Activating Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen, whose real name is Thor Leonardo Halvorseen Mendoza, is originally from Venezuela and has become a great human rights activist. He started at a young age organizing groups originally to help with South African apartheid. Later on, his father had gone to prison and in doing so it caused Halvorssen to commit himself to individual rights. His father was later on released from prison and a few years later Halvorssen founded the Individual Rights for Education (FIRE).

This foundation formed coalitions with conservative and liberate advocacy organizations. He has been known to fight with political rights on both spectrums and never really taken a specific side. Several years later he choose to step down from FIRE to work on other foundations with human rights. He has conducted many cases where he pointed out and exposed people including celebrities for payments being received by dictators. Some of the celebrities include 50 cent, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, and one that was very publicized was Hilary Swank.

Thor is also the founder and CEO of Oslo Freedom Forum which has now become an annual gathering for human rights activists from all over. Another major involvement he has had was founding the HRF (Human Rights Foundation)in New York where they have helped many political prisoners and promoted democracy in Latin America. Along with human rights he is also working with film production. He has produced and co-produced several films. one of which was with Lucy Liu and Quentin Tarantino that was brought into a film festival.

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