Adrian Figueroa Jose Velasquez Shares His 10 Simple Tricks For Improving Smartphone Photography

Adrian Figueroa Jose Velasquez is a professional executive who was born in Venezuela. Adrian currently serves in three different positions with five companies. He is the president, director, and treasurer of the firms based in Panama.

Mr. Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa has an illustrious career in entrepreneurship and has actively been involved in growing businesses, mentoring young entrepreneurs, and improving the living conditions of the communities in Panama.

Apart from business, Adrian is an avid fan of photography and advises smartphone users on his ten tricks of improving picture quality. Figueroa hints at the need to learn the art of creating a scene, understanding the photographic depth and getting some lighting techniques. Here are my six favorite picks from Adrian’s tricks:

Take your time

Many people rush to take pictures with blurred images, poor lighting, wrong positioning, and mission out on the important objects. The current smartphones come with very sharp and definite picture capability, and there should be no excuse for taking bad pictures. Take that extra second to position accurately and angle the phone to avoid shadows and direct light to ensure your photo is excellent.

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Apply the Principles of Composition

A good picture will come as a result of unique and creative scene composition. For example, you can bring the horizon to the center of the scene to create a great picture. The viewer’s attention will be drawn to the sky and the ground at the same time.

Come closer

Smartphones do not offer optical zoom features. That means that by excessively zooming in, the picture gets a lot of noise and distortion. You need to get closer to the object you’re taking to create a clear and accurate picture. It also saves you the time you would spend cutting and editing photos.

Get rid of Flash

The light from the smartphone camera flash is usually very abrupt. It can cause unnecessary shadows and highlight strange effects. It affects the natural color and can ruin your picture with an unwanted glare. If you have an option of changing positions and angling your phone correctly, please do!

Learn about your camera applications

A third party application installed on your phone will enable you to adjust your settings to suit the scene you are taking. You can change the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO to get the exact photo you desire. Some camera features can be a bit complicated, and you may need to get a tutorial on the usage or watch a YouTube tutorial to learn more.

Use the HDR (moderately)

High dynamic range (HDR) works as a double edged sword. It helps you to achieve a balanced exposure where many reflections are visible, but can also make your picture look out of place. Use the DDR moderately to maintain image quality.

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