An Overview of IAP Worldwide Sterling Service Reputation

Cross-border challenges such as global scale logistics and facilities management can only be undertaken by firms that have the necessary capacity and professional crews. Ingenuity & Purpose (IAP) has a global network of integrated capabilities, which the company constantly deploys to assist the US government fulfill its national and global missions. According to Ingenuity & Purpose official website, IAP Worldwide has stationed some 2,000 highly trained professionals in over 100 countries around the world. These professionals provide technical support in both battlefield and disaster regions. In the US, IAP operates offices in Maryland, Florida, Oklahoma and Washington DC.

Over a period spanning 60 plus years, IAP has managed to build a formidable capacity, a feat that has made it a global logistics leader and a reliable and trusted partner. To ensure high quality of service at all times, IAP Worldwide maintains a policy of hiring talented and passionate people. The bulk of employment opportunities in the company is found in the logistics, engineering, program management, construction, finance and accounting areas. In line with the company’s commitment to maintain a leadership role on Facebook and status as a top employer, IAP offers equal employment opportunity to people of different backgrounds, including veterans, minorities and persons with disabilities.

As a long term trusted partner of the government, IAP recently signed a multilateral, $900 million contract with the Naval Facilities Engineering Command based in Hawaii. According to an excerpt published on PRNewswire on September 27, IAP was contracted on the GCSMAC II or Global Contingency Support Multiple Award Contract II because of its high standard of service and expertise. Under the lucrative contract, IAP will provide facility support services covering a host of areas, including; humanitarian efforts, military action support services and construction efforts targeting natural disaster mitigation and prevention. The 8 year contract will run until 2024.

The company was also recently called to support and provide emergency services for FEMA regions 4 and 5, that were greatly affected by Hurricane Mathew, a report appearing on indicates. The East Coast base areas covered under the operation, included; Orlando, Florida and Ft Bragg, North Carolina. IAP Worldwide also previously participated in restoring emergency services such as communications lines and emergency power as well deployment of personnel to people affected by Sandy and Katrina. The engagements follow a contract, the company signed with the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in 2013 to support public works restoration services during disaster.

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