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Justice League Reveals Its Green Lantern’s Identity?

Fans may have identified the Green Lantern seen sacrificing his life at the beginning of the new Justice League film.

The theory was posted on Reddit by a user called StrandingDeath, who deduced that the fleeting shot was of a minor alien character named Yalan Gur.

Justice League features the formation of the titular superheroe team, made up of some of the biggest names in DC Comics. Traditionally, one of the founding members is Hal Jordan, who goes by the superhero name Green Lantern. (Green Lanterns are a corps of space police, so there are many at any one time.) He has not appeared in any of the other DC Extended Universe films, nor was he advertised, but many fans were hoping for a surprise reveal, especially since the tagline “Unite the Seven” was used in early marketing.

In the end, the team was only made up of the six members who were previously stated to appear—Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Flash and Cyborg. However, early on the film discusses the first time that the villain, Steppenwolf, attacked Earth, and showed that a mysterious, unnamed Green Lanterns was ammong our planet’s defenders.

Since this scene is set in ancient times, it obviously is not meant to be Hal Jordan or any of the other well-known Green Lanterns; for that matter, the character in question does not seem to be human. His identity was a mystery that some fans naturally had to investigate.

Saying “In case there was still any doubt about who THAT was in the History Lesson…,” StrandingDeath posted some screenshots from the movie beside some images of the character from the comics. Though the Justice League version is shadowed and hard to see, he appears to fit the figure of Yalan Gur well: he seems to have a cape, has Yalan Gur’s sort of snoutlike face, pointed ears and so on.

Official word is that the Green Lantern in question is not supposed to be any character in particular. For that matter, it should be noted that in the comics, Yalan Gur lived in the tenth century C.E. and ultimately turned villainous; this version was alive thousands of years before that and died heroically against Steppenwolf. Nevertheless, it is likely that the character’s design could at least be an Easter egg, even if it’s not the “real” Yalan Gur.

“Shazam” Director Has Not Been Fired

David F. Sandberg, who is currently working on pre-production for the DC Extended Universe film Shazam, says that he has not been fired, despite rumors to the contrary.

The supposed firing was “revealed” on a Reddit board that has spread a lot of false news about the DCEU.

The typo-filled “leak” in question says that “Joss Whedon, Chris [McKay] and David F. Sandberg have [been] fired [by] WB. David S. Sandberg [sic] reportedly wanted to make a dark and gritty, sexy and violent Shazam! movie with a hard R rating but after reading his script they tore it apart and kicked him out of their office.”

Whedon, a writer and uncredited co-director on Justice League, is reportedly set to make a Batgirl film, while McKay is scheduled for Nightwing. The Reddit rumor also claims that Zack Snyder, director of both Justice League and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, will retire from Hollywood.

Posting a screenshot of this on his Twitter account, Sandberg quipped “Reading /r/DCEUleaks on reddit is the best.” The director has been posting many jokes and quips about his production of the upcoming film, as well as pictures of a desk covered in superhero action figures.

Nevertheless, the Reddit rumor alludes to issues with both the Shazam film and the DCEU in general which worry many fans. Previous entries in the franchise have been criticized for being overly dark and lacking in most of the fun and hope that the superhero genre usually embodies.

Shazam, which focuses on a boy named Billy Batson (played by Asher Angel) who can transform into an adult superhero (Zachary Levi), has so far been described as a lighter, more humorous entry into the franchise.

The Atom Gets a Small Reference in “Justice League”

An Easter egg from the Justice League movie seems to indicate that the Atom, and specifically the Ryan Choi iteration of the character, exists in the DC Extended Universe.

The Easter egg, which can be viewed here, is quick and difficult to spot. As a computer lists the name of S.T.A.R. Labs employees, the name “Choi, Ryan” is visible.

The Atom is a more obscure set of characters in DC Comics’ large and impressive roster; ignoring the unrelated Golden Age version, the two main heroes to take this name are Ray Palmer and Ryan Choi, each of whom have a suit with the ability to shrink them down to microscopic size. Palmer invented this technology, while Choi took it up after Palmer went missing into other dimensions. (Comic books, right?)

Ray Palmer is probably the more famous version of the Atom, particularly since he appears in Legends of Tomorrow, a series in the popular “Arrowverse” franchise of TV shows. Until now, Choi has been absent from adaptations, save the Batman: The Brave and the Bold cartoon.

However, he has proven to be a popular character, and after controversially killing him off in the comics, DC Comics responded to criticism by reviving him and now has the two working together.

Could this indicate a plan to bring the Atom into the DCEU roster of superheroes sometime in the future? To be fair, Justice League is full of references, so perhaps this was just inserted as a quick wink at the fans. Then again, the LexCorp Tower and Wayne Enterprises satellites in Man of Steel turned out to be more than just Easter eggs, so who can say that Choi will not show up to save the day in a later film?

Neurocore: Treatment for the Brain

Major depression affects roughly 16 million adults each year. The majority of these, are adult women. Consequently, most people are unaware they have it, and won’t seek the help they need. There are 8 facts that show depression has a higher impact than one might think. Depression signs and symptoms may not be clear, it can change without outside issues, there are several types, it changes the body, it causes disability and suicide, it can be treated early on, and it needs more funding.

The symptoms and signs of depression are not always clear. Signs of depression include: numbness, emptiness, constant feelings of sadness, loss of interest, weight fluctuation, fatigue, concentration issues, and irritability. People usually develop depression through stressful situations. It could be abuse, financial issues, unemployment, divorce, or a loved one’s death. It could also be genetically passed down from family. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Types of depressive disorders include: Postpartum Depression, Persistent Depressive Disorder, Seasonal Affective Disorder, and Major Depressive Disorder. All of these cause different, but very real issues within an individual. It can cause tension, headaches, shortness of breath, and stomach problems. It affects the entire body, including brain chemistry.

The primary cause of disability for the age group 15 to 44, is depression. It is even one of the top 3 issues in the U.S. workplace. Depression can cause suicide. It is vital to take into account someone’s feelings, especially if they show signs of suicide. Suicide is the second leading cause of death in young individuals. Follow Neurocore on

Depression treatment is more effective in the beginning stages. Therapy and medication are typically used. However, we need more funding for research. Neurocore Brain Performance Centers are the next step to understanding your brain. They determine the information given through a process of testing, then determine the core cause.

The Neurocore helps with anxiety, ADHD, depression, autism, stress, migraines, and sleep difficulties. The determination lies with brain performance training, and brain diagnostics. Here, state of the art technology and therapy are used. In order to understand depression, it needs to be taken one step at a time.


“Shazam” Director Jokes About “Knightmare”

David F. Sandberg, who is directing the DC Extended Universe film Shazam, has jokingly connected the movie’s protagonist to the “Knightmare” scene in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Shazam, which is scheduled for release in 2019, is about Billy Batson (played by Asher Angel), a young boy who can transform into an adult superhero by saying the magic word “Shazam!” His hero form (played by Zachary Levi) has traditionally been called Captain Marvel, but some modern versions go with “Shazam”; it is unsure which the film will choose.

On Sandberg’s Instagram account, he posted a video clip from the previous DC Comics animated movie Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. In the scene, Batman approaches an injured Billy Batson, whom he doesn’t seem to recognize as the hero Captain Marvel. Upon told to “say something,” Billy replies with “Shazam,” then transforms into his superpowered form in a flash of lightning. As he takes a threatening step toward Batman, we suddenly cut to a scene from the live-action Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, where Bruce Wayne (played by Ben Affleck) wakes up startled, as though he had been dreaming the previous animated scene.

Fans will recognize this live-action segment as being from the “Knightmare” sequence, where the DCEU Bruce Wayne has a strange dream about a world ruled by an evil Superman; it is implied to be some sort of prophetic vision, with the Flash appearing to warn Bruce that this will be caused by the death of Lois Lane. The villain Darkseid is implied to be involved.

Most expected this scene to be foreshadowing for something from the newest DCEU film, Justice League, where Darkseid’s general, Steppenwolf, is the main villain and Superman is temporarily an antagonist. (He had some post-resurrection mood swings.) However, it went unaddressed; possibly it was sacrificed in the numerous cuts made to make the film two hours long.

Captain Marvel is traditionally as kindhearted and heroic as Superman, if not moreso—however, many adaptations have tried to make him grimmer and grittier in an effort to make him more “realistic.” Trading an evil Superman for Captain Marvel seems to be Sandberg’s play on that. It probably should not be taken as a real hint about the film, which Sandberg has described as being a much more lighthearted entry into the DCEU franchise.

Ricky Whittle to Play A Green Lantern?

Michael Green, who co-wrote the script for the 2011 film Green Lantern, he would personally choose Ricky White to play the character John Stewart in the upcoming unrelated DC Extended Universe film Green Lantern Corps.

Debuting in 1971, Stewart (who is in no way based on a certain comedic news anchor, despite the name) he was DC Comics’ first black superhero. He is one of multiple humans chosen to join the Green Lanterns, a group of interplanetary cops from all over the galaxy. He is generally more staid and thoughtful than his brasher co-workers, Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner, and more experienced than relative newcomers like Kyle Rayner.

While Hal Jordan is generally the most notable Green Lantern in the comics, many will be familiar with Stewart from his appearances on the popular cartoons Justice League and Justice League Unlimited.

At this point, little is known about the upcoming Green Lantern Corps film; however, it is supposed to be about a team of Lanterns, so it would make since for Stewart to be a major character along with his fellow human colleagues.

The Green Lantern film from 2011, however, only used Jordan. Overall, the movie was not well-received, but Green, an aptly named writer for the project, says that he still has a good idea who could fill Stewart’s role in the upcoming DCEU entry.

“I’ll probably get angry texts if I don’t say what’s in my heart which is that Ricky Whittle would make a fantastic John Stewart.”

Whittle plays Shadow Moon in the TV series American Gods. He is a bit young to play Stewart, generally depicted in his forties or so, but could be a good choice if that detail is ignored.

OneLogin Anticipates Effectiveness of GDPR for Increased Business Standards

OneLogin is headed by Alvaro Hoyos. He ensures that all the activities on OneLogin’s e-commerce website run smoothly. With this, he promotes customer delivery for he is obligated to satisfy the needs of the company’s clients. What has helped him manage all the technicalities in the business operations of OneLogin is his expert knowledge in Information Technology and software applications.

As an online shop, OneLogin offers services such as risk management, security of business operations of retailers, risk management in case of breakdowns, data regulations services and many others depending on the tastes and preferences of their customers. The quality of these services has maximized the output of e-commerce. As a result, OneLogin has increased in their market sizes thereby increasing the number of revenues earned every financial year.

To add to the excellence of business operations on OneLogin e-commerce websites is the adaptation of General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR. This is a set of standard rules formulated by the Council of Commissioners at the European Union. They drafted the new laws to help in improving certain aspects of the business features.

Majorly, GDPR provides maximum security for data regulation and privacy. OneLogin is among the companies that have borrowed this new aspect for the success of their online trading websites. GDPR will be effective in May 2018 and OneLogin can wait but anticipate how they standards will become top notch before they know it. GDPR is introducing better and easier ways of monitoring security on data regulations. This is due to the availability of data processors that the organization will avail e-commerce operators with.

Privacy frameworks for OneLogin are yet to shoot to higher percentages due to increase in access to the best guidelines on how to tackle data regulation with heightened security. Their clients will hence benefit from circulating information without the fear of hackers gaining access to their private data storage sites.

For all these expected changes from GDPR, OneLogin is already planning for better and more profitable ventures. Indeed GDPR will transform the face of e-commerce. Also, companies such as OneLogin will improve their revenue earnings due to astounding operational standards with wider market coverage.

“Suicide Squad” Director Regrets Downplaying Joker

Suicide Squad director David Ayer has confirmed that he should have made the Joker into the main villain of last year’s Suicide Squad movie.

The 2016 film focuses on a group of supervillains who carry out missions for the government in exchange for privileges and reduced sentences. Over the course of the movie one of their members, an evil demon called the Enchantress, goes rogue and tries to destroy the world after summoning her brother, Incubus. The rest of the team is forced to stop her.

It was an interesting choice for a main antagonist, but one which also fell somewhat flat. Meanwhile, the Joker appeared in the movie, had an important connection to one of the main characters (Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, his kooky but less vicious ex-girlfriend), and, as a more “street level” antagonist, did not massively overpower the team the way that an apocalyptic demon managed to.

The Joker was played by Jared Leto, who notes that a lot of his scenes were cut from the film.

Director David Ayer, who admits that he was more or less constantly rewriting the film as they shot it, also concedes that the Joker probably would have been a better main villain than the Enchantress. Responding to a tweet saying as much, Ayer said “Believe me. I agonize over this. Yes. Joker should have been main bad guy.”

The good news is, he has a chance to correct that error—he is said to be directing a spin-off called Gotham City Sirens, which will have Harley Quinn team up with other female villains (traditionally Poison Ivy and Catwoman). Perhaps “Mistah J” could be the main antagonist there? Not much is known about the project yet, so we will have to wait and see.

Morgan Makes A Move to Fear the Walking Dead

The big announcement has finally arrived. Fans of The Walking Dead just learned that the enigmatic Morgan gets the nod to appear in the prequel series Fear the Walking Dead. Morgan definitely remains an interesting character. The one-time pacifist has taken a turn to his original, hyper-violent edge. With an appearance on Fear the Walking Dead, fans may gain a glimpse into the character’s state of mind before his eventual journey of the self in the flagship series.

Fear the Walking Dead could benefit from audience curiosity about how great of a role Morgan plays in the series. Even if he serves in a likely minor capacity with a brief cameo, the interactions between Morgan and Fear the Walking Dead’s cast should be interesting.

The settings of the two series both feature zombies, but the overall tone and backdrop are both different. Unfortunately, Fear the Walking Dead has not connected with audiences to the same degree of The Walking Dead. The ratings on Fear remain far lower. Sad to say, the ratings decline on the original series has been raising eyebrows. The current “All Out War” storyline appears to be a bomb. The drastic decrease in audience numbers cannot be spun any other way.

Shaking things up by introducing the concept of a crossover between the two programs could build up ratings somewhat. A massive increase in ratings won’t be likely, but anything capable of garnering a special buzz should prove helpful. Fear the Walking Dead surely needs more ratings assistance than The Walking Dead.

While neither Fear the Walking Dead nor The Walking Dead’s ratings are dangerously close to cancellation, AMC surely has to be concerned about losing more viewers. Fear the Walking Dead doesn’t draw anywhere near the same numbers as The Walking Dead. An appearance by Morgan could lead to a segment of Walking Dead fans to become regulars of the spinoff series.

From War-torn Iran to America’s Brilliant Robotics Surgeon

Dr. David Samadi is not your average surgeon; he dares to venture wide and deep in search of better treatment options for his patients. He specializes in treating prostate, kidney, and bladder cancer. He is also an urologist. According to a recent interview as published by Inspirery, doctor Samadi had the following to say.

The Dr. says that he knew since childhood that he wanted to become a doctor. Specialize and help people. He is truly living his childhood dream. He became a hit back in the early 2000s when he decided to go to France to get acquainted with the use of robotics in treating prostate cancer. When he came back to the US, he was the only Surgeon with such skills.

Dr. Samadi has never had tough moments trying to get clients, his caring approach with the personalized care of every patient made it easy for him to get many men who were more than willing to go through his Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment (SMART) approach. Samadi relies on referrals. After giving the patients quality services, they tell their friends and family. He credits his quality services to the number of patience that keeps flowing in Lenox Hill Hospital’s Cancer and Urology departments.

Samadi takes pride in his team of nurses, Doctors, and all medical team, without them, he wouldn’t be a successful surgeon. Surrounding himself with a qualified team leaves no room for failure. He treats his team like family. Dr. Samadi says that when he is completely worn out or stressed out by the job, the family love gives him courage and strength to rise again and shine. He has a great appreciation for family love, according to him, it is the most significant gift one can have on earth.

According to Samadi, he works best with a routine. He schedules his activities and attends to all. His SMART technique is one of his greatest achievements as a surgeon. He says there is too much that the future provides to the medical field especially if the medics embrace the use of technology. Samadi is a big fan of Elizabeth Stout’s book “Anything is Possible” and recommends it to any business person who feels like they need inspiration.

Dr. Samadi and his brother were forced to flee their country during the Iranian revolution in 1979. He went to several high schools in London, Belgium and finally the United States. He was awarded a full scholarship to study at Stony Brook University. He later specialized in Urology and then in the robotic treatment of prostate cancer in France. Today, Samadi is the chairman of urology, a celebrity doctor and the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill hospital which is located in New York City. He is also a professor teaching urology at Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine. He has authored several blogs addressing different factors that affect the medical field. He has conducted several interviews as a guest on Fox and hosted Sunday Housecall since 2011 to 2016 on Fox News.

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