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Who is Johanan Rand?


Johanan Rand is known for being the doctor with the holistic approach. With a strong focus on issues related to aging, Rand finds it to be his mission to help those young at heart find their youth once again. Rand received his training at the Albert Einstein Medical Center located in New York. He operates the entire Health Aging Medical Centers, and it’s in these places where he works hard on facing the issues of the aging. He is known for integrating the most powerful approaches to attaining better health through more unconventional holistic ways.


Patients are finding it amazing being able to jump to Google and and empower themselves with knowledge that could improve their lives. With research oftentimes leading to alternatives that could result in injury, sometimes these approaches are dangerous and not safe, and this is why it’s vital to speak to a doctor like Rand. Making health-related choices and decisions without a professional doctor’s advice can take a wrong turn if not wise.


Rand is a leader in the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation industry. This specific program has been recognized American Medical Association in 1947. It has a strong focus on improving the genuine quality of life instead of just finding a quick solution to fix the problem temporarily, as most doctors do that.


Johanan Rand is a powerful doctor in this time because of how well he relates to his patients and can help people on issues that other doctors would say isn’t for them. People dealing with insomnia, anxiety, hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, depression, or even a low sex drive can speak to Johanan Rand and receive help on any of these specific problems. He can help you figure out what is causing such a lack in these areas, alongside what is the internal issue inside that is causing such a problem.


Rand is here to help those find the answer to their aging related issues. Women and men everywhere are finding it tough to stay healthy and youthful, but he can provide you with all the right tools and lifestyle changes to fix exactly that.


Stansberry Research Empowers Investors Around the Globe

An independent financial corporation which offers research in an unbiased manner to subscribers is Stansberry Research. The firm was founded in 1999. Frank Porter Stansberry is the founder and Editor of the firm which is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. Stansberry Research provides investment insight to over 500,000 subscribers around the globe. There are over 175 analysts who provide information to readers of the publication. Readers receive research and insight which allows them to manage their investments. Subscribers are located in over 100 countries. In addition to providing written material to subscribers, the firm also offers software.


Stansberry Research subscribers can receive insight on finances and business from multiple sources. The Stansberry Investment Advisory is a publication in which Frank Porter Stansberry acts as the Editor. An additional publication, True Wealth began in 2001 is edited by Steve Sjuggerud. Investors may choose to participate in the Portfolio Solutions which offers a variety of services for investors to select the level of assistance they would like to receive from the firm. Additionally, investors can choose from the specialty services provided which offers information based on the risk tolerance of the clients. Individuals interested in receiving information about business topics from the firm can listen to Stansberry Investor Hour which has episodes provided on the YouTube social media channel hosted by Porter Stansberry and Buck Sexton. Currently, there are over 4000 YouTube channel subscribers. Also, the show airs each Thursday on iTunes.


There are testimonies provided by subscribers who are pleased with the services provided by Stansberry Research. One subscriber wrote that the income obtained from the recommendations provided exceeds their retirement income. A pleased customer indicated that the company has high standards which exceeds the competition. Subscribers appreciate the type of investments which are provided in the newsletter which identifies investments that can yield high earnings.


Jeff Aronin; Bio-scientist with a Philanthropist Heart

Jeff Aronin has spent the past twenty years producing businesses in the biotech and health care sectors. Jeff is a specialist in the bioscience sector and with his experience and insight, he’s made a difference in the fields of rare diseases, drug development, and complicated science.


He’s the CEO of Paragon Biosciences, a biotechnology incubator and investment firm he established to assist patients living with serious and rare ailments which frequently have no accepted therapies. Paragon Bioscience portfolio businesses use advanced research approaches to discover new drugs and medications.


Representing an innovative method of treating disorders, Paragon Biosciences attempts to discover new therapies exceeding those known to modern medicine. Even though the attempts of scientists across the generations have succeeded in producing groundbreaking procedures for treating ailments, Jeff Aronin would like to select the biotechnology to a different level.


The business is focused on helping individuals who struggle with diseases for which there are only a couple of treatment alternatives available or none exist in any way. To do that, Paragon Biosciences produces and develops innovative medical firms with the aim to make new prescription drugs and pioneering treatments.


Aronin had marketed Ovation Pharmaceuticals, employing the selling as a way to initiate a new business focused on unmet medical needs. Jeff Aronin finally founded Paragon Biosciences, an incubator and investor for biotechnology companies creating life-changing therapies, where he serves as company CEO.


Through time Jeff Aronin has fine-tuned his abilities in the fields of brand promotion, finance, and business development. His expertise has also made it possible for him to entice top CEO’s and leading scientists into the firms comprised within his portfolio, and also assist the businesses have a successful beginning.


Jeff Aronin functions as the non-executive chairman of many Paragon portfolio firms and he’s been recognized by various organizations for his work. By Way of Example, Jeff received the”Frederic A. Gibbs Discovery Award” along with also the 2017 Weizmann Leadership Award for his devotion to the bioscience business.


Barbara Stokes Is Here To Help

Barbara Stokes is a distinguished business woman who helps lead the Disaster Relief Construction Industry to GSH of Alabama, LLC. She is a graduate of Mercer University where she studied Biomedical Engineering and Physics. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

During her time at Mercer University, she also took some time to study Manufacturing and Management, Technical Communication, Structures and Properties of Materials, and Thermodynamics. Along with being the Chief Executive Officer of GSH of Alabama, LLC, she tends to make donations of large amounts to many different charities. One of her most recent donations was given to Habitat for Humanity. Barbara and her company donated one thousand sheets of drywall, and over eighty thousand square feet of linoleum flooring which was valued at over one hundred thousand dollars. Follow Barbara Stokes on

I read about this large contribution in an article by In this article it talked about how Barbara Stokes had donated all those materials, but it also talked about how the materials were of a very high quality. The materials are all mold, mildew, and pest resistant along with their hurricane-rated structural integrity which will help them last many years. Also stated in the article, Habitat for Humanity was able to put all those materials to good use in the Huntsville area. After reading about Barbara Stokes and how she helps many different charities, It seems like she has a warm heart. All the contribution she has made throughout her life have made it easier for different families to feel safe and have a place to live.


Nick Vertucci – Real Estate Writer and Entrepreneur

Nick Vertucci started a computer accessory business shortly after his 18th birthday. While it was highly prolific, this business quickly came to an end in 2000, when the world experienced a serious dot-com crash. Shortly after this, he enrolled in a real estate academy and attended a few seminars. Later this breakthrough he had in the real estate arena that leads to financial freedom.

After Nick Vertucci entered into the real estate business, he worked his way up to being a real estate investor. Later, he started his company, Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, which is more commonly known as NVREA.

Nick Vertucci entered the field of real estate in 2000 when his internet business based on computer parts took a turn for the worse. To save his finances, he attended a seminar focused on real estate flipping, and how to apply the principles of investment to the field. He soon realized that there is very little known to the public about the amount of profit available in the real estate sector, and he developed the ‘Fortunes in Flipping System,’ which has helped thousands of people turn their financial situations around.

 Where Did the Concept for NV Real Estate Originate

In 2000, when many tech businesses were forced to close their doors, including his own, Nick Vertucci founded NV Real Estate. This company focuses on training people on how to invest in real estate, renovate homes, and sell them for a profit. His investments started small, and he could only invest in one property at a time.

His first property was a struggle, but it opened the door to the opportunity of financing a second property, and then a third. Over time, his hard work built its self into a massive development and an academy that teaches people about how to invest in the real estate market.

The Chainsmokers’ Longest running No. 1 Album Provides Springboard for their Newest One

“Memories… Do Not Open” is the first studio album release made by the Chainsmokers, and currently the only one they have made. Formed in 2012, the EDM DJ Duo has made regular appearances on top charts. Like most groups they toiled in obscurity a bit before their breakthrough, which came in 2014 in the hands of single “#Selfie”. Since Memories the duo has evolved, changing the sound and depth of their music to remain relevant. Memories itself has remained on the top five, non-consecutively rising to the No. 1 slot every now and then. This has placed the album in the slot for third longest running No. 1 in dance history, alongside the Gorillaz’s album “Demon Days”. The chart is held in the dance/electronic music genre of Billboard’s Top 100 albums.

Memories continued success is beneficial to the New York-based duo of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. It gives them sound footing for the release of their new album “Somebody” which they have been preparing for with their recent 2018 singles “Sick Boy”, “You Owe Me”, and “Everybody Hates Me”. The duo has pushed boundaries from the start, and the dark themes beneath their newest songs are taking them to a new level.

The themes focus on current social topics and their effects of the society around them. The songs also contain elements of the duo’s actual lives. “Sick Boy” their first 2018 release focuses on the pressure of social media. It also features Andrew Taggart signing lead vocals, something he has done since 2016’s “Closer” and is an innovation in of itself. EDM DJ’s do not usually sing their own vocals, they bang their heads to the beat behind their comfy booth. The Chainsmokers come out from behind that booth, to forge themselves as artists.

Memories’ continued success makes the duo legitimate DJs. If Somebody gains the same success, it will make them artists. It looks like a good bet looking at the Duo’s track record, but only time will tell if it captures the same sensation as Memories currently does.

Bernardo Chua Established Organo Gold With A Unique Business Model

Bernardo Chua began Organo Gold or Organo in 2008 and serves the company as the CEO. The business model is based on network marketing and offers premium coffee, tea, OGX body management products and dietary supplements for an active lifestyle. Organo is based out of British Columbia and has introduced Ganoderma to the Western world. This is an Asian herb commonly used for medicines. Once the product line was developed, Organo was launched. Read more at about Organo Gold.

Bernardo Chua has since expanded the line of coffee which is sold through an independent distribution network and website. Customers are able to receive shipments each month. Organo Gold has become popular all over the world and is sold in fifty countries. When the products are used together, the benefits are maximized. The reason Organo is so unique is because the products contain an herb from the Ganoderma mushroom called reishi. This herb is contained in all the products. Follow Organo Gold on

Organo Gold built their reputation on their numerous flavors of coffee but the energy supplements and detoxification products are becoming popular. Two new supplements have been released in the OGX line. OGX XT was created for a natural energy boost. The company also created the X4Ever program. This links customers with the OGX community and provides motivation, education and encouragement for lifestyle goals while assisting with an obstacles.

Organo Gold is also involved with philanthropy. They help youths across the globe by sponsoring the OG Cares Foundation. This foundation has fed, educated and nurtured children at risk in India, Nigeria, the Philippines, the United States and Mexico. The coffee culture is strong in Northern California and the Pacific Northwest and has been for decades. Each city has their own unique trends. For some areas, it is based on immigrant culture and in others on major coffee chains. Despite the different cultures, coffee is highly valued.


Neurocore Brain Centers wants People to Take a Closer Look at Depression

Neurcore Brain Centers is a therapy treatment organization that is based out of Michigan but also has an office in Florida. This organization has been around since 2006 and it serves the purpose of unlocking the power of the brain to overcome mental health problems and conditions. Neurocore therapies deal with everything from anxiety, ADHD to excessive stress and even depression. Let’s review some key points that Neurocore presents about depression. The facts they present about this mental health condition can help people to view depression in a different light. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Depression is a major problem for 16 million people. Those numbers are actually higher but many cases of depression go unreported. The fact is that a lot of people suffering from depression will not reveal this issue to anyone. They suffer in silence. Neurocore also points out that there are multiple forms of depression. Major depressive disorder is a primary type of depression. Persistent depressive disorder is another form of this condition that could last for many years. Women can also get postpartum depression after having a baby and people can even become depressed with the change of seasons. Depression is at an all time high during the winter months. Read more about Neurocore at

Neurocore wants people to know that depression harms a person’s body. People who are depressed degrade physically. They typically deal with a lot of tension, shortness of breath, headaches and even stomach problems. Depression can also lead to suicide. Neurocore states that this is the second leading cause of death among young people. Unfortunately, suicide is at an all time high in modern American life. This situation has to change. You should also understand that depression disables many American people in terms of work and productivity.

