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Barbara Stokes Leads GSH in Disaster Relief Construction

Barbra Stokes is the chief executive officer of Green Structure Homes of Alabama. The company specializes in Disaster Relief Construction that provides humanitarian relief to refugees. Visit Gazetteday to know more about Barbara.


Barbra Stokes and her husband established GSH of Alabama based in Huntsville. The company is currently working closely with the FEMA or Federal Emergency Management Agency as well as the private sector to provide safe and reliable housing solutions.


The company also offers commercial solutions using innovative design, and smart manufacturing and engineering techniques ranging from on-site to modular construction.


The company has also dome projects like utility installation, land planning, housing for school campuses and home improvements. Barbra also leads the company in doing projects with the military including bulletproof shacks. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.


In 2001 Barbara Stokes graduated with a bachelor’s degree major in biomedical engineering and physics at the Mercer University. She also studied thermodynamics, management, manufacturing, and properties and structures of materials. Prior to founding GSH, Barbara worked with Pisces Corporation and Boeing.


When asked about their business strategy, Barbra Stokes shared that GSH as a woman-owned business gained the advantage of a particular SBA program as one of their tools for growth. She said that this is how the company started working with the US government. The SBA provides various resources that small businesses can avail.


Donata Meirelles and Her Helpful Advice on Fashion

If you would like helpful fashion advice from someone who truly knows the industry in and out, you will want to make use of Donata Meirelles. Donata Meirelles has been working within the industry for over three decades and is currently the fashion director for Vogue Brazil. This gives her an edge over most other fashion experts and allows you to know that you are getting sound advice from someone who truly knows the field. You will find that her advice is easy to implement into your everyday life and is effortless for just about anyone who is making use of it. Learn more about Donata Meirelles at for more fashion trends.

One of the most important pieces of advice that Donata Meirelles has ever given to anyone is to simplify their wardrobe and look to add more accessories when and where they should be warned. By wearing more accessories that complement the type of outfits that you have on, you will find that you feel and look better even if you are simply running to the store. There are many different types of accessories that you can purchase and wear for yourself every single day. You can either order these online or from a local store that you find to have great options.

With so much fashion advice out there in the industry right now, you know that you are getting tips and tricks from someone who truly knows the industry in and out. There are so many reasons for you to consider this type of option for yourself especially when you are looking to ramp up your look and get yourself feeling your absolute best no matter where you happen to be going. You can either choose to get rid of all of your clothing and start fresh or you can simplify your outfits by getting rid of bold patterns that do not complement each other when you happen to be wearing them. Learn More:

Personal injury law firm Kisling Nestico & Redick

Kisling Nestico & Redick is a law firm based out of Ohio that works for clients involved in auto accidents and personal injury. They are known for their catchy slogan, “Hurt in car…call KNR,” with a staff of about 100 members and 30 attorneys across 11 locations in the state. Since their founding in 2005, they have been able to win many cases for clients with over $450 million in settlements, according to an article from Newsweek.

One of the partners that it is named after in Rob Nestico personally started the company off of an experience at a young age as he was involved in a deadly car crash that left him with some serious injuries to the head, knees, and arms. This was all caused because a man chose to go through a stop sign, that had caused the whole incident. Nestico was recovering at the hospital, and during that time, Nestico had noticed that his parents were getting cheated by an insurance company, due to the fact that his parents were Italian immigrants and did not understand English well. The insurance company had used this to their advantage to cheat the family out of compensation. After this experience, Nestico had made it a priority to create his own law firm to help others not get cheated like him.

Kisling Nestico & Redick law firm is able to produce winning results because many of their staff and attorneys have experience working for insurance companies, so they can predict what they are trying to do. They use this knowledge for their benefit to fight for their clients and earn them the most compensation that they can get.

Nestico along with the other lawyers in Kisling and Redick have won awards for their work by Super Lawyers, Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, and others. The law firm looks to change the world and give back to the community as they sponsor giveaways on social media, hold food drives, and donate money to charities.

Learn more about Kisling, Nestico & Redick

Jeunesse Global Product Review – Nevo Energy Drink

Jeunesse Global is a company known for their work in the health industry. They are capable of building products that are going to help you change your life. Everything from looking younger to feeling better, they have it all. Jeunesse Global is known for their drinks and supplements to help you find your youth and help you feel good doing it. One of their most popular products is Nevo. This product is going to change your health and bring it to the next level.

