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Bernardo Chua Established Organo Gold With A Unique Business Model

Bernardo Chua began Organo Gold or Organo in 2008 and serves the company as the CEO. The business model is based on network marketing and offers premium coffee, tea, OGX body management products and dietary supplements for an active lifestyle. Organo is based out of British Columbia and has introduced Ganoderma to the Western world. This is an Asian herb commonly used for medicines. Once the product line was developed, Organo was launched. Read more at about Organo Gold.

Bernardo Chua has since expanded the line of coffee which is sold through an independent distribution network and website. Customers are able to receive shipments each month. Organo Gold has become popular all over the world and is sold in fifty countries. When the products are used together, the benefits are maximized. The reason Organo is so unique is because the products contain an herb from the Ganoderma mushroom called reishi. This herb is contained in all the products. Follow Organo Gold on

Organo Gold built their reputation on their numerous flavors of coffee but the energy supplements and detoxification products are becoming popular. Two new supplements have been released in the OGX line. OGX XT was created for a natural energy boost. The company also created the X4Ever program. This links customers with the OGX community and provides motivation, education and encouragement for lifestyle goals while assisting with an obstacles.

Organo Gold is also involved with philanthropy. They help youths across the globe by sponsoring the OG Cares Foundation. This foundation has fed, educated and nurtured children at risk in India, Nigeria, the Philippines, the United States and Mexico. The coffee culture is strong in Northern California and the Pacific Northwest and has been for decades. Each city has their own unique trends. For some areas, it is based on immigrant culture and in others on major coffee chains. Despite the different cultures, coffee is highly valued.


Neurocore Brain Centers wants People to Take a Closer Look at Depression

Neurcore Brain Centers is a therapy treatment organization that is based out of Michigan but also has an office in Florida. This organization has been around since 2006 and it serves the purpose of unlocking the power of the brain to overcome mental health problems and conditions. Neurocore therapies deal with everything from anxiety, ADHD to excessive stress and even depression. Let’s review some key points that Neurocore presents about depression. The facts they present about this mental health condition can help people to view depression in a different light. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Depression is a major problem for 16 million people. Those numbers are actually higher but many cases of depression go unreported. The fact is that a lot of people suffering from depression will not reveal this issue to anyone. They suffer in silence. Neurocore also points out that there are multiple forms of depression. Major depressive disorder is a primary type of depression. Persistent depressive disorder is another form of this condition that could last for many years. Women can also get postpartum depression after having a baby and people can even become depressed with the change of seasons. Depression is at an all time high during the winter months. Read more about Neurocore at

Neurocore wants people to know that depression harms a person’s body. People who are depressed degrade physically. They typically deal with a lot of tension, shortness of breath, headaches and even stomach problems. Depression can also lead to suicide. Neurocore states that this is the second leading cause of death among young people. Unfortunately, suicide is at an all time high in modern American life. This situation has to change. You should also understand that depression disables many American people in terms of work and productivity.

Depression can be treatable. Millions of people have been able to recover from depression and improve their lives. While everyone will not overcome depression, a lot of people do make it out. Neurocore wants people to know that there is hope. They do not want any depressed person to give up when they are able to recover from this problem.


Exploring Oil Options in the Gulf of Mexico: Tim Duncan’s Talos Energy Big Pay Off

Tim Duncan is determined to explore oil options in the Gulf of Mexico. In recent months discoveries of oil and gas in the Mexican side of the gulf have triggered a “feeding frenzy” to succor drilling rights. Duncan understands that there is a risk involved but with his recent acquisition of Stone Energy he feels that it is an acceptable risk.

The merger of Talos Energy with Stone Energy does give Duncan leverage he didn’t have before. The combination of the public entity and Duncan’s private entity with both companies providing similar services was the catalyst for the merger. Duncan understands that the risky Mexican waters provide some unique challenges. It was the realization of these challenges that drove him to consider combining forces with Stone Energy.

Duncan was challenged to get the deal done so he can gain leverage on new oil and gas fields in Mexican waters. The opportunities to obtain drilling rights and utilize the newer technology was hard to resist. Duncan does thrive on challenges. In the past, Duncan was instrumental in obtaining the Phoenix field and rehabilitating it after Hurricane Rita destroyed it. Phoenix field now produces 16,000 barrels a day with the expectation of producing more.

The acquisition of Stone Energy’s assets provides Talos Energy with new resources such as the Pompano platform. These existing platforms allow Talos Energy to explore the area and make new discoveries.

Duncan’s experience in the oil and gas industry spans twenty years. He worked for Zilkha Energy as an engineer in 1996. It was while he was working at Zilkha Energy that he learned the most about geology and the new developments in the industry. Duncan pursued this interest and helped launch Gryphon Exploration in 2000. The discoveries he made there encouraged him to continue his passion. It led him to cofound Phoenix Exploration in 2006.

Exploring new oil and gas fields is in Duncan’s blood. Talos Energy is poised to uncover many oil fields with untapped resources. The lesson learned from the BP disaster won’t be repeated and Duncan’s hope is for a rebound for deