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Nexbank the Regional Bank Of Dallas Texas

NexBank is a banking institution located in Dallas, Texas. NexBank announced that they will sponser the Dallas Women’s Foundation at the thirty-second annual luncheon. NexBank is pleased to support the foundation with a generous gift of $100,000. The foundation will be supporting women, advancing within economic security and leadership. The Annual Luncheon will be scheduled at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas and will feature one of TIME Magazine’s top 100 influential people, Dr. Hope Jahren, a popular scientists and author, who has won many awards.

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Dr. Hope Jahren’s appearance will also be livestreamed to over ten thousands students across Northern Texas. The Dallas Women’s Foundation proudly hosts this foundation with thousands of business and community leaders present. It is the world’s largest regional foundation, while serving as a trusted leader, to promote social and economic change for women. It is an honor and privilege that NexBank will be able to support and sponsor, such an awarding event for women.

Nexbank Background

NexBank is a regional bank, which provides commercial banking, mortgage banking, and institutional services, primarily to institutional clients and financial institutions. It holds assets of 6.4 billion and also retains a charter from 1922. NexBank is led by Chairman, James Dondera. Dondera is the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, L.P. With excellent leadership and experience, Nexbank strives to help within the community. This is done through loan programs, financial education, and economic development. NexBank is wanting to make changes while building a stronger community within Dallas, and the surrounding cities.

Nexbank has a need to provide services within the Dallas community alone. The bank has provided housing and loans for over two thousands Texan Veterans. Through the community guidance of the bank, low to moderate income housing loans have been given to over nine hundred families in Texas. While providing services and financial guidance to families and the community of Texas, NexBank also supports many schools. A proper education has also been a focus for the NexBank institution. The regional bank sponsors literacy courses to eight public schools, which is for low to medium income students of the Dallas County.

Igor Cornelsen Is A Leading Investing Consultant

There are several reasons why one might want to get into the investing industry. There are some people who just love to invest and desire a challenge. For most people, however, the incentive to be an investor is so they do not have to work a typical job and so they can be financially independent. There is no question that successful investing can make someone incredibly wealthy, but this does not come easily by any means. Igor Cornelsen is a successful investor that has worked his whole life in the investing and banking industries. Most of his career centered around the Brazilian market, where he was born, and over the years, Igor has become a huge real estate investor around the nation.

Brazil is currently one of the largest economies in the entire world, which means there is a lot of opportunity and money to be made. Igor Cornelsen made much of his fortune throughout the Brazilian market and it is still growing today, making it a great place for budding investors to improve their skills and make lots of money. By understanding multiple markets, investors can gain a new perspective of how fluctuations in one economy change foreign economies, allowing them to become a whole new level of investor. Igor spent decades building a successful career, but now he likes to consider himself retired. He does a little bit of work out of his company, Bainbridge, as well as some consulting for various organizations, but his big investing days are over.

In regards to retirement, Igor Cornselsen pieces of advice that every investor gets acquainted with bonds and stocks because these are valuable sources of passive income that can continue to make them money well into retirement. Not many people want to be working once they’re in their 60s and 70s and having reliable sources of passive income can make retirement come that much sooner.

Nick Vertucci: The Poker King and Real Estate Icon

Nick Vertucci is the affluent founder of the famed NV Real Estate and a shrewd poker player. As a poker player, he has competed against astute players including David Benyamine, Kenny Tran, and James Woods. Nick has been playing poker before becoming a mogul in the real estate industry.

How Nick Vertucci Wins Poker

Over the years, he has advanced his poker game while refining his strategies of establishing wealth in real estate. He employs intelligence bluffing in poker games. This tactic involves discouraging your opponent from playing or telling the broker to increase their offer because you have better terms in the seller’s hand. Nick applies the ability to read the others to determine their opponent’s next move in the game.

