All About Slyce the Visual Search and Recognition Company

Slyce is a company that specializes in the sale of software applications related to visual search and recognition technology. This company was established in 2012 and it is based in Toronto, Canada. Erika Rocicot and Cameron Chell co-founded Slyce through a business consulting firm called Business Instincts. This start-up would eventually lay the groundwork for Slyce to come into existence.

Slyce was originally located in Calgary, Alberta but the founders decided to move the organization to Toronto, Canada. They also set up other offices in Calgary, Nova Scotia and New Waterford. Slyce even has an office within the United States. It is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Visual recognition software and application technology makes up a large part of Slyce’s products and services. This technology was first launched by the company in 2013. Currently, Slyce is traded publicly on the TSX Venture Exchange. This company has been publicly traded since 2014.

Slyce also owns which is a visual search technology company. This organization has also acquired BuyCode which is a mobile app development company. Drivetrain Agency is another application developer that is own by Slyce.

Products and Services

Slyce offers clients a wide variety of services and products related to visual search technology. One such product is an application platform called Snap-to-Buy. Consumers can snap a photo of a product and be automatically routed to a website that carries that particular item. Many of Slyce’s clients have this particular technology set up for their websites and online product databases.

Slyce also provides their clients with a Visual Relevancy Engine. This particular program allows consumers to identify products that are contained within pictures on social media sites. Once an object has been identified it can then search through a retailer’s inventory database to determine if they have the same item or something similar.

This company also has software that is designed to tag and display slogans for social media campaigns. They also have physical advertising recognition programs which will allow retailers to print materials and billboards with a mobile photo. Retailers who want to fully develop their online business platform will benefit greatly from the services that Slyce has to offer. Slyce’s clients includes six major US retailers including Neiman Marcus, Photon, Tillys, Screen Vision, Signal 360, Snip Snap, JcPenny’s and

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