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How Felipe Montoro Jens helps in Strategizing and Managing Finance and Infrastructure

Felipe Montoro Jens has a vast experience in finance and infrastructure, having held positions in big financial institutions. Having previously worked as the director of Santo Antonio Energia, the Chief executive is well versed with financial matters and is an expert in his field. He offers help in financial strategy for both individuals and companies. To break it down, Felipe Montoro Jens mostly deals with infrastructure, looking for the best methods states and firms can use to get rid of economic waste, and accountability with finances. More about Felipe Montoro Jens at

Felipe Montoro Jens recently reported that the “Great works stopped: how to face the problem?” study conducted by the National Confederation of Industry (CNI) showed that 2,796 works in Brazil are inactive. 517 of those are linked with the infrastructure sector, which cost about R $ 10.7 billion to the government treasury.

When talking about infrastructure, proper sanitation was seen to be the most affected. The implementation period saw a total of 447 businesses affected. Felipe Montoro Jens stated that the disruption of the development of the day-care centers, preschools and sports facilities in the educational units was also cued by the study. According to the study and Mr. Jens, the economic disaster in Brazil is the reason why spending needs to be controlled. This has led to the interference of crucial infrastructure projects by the federal government.

The study by the CNI is just a part of 43 documents on strategic matters that the unit presented to candidates who wish to vie for the presidential ticket in the elections that are to be held next October. With Felipe Montoro Jens’ input and experience, the unit is mandated with running the Social Service of Industry. The entity also comes up with rational policies that improve building and infrastructure in the country.

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James River Capital

James River Capital was established in 1986 and served as alternative investment department of Kidder, Peabody & Co. In 1995 it became an independent investment firm after Paul Saunders, and Kevin Brandt acquired the business from Kidder. James River is licensed as an Investment Advisor with the SCE, Commodity Trading, and Pool Operator with the CFTC. According to statistics James River had over $570 million under management in James River products, as of July 1, 2018.

Recently James River released a blog on three things to do to improve leadership qualities. According to River, a leader is both an art and science as great skills of development are required to lead and effectively manage a team. For one to be a great leader, there are simple changes you can adapt to your leadership approach which can make a big difference. Many companies have conducted extensive studies, and they have discovered three simple changes that can improve leadership skills.

1.Support your team rather than Leading them

A good leader who is dedicated to supporting, and willing to see his squad succeeding should utilize this strategy. It begins with making a critical mentality shift not to lead but instead help your team. Such Small changes sometimes make the most significant impact. Follow James River Capital on LinkedIn

2.Promote and Encourage Close Communication

Fact shows that about 85 percent of employees withhold critical information to their employers. With poor communication, there will be no room for innovation, collaboration, and engagement. Openness and transparent communication are vital for the success of any business. Google through research discovered psychological concept, which ensures there are close links between employees and their bosses. This close link makes people feel safe when presenting to you their problems, challenges, and improvement. Methods of creating psychological safety in your firm are through encouraging and making sure every worker gets a chance to speak during meetings. Learn more:

  1. Listen and Accept Everyone`s Opinion

During team meetings, it’s essential to recognize and appreciate participating members. An appropriate strategy should be laid down to ensure every member of the conference gets a chance to a speak out their view. This can be achieved through recording members in attendance and also placing checkmarks next to person names when they speak. Following that procedure, you will realize the quitter members and ask them for their input. Following the above will enhance mutual understanding of workers to their boss.