Poker game requires players to employ emotional control because it is the key to reading others and bluffing. The game is about being confident to intimidate opponents, improve risk assessment, and keep a player in the game. Poker requires players to be easily adaptable. Change is inevitable in poker, for instance, the flop can turn a game; therefore, an effective player should apply adaptability to play the game. Apart from these skills, Nick Vertucci employs aggressiveness, discipline, and patience in poker. He has participated in international tournaments like World Poker Tournament and Poker After Dark.

Other Achievements

Before venturing into real estate, Nick faced financial challenges while growing up. He joined a real estate academy to get proper training about the industry. After completing his studies, he invested in single-family homes where he purchased fore-closed houses, fixed, and rented them out to tenants. Nick Vertucci also educates aspiring real estate owners in his radio show: The Real Estate Investing Hour. Nick is also the author of Seven Figure Decisions. The books highlight the principles he applied to achieve his current financial freedom.

Igor Cornelsen: The Career Background of an Investment Advisor

Brazilian Igor Cornelsen is a very respected investment advisor born in 1947, October 4, in Curitiba. He commenced with joining the Federal University of Parana, an engineering school back in 1965. After 2 good years, Mr. Igor Cornelsen made a fateful resolution to commence studying economics. He graduated and got his first job as an investment banker in 1970.

At the time, most engineers used to work at investment banks due to their ability to use sliding rules to work out compound interest rates, computers and calculator were not as advanced and widely used as now. Mr. Igor Cornelsen worked extremely hard with passion and he succeeded to make his name big in his field. He moved to work in Rio, it was a huge gap for the determined man who yearned for success and with no time he was promoted in 1974 to become a member of Multibanco’s board of directors. After 2 good years, Mr. Igor Cornelsen became the CEO of Multibanco.

Unfortunately, the investment banker left Multibanco after the Bank of America acquired it in 1978. He moved to work with Unibanco, a heavyweight investment bank based in Brazil until 1985. Mr. Igor then moved to work with a Merchant Bank situated in London, Libra Bank PLC. The investment banker was extremely excited for the huge opportunity that paid him in dollars. He kept on doing his best in his field and he represented his country, Brazil, as he was among the London workmates that moved to Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. After 7 good years, he left the bank, but he is still a successful investment manager.

Mr. Igor Cornelsen disclosed that his idea of being an investment adviser was a consequence of his extensive experience in his field. At first, he managed funds for banks in the stock market back in 1971 and he has achieved a lot since then. The successful man shared that he does not have a unique strategy that enables him to expand his business. What he does is to keenly find out those assets that depreciated for quite a while. Igor Cornelsen is in love with Reuters news web service for they enable him to be productive by offering no bias reports.

Nick Vertucci: The Master of Career Diversity

Nick Vertucci is a successful real estate mogul, author, businessperson, and poker player. He is the master of career diversity and shines in both the real estate and poker world where he has made a fortune and a name for himself. Vertucci is a reputable poker player who has rubbed shoulders with the best players in the world and competed in the biggest and most competitive tournaments.


Nick Vertucci started as an entrepreneur selling computer accessories. His business flourished until the advent of the dot-com boom that left him at the verge of bankruptcy. In early 2000, he ventured into the real estate industry where he has enjoyed a successful and vibrant career. Vertucci’s went from grass to grace, from bankruptcy to a millionaire in the real estate sector. Nick uses his expertise and experience in real estate to teach and inspire people interested in real estate.


Apart from his expertise in the boardroom, Nick Vertucci has received recognition at the poker table. He is a prominent poker player who has earned the affection and respect of many people. Vertucci played his first poker game in 2004, and with a buy-in of $1,500, he won $7,530. Over the years, Vertucci has enhanced his poker skills and made a name for himself among the poker kings. He has competed with world champions and participated in globally recognized tournaments such as Poker after Dark and World Series of Poker.

Vertucci has earned a spot among poker gurus like Phil Helmuth and David Benyamine. His ranking on, a renowned poker player database, has risen over the years. Nick Vertucci’s success in the poker world emanates from his discipline, resilience, flexibility, and attention to detail. Also, he applies the knowledge and skills learned in the real estate industry to his poker games.

