An Overview the Brazilian Legal System and Ricardo Tosto’s Contribution

In case you are going through the process of looking for advice or want to hire a lawyer for your personal or business operations, it is important to choose your lawyer wisely. Many lawyers are out there but not all of the best services. You have to pick a lawyer with a recognized history of giving excellent service so as to receive the best services. All you have to do is ask for recommendations when looking for a lawyer that should handle your legal or business issues.


Reputation is always important when it comes to selecting a lawyer that for legal matter or one that should stand in for your business. You could ask friends or colleagues for considerations when selecting a lawyer. They will be able to give advice on the best lawyer from a firm they worked with. They should also provide additional information such as reviews. Reviews will be in form of the handling of the case, the outcome and the overall cost of hiring lawyer. Once you complete your homework, you should find it easy to choose a lawyer that will handle all your legal issues entirely. You can be fully assured that everything is going to work out perfectly well for you.


Ricardo Tosto of Oliveira Carvalho is an established lawyer in Brazil. He assisted in the finding of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advocates, a law firm which specializes mainly in business law. His career as a lawyer kicked off in a small office. He had to difficulty work his way up to become one of the best practitioners in the Latin America region. Tosto has amassed over 22 years of experiences with specialties in credit recoveries, electoral and international law, M&A banking among others. He pursued a Bachelor in Law and post-graduate studies in Business Administration.


Mr. Tosto is highly popular for his excellence in representing legal disputes. His clientele range from highly affluent individuals in the society to multinational companies and large corporations. Tosto is participates highly in various Brazilian law activities. He is a member of both the International and Brazilian Bar Association and the Law Firms and Partnerships Research Center.

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