Ever wanted to feel 100 percent every single day? Want that energy to get you through the day and feeling good? Nevo is the energy drink you need to try. They say they didn’t create the energy drink, but they definitely take ownership of the fact that they have perfected it. Understanding what works and what doesn’t to helping people their best every day of the week. They offer all sorts of flavors like white grape, apple, pear, alongside several other fruit juices.

The best part about the drinks is that they first of all taste good. Gone are the days when you are trying to find the energy drink that tastes decently. Nevo has all kinds of flavors so you never get sick of just drinking the same one. They also are full of nutrients and actual fruit juices. This allows for you to gain energy without sacrificing the rest of your health. No need to worry about drinking this and crashing and losing all of your energy. You want to stay hydrated and ready for your next adventure.

Jeunesse Global is known for creating all kinds of products just like Nevo. For example, They created Revitablu, which is a powerful supplement to add to your drink that could help with relaxing the body and allowing you to sleep. They have also have weight management supplements and powdered drinks to help you maintain your health and weight. Jeunesse Global is here to give you the solution you need for an overall healthier body. It’s time to get that energy and look your best with everything they have available.

Barbara Stokes Is A CEO Who Never Lets Failure Keep Her From Finding The Success She Deserves

Barbara Stokes serves Green Structure Homes of Alabama LLC. as its chief executive officer, and she helped create the company with her husband, Scott. The company has worked with FEMA for years to help provide safe, permanent housing as well as commercial structures. Stokes studied at Mercer University, where she focused on physics and biomedical engineering. She has served with Boeing and the Pisces Corporation in the past but now focuses most of her energy on the housing industry and her family. Read this article at

Barbara Stokes starts her work day very early in the morning, and she is usually working into the night. She ensures that she still has plenty of time for her children in between her busy days by planning them out carefully. She also stays busy in her community, which has helped her to reduce her stress levels.

Barbara Stokes has praised her engineering team many times in the past and recently admitted during an interview that she works very closely with the team. Her company is always seeking new ways to make the homes they build more safe and comfortable for the people who will be living there. Stokes is excited about the fact that there is a growing number of women who are in leadership positions in companies. She is hoping that the future will bring more of this. Read more about Barbara Stokes at Affiliatedork.

Barbara Stokes is always doing her best to stay ahead of the curve by focusing on growing Green Structure Homes of Alabama LLC. One of the ways she does this is by treating her employees well and creating a fun working environment. She does this because she knows that her employees are what drives her business, and when they are happy, the work they do is of a higher quality. This, of course, helps to make her customers happy, who, in turn, spread the word about her company.

Barbara Stokes has learned that failure is a key part of success. One of her greatest lessons has been how to deal with failure when it happens. Instead of letting it take over her life, she has discovered how to get back up again and be a stronger leader.


Dan Bethelmy-Rada Encourages Consumers to Make Healthy Choices

R.A.W. is a completely new line of natural hair care products developed by Dan Bethelmy-Rada and his team. These products are made from natural ingredients, such as Moroccan volcanic clay, homey, Bolivian quinoa husk, and seaweeds. They make up about 70% of the ingredients in their products, and about 98% of R.A.W. products are biodegradable.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is committed to developing products that are not damaging to the environment or your hair. The process of developing R.A.W. products has not been easy, but it has been well worth it. There have been a number of challenges to overcome, such as shipping natural ingredients without them spoiling and it has been necessary to invest a substantial amount of money into the project in order to develop high-quality products.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada wanted to ensure that R.A.W. products were different from all the products on the market these days. R.A.W. products offer environmentally-friendly and natural alternatives to the many chemical-laden products that saturate the market.

#LiveRaw encourages people to live sustainably and to be aware of how the products they use affect the environment. R.A.W. has also educated over 700 stylists in salons all over the United States on how to properly use the products and the methods to use when using R.A.W. products. They also educated the salons on how to live more sustainably and how to reduce their water consumption.

So far, R.A.W. has received 90% of positive reviews online, and they are expected to expand into the European market. R.A.W. is inspiring people all over the world to live more eco-consciously and to replace harmful products with products that are not only eco-friendly but also beneficial to your health.

Although many of the skin care and hair care products that we use are not actually ingested, they are still absorbed by the body and end up in your bodies. Things like lip balms are often “eaten,” and these products are simply not good for us. Even a small change of switching to a natural product makes a big difference not only for our bodies but for the environment as well.