Matt Badiali Launches a Newsletter to Share his Knowledge

The finance expert studied at Penn State University where he specialized in earth sciences. He later joined another institution where advanced his education by pursuing a master’s degree in geology. At the University of Carolina, he obtained a Ph.D. Matt Badiali was introduced into the finance sector by one of his friends at the time who thought that his business skills and experience as a geologist would help many average investors. After some years, he had helped many people through offering some investment tips. Some of his clients who followed his investment advice have achieved good returns on investments including triple-digit profits.

Last year, he launched a popular newsletter known as Real Wealth Strategist at Banyan Hill publishing. The platform gives some insights into the natural resource markets. Unlike most sectors in the economy, the natural resource markets are often cyclical and involve a lot of speculation. According to Matt, the Real Wealth Strategist will help his clients to understand the science behind the market and hence making informed decisions. He recently predicted that there would be significant changes in the energy sector. Matt Badiali is of the opinion that electricity will change the current situation where fossils fuels are the main sources of energy in the economy. The investment expert Matt Badiali, revealed that the only challenge for scientists in efforts to use electricity as their main sources of energy was the lack of a battery that could store enough power to sustain a city.

Matt Badiali saw his father struggle to make his business succeed and that has made him more passionate in helping his clients to grow their small ventures and not to go through what his father went through. He has helped investors to yield higher investment returns in energy and metals. Due to the nature of his work, Mr. Badiali has traveled to many countries around the globe including Peru, Iraq, and Haiti to evaluate mines and oil projects and to come up with valuable investment insights. He wakes up very early in the morning where he takes his children to school and watches the latest news to see the developments in the business world.

Nick Vertucci: An Accomplished Real Estate Investor Amazes the World with His Poker Playing Skills

Nick Vertucci developed a mix of interests that have been found very unique. How often do you see an accomplished real estate investor and entrepreneur become a great poker player? Well, Nick Vertucci was a poker player even before he recorded a lot of success in real estate investments. During the tough times such as the 2008 financial crisis, investors are in their law and that is when poker comes in handy for the renowned real estate investor. Although he don’t rely on it as a major source of income, he has achieved a lot and made a lot of money playing poker, not to mention the fact that he has played poker with many celebrities and prominent people.

Poker had a part in Nick Vertucci’s journey to become a millionaire, according to him. Mr. Vertucci ventured into real estate a while after he was so low due to a financial crisis. He worked his way up and so far, he has written several books on the real estate business in an effort to encourage and promote entrepreneurship among the youth. He acknowledges that aspiring entrepreneurs face many challenges when getting into the real business. Now, he has started a real estate academy to help potential investors through their ideas, planning and implementation.

You could argue that change is inevitable, but Nick Vertucci has never deviated from playing poker no matter what. The first tournament he participated was held at Commerce, California. In the Commerce tournament, Mr. Vertucci played Texas Hold’em, his favorite poker game, against 250 opponents. He won US$7500 coming 8th place in the tournament. Right then, he knew he should hone his skills and continue improving to take on more challenges.

While playing poker, his real estate businesses and investments ran smoothly. Nick Vertucci can be referred to as a master in balancing career interests. As a poker player, he participated in big tournaments such as World Series of Poker a well as Poker After Dark.

Businessman Vijay Eswaran Executive Chairman of QI Companies

Vijay Eswaran is the founder of QI group of companies, which came into being in 1998. The firm provides e-commerce services that are based on conglomerate operations that entail retail sales, lifestyle and leisure goods, education resources, training and management of conference activities, telecommunications, diverse logistics, and property development.

Eswaran completed higher education studies from top universities in the UK and the US. He served in different top positions for companies such as the IBM and top ranks in many countries including the US, European nations, and others. His long time of outstanding performance built an impressive track record and experience. He returned to Asia in the 1990s and chose the path of entrepreneurship. In 1998, Eswaran and his friends came together and formed a like-minded institution that was focused on direct sales and training, which today has developed to be a multi-business conglomerate referred to as the QI group. Notably, the company is now operating internationally with its regional offices situated at HongKong, Singapore, Thailand, and Singapore.

