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Neurofeedback Training, Neurocore’s other technique, brings further control to the brain. By noting out-of-bounds brainwave activity, as recorded through an Electroencephalogram (EEG), greater control can be gained over thought and behavioral patterns. This type of training also helps reduce stress levels, improving memory, focus, and sleep quality.

Both methods individually have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, which also lowers blood pressure and cortisol levels, and will improve sleep and energy levels. The Neurocore method combines the two, enhancing each therapies benefits. Migraine frequency and intensity can be reduced using the Neurocore Method and with improved stress management, the mood will improve as well.

With the Neurocore method, there is a third option to the traditional stress management treatments, one that can provide long-lasting benefits, allowing more ways to tackle the complications of daily stress and allow everyone better control over their health.


Nick Vertucci writes about Seven Figure decisions

Nick Vertucci has authored a book entitled “Seven Figure Decisions.” This book contains everything that one would like to hear and learn about successful entrepreneurship. He wrote this book so that he could help other entrepreneurs who might be in the same situations he has been through to change. He has lost everything and built his life from the bottom. His lessons on becoming rich are drawn from real life experiences. He knows what is needed to turn from a poor to a millionaire in the shortest time possible. Since he has done it, he believes that everyone else can do it.

Reading the Seven Figure Decisions will leave you enlightened on how to build a solid foundation. In this book, Nick Vertucci is not only talking about doing this and that. He gives a detailed outline of how he did it and the outcomes he got. He goes ahead to talk about the fears he had and how he managed to overcome them. All these are important talking points plus how he has managed to overcome subsequent obstacles in the line of his duty.

Nick Vertucci attended a real estate training academy. It is here that he learned what it means to be successful. He has built his life not by thinking that he is the smartest person in the room, but by believing that he would be successful. Failure was not an option for him. Nick Vertucci says that most of the successful people we know today have experienced the highest number of failures in their lives. It is the difference they make by succeeding that sets them apart from the rest. By believing that you need to be successful, you develop a mindset that allows nothing short of success. You do everything with the willpower to succeed.

James River Capital: Improving Corporate Productivity

It is the desire of every firm to get the value for money in every factor of production, especially from the workforce. It is, however, one of the most frustrating moments in management to realize that ‘burning out’ is a reality. James River Capital is one of the few companies that are working to reverse this reality and make companies more productive. The CEO of this company, for instance, has been so passionate about this particular issue in the recent past.


Paul Saunders points out that the main reason why most employees are no more productive is mainly due to self-doubts. Self-doubt is common among employees in competitive career paths around the world. Saunders acknowledges that self-doubt is a complex human condition and therefore it is impossible to have a working environment free of self-doubt and work insecurity. He, however, points out that companies with the help of professional entities such as James River Capital can restructure. Restructuring, in this case, means that the companies must set reasonable individual goals. According to Paul Saunders, setting reasonable goals is not a way to reduce productivity but a smart move to a less self-doubting workforce.


If employees feel that they do not have control of their future within the company, their productivity is farfetched. Paul Saunders, therefore, advises companies to have clear structures on promotions, work expectations, and contracts. These three aspects according to Saunders are the most defining aspects of a successful company. Saunders points out as the part of the James River Capital; he has been active in helping the companies make these factors a reality. When employees have an opinion about their future at the firm, their productivity is not a farfetched reality. For instance, if the employee understands the criteria, the company uses to promote people and reward them; they are more likely to work hard compared to when the company has opaque policies.


Paul Saunders also points that emotions and attitudes have a significant effect on the company’s productivity. He points out that although people are emotional, the emotional aspect should never be a hindrance in achieving the company’s goals. He suggests a customized approach to the emotional issues within the company. James River Capital main suggestion is creating support systems within the organization. Support systems make people feel wanted, valued within the firms, and therefore more productive in the long last. The main advantage with creating a support system within the company is that they are a relatively cheaper remedy to unproductivity and they are customizable.


Operational issues such as productivity of the workforce, management of different investments and advisory on various topics in the corporate world are some of the problems Paul Saunders is passionate about and therefore the main reason for founding the company. Learn more: