Arthur Becker knows how to combine two successful industries.

A famous venture firm, with interest on property investments, in addition to, introductory Biological Tech developments, Madison Partners, LLC, is controlled by Arthur Becker. He is the previous CEO, in addition to, being the Chairman, of the company, Zinio, LLC. Zinio, is the leading electronic newsstand, worldwide. Previous to this business enterprise, Mr. Becker, was also the Chief Executive Officer of the corporation, NaviSite. The company has been cited by Bloomberg, for establishing online tech services and hosting in the United Kingdom, in addition to, the United States, throughout the 2002 to 2010 time frame. They have agencies situated all over the globe and distributes a multitude of online-based services, all over the business markets. As of 2011, NaviSite was purchased by Time Warner.

At the time that Becker was at NaviSite, he was deeply interested with technology and realty. Arthur Becker then extended his focus, by devoting a variety of realty expansion projects all the way through New York and Miami. This brought Arthur to the focus on early Bio Technology and how this is possible with an amount of financial undertaking, with interest on having a positive impact on society.

Mr. Arthur Becker confesses that he has great interest in an assortment of modern movements within the biological technology market, in particular, in the area of cancer research. Arthur Becker does not have any medicinal education, but he does have a vast quantity of experience to maintain attention to the range of advances, in the business.

Arthur Becker take pleasure in working with people that he has respect for, in regards to the business of technology and realty. He finds the work to be enjoyable, because of the numerous stages that are required to develop a project, that deeply diverse, from the design stage, the construction stage, and also the funding stage. Mr. Becker knows that the inherent chemistry among business associates, is crucial to the completion of the business venture. Mr. Becker learned, from his diverse business activities, that his aptitude to assess and provide support to, administrative recruits, is vital to a business venture’s success. For more info, visit Beccker’s crunchbase page.

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