Eswaran is a renowned motivational speaker and inspires congregations worldwide on various subjects, which range from spiritual matters to business. He has delivered his speech in different capacities and platforms including top-ranked universities, business related functions in various states, and leadership platforms like World Chinese Economics Summit among others.

Vijay Eswaran is listed among the best philanthropists in the world. He established the RHYTHM Foundation, which acted as the corporate social responsibility branch of the QI Company. In addition, he initiated the establishment of charity organizations in Malaysia, which he named Vijayaratnam Foundation after his father. In 2011, he was recognized as the Forbes Asia’s Heroes of Philanthropy, a list that included 48 philanthropists from 12 nations who were celebrated as business leaders and as noble private citizens.

Guilherme Paulus Sees Tech Changing Tourism

Guilherme Paulus is the current Chairman of GJP Hotels & Resorts, a company with 20 properties across Brazil. Along with his work at GJP, he is also in the top position of CVC Brasil’s Board of Advisors.

Paulus’ hotel brand has more than 5,000 employees throughout their different locations. The doors of his first hotel opened in 1995 and they have had more than 95,000 people who have been in their resorts and hotels.

Staying grateful for his life is something that is important to Guilherme Paulus. The hotel expert stays extremely optimistic through his day and tries to begin each one by showing gratitude. When he takes the time to think of everything that he is grateful for in his life, he looks forward to where his life will take him even more. It’s also important to try to stay organized and he also starts his day by writing out what he needs to do for the week. This makes him feel as if he is more productive and also empowered about what he has to do.

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It’s important for Guilherme Paulus to be the first one to act in a situation. Sometimes this can be extremely intimidating to do but it can get a lot done and lead to some great opportunities. While there are times where following your gut instinct can lead to bad decisions, it’s still reassuring that you decided to go with what you thought was right for the time. If you want to bring an idea to life it’s important to have faith in it that it will be able to succeed.

Technology is very exciting to Brazilian entrepreneur when it comes to both his professional life and his personal life. Technology plays a very important role in many people’s everyday lives and he sees a lot of potential in serving his customers even better. With how fast information is shared now, he will be able to know what his customers need faster than ever before. It’s an exciting time to be in business and the hospitality industry in particular. The customer experience is changing and he wants to be at the forefront.

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Nick Vertucci Excelling in Both Real Estate and Poker Game

Nick Vertucci has a curved a name for himself when it comes to the real estate investment industry. He has managed to construct a couple homes in the Orange County, California. This led him to open the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. Furthermore, Nick launched his very first book dubbed, Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed.

Apart from the real estate career, Nick Vertucci is again making a name for himself in the poker game. He is not known to many as the successful poker player. In the poker career of Nick Vertucci, he has battled it out with some of the greats. Nick Vertucci has sat at the same poker table with Antonio Esfandiari aka “the magician”, Phil Helmuth “the Poker brat”, David Benyamine, Mike Matusow “the mouth”, Phil Lakk “the unibomber” and Kenny Tran.

In addition to sitting with some of the greats in the game, Nick has also gamed with infamous public figures such as Ben Affleck, James Wood, Jennifer Tilly, and Don Cheadle. The poker game history of Mr. Vertucci dates back when before he struck gold in real estate investment.

Back in 2004, Vertucci enrolled at the first big tournament dubbed No-Limit Texas Hold’em commerce championship, CA. Out of all the 251 participants that showed up for the poker game, he emerged at the 8th spot with total winnings of $7, 530.

Over the course of the yeas, Nick has managed to improve his game. He has participated in some of the tops recognized tournaments across the world such as the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, Live at the Bike in Bell Gardens, Poker After Dark on NBC and the World Poker Tournament.

Nick rankings on the has risen to 108, 680th position on the All-Time Money List. A game of choice for the poker guru still remains Texas Hold’Em.