Amy Schumer Leaves 1000% Tip For Waiter

Amy Schumer is more than just a funny lady who has some intelligent and insightful things to say. She’s also a very generous tipper. Or at least she was this past weekend when she left a $500 tip for her waiter at an Island Park, Long Island clam bar, Peter’s Clam Bar. According to a source for the New York post, the actor and comedian left the tip on a $49 bill after engaging in a lively discussion with her waiter.The waiter, Paul, is reportedly a college student and told her he was working two jobs so he could go to school.

It’s always nice to hear when servers and bartenders get generous tips, because as anyone who has been a bartender or waited tables knows, people in the service industry work hard, often work long hours, and often struggle to pay bills and the rent because of low wages and an industry that relies on tipping to make up for it. Stories of large tips are legendary among people in the restaurant industry, partly because they can be life changing, and also because it is and industry that is rampant with customers who stiff wait staff on tips or admonish and chastise them both publicly and in private for perceived slights, some of which are beyond the control of the wait staff.

Sam Tabar ( agrees that, while most of us can not afford to give out such a high tip, she can still serve as an inspiration to see the people who serve us as people and to treat them better.

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