Depression can be treatable. Millions of people have been able to recover from depression and improve their lives. While everyone will not overcome depression, a lot of people do make it out. Neurocore wants people to know that there is hope. They do not want any depressed person to give up when they are able to recover from this problem.


Exploring Oil Options in the Gulf of Mexico: Tim Duncan’s Talos Energy Big Pay Off

Tim Duncan is determined to explore oil options in the Gulf of Mexico. In recent months discoveries of oil and gas in the Mexican side of the gulf have triggered a “feeding frenzy” to succor drilling rights. Duncan understands that there is a risk involved but with his recent acquisition of Stone Energy he feels that it is an acceptable risk.

The merger of Talos Energy with Stone Energy does give Duncan leverage he didn’t have before. The combination of the public entity and Duncan’s private entity with both companies providing similar services was the catalyst for the merger. Duncan understands that the risky Mexican waters provide some unique challenges. It was the realization of these challenges that drove him to consider combining forces with Stone Energy.

Duncan was challenged to get the deal done so he can gain leverage on new oil and gas fields in Mexican waters. The opportunities to obtain drilling rights and utilize the newer technology was hard to resist. Duncan does thrive on challenges. In the past, Duncan was instrumental in obtaining the Phoenix field and rehabilitating it after Hurricane Rita destroyed it. Phoenix field now produces 16,000 barrels a day with the expectation of producing more.

The acquisition of Stone Energy’s assets provides Talos Energy with new resources such as the Pompano platform. These existing platforms allow Talos Energy to explore the area and make new discoveries.

Duncan’s experience in the oil and gas industry spans twenty years. He worked for Zilkha Energy as an engineer in 1996. It was while he was working at Zilkha Energy that he learned the most about geology and the new developments in the industry. Duncan pursued this interest and helped launch Gryphon Exploration in 2000. The discoveries he made there encouraged him to continue his passion. It led him to cofound Phoenix Exploration in 2006.

Exploring new oil and gas fields is in Duncan’s blood. Talos Energy is poised to uncover many oil fields with untapped resources. The lesson learned from the BP disaster won’t be repeated and Duncan’s hope is for a rebound for deepwater explorers.

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PSI Pay: The Solution Millennial Consumers Are Ever Grateful For

Looking at how the millennial generation is doing things today, it is evident technology has advanced to another level. People who were born in the 1980s onwards seem to be the greatest technology consumers around the world. Most people within this millennial generation use the modern technology when making their transactions. Contactless payment is probably the most enjoyable payment transaction this generation enjoys. With an electronic object or even a mobile device, it is easier to swipe money and payments from any location. All you need to look for is a payment terminal that would process your transaction more efficiently.

PSI Pay happens to be the contactless payment method people have been looking for. With this method, you can use the modern payment card to complete your transaction. If you have some digital accounts for your company, organization, or business, you need to find out more about this contactless payment method. PSI-Pay has its main offices in the UK, and it is penetrating to other many countries. Europe is among the continents that enjoy the contactless payment this company has introduced. The company also uses Kerv to make online payments convenient. With certain terminals set in different parts, more contactless payment rings are being introduced.

Kerv collaborates with PSI Pay to make online payments great. Kerv is issuing virtual cards to make this great idea possible. According to the PSI Pay, there are more than 38 million locations where contactless payment technology could be used across the world. This method existed many years ago, but people who lived at that time didn’t pay much attention to it as a noble payment method. Most people can’t help praising this method for the convenience it brings.

With PSI Pay, you don’t have to carry a lot of cash with you. You also shouldn’t find exchanging your currencies or getting change from your wallet or purse a problem. People who have used this contactless method severally know their credit or debit cards don’t require the approval of any kind. Contactless payment is a system you can load easily whenever you want. It helps you to load your funds through your local bank or any payment center near you. It’s good to understand this payment technology doesn’t dismiss cash or disregard its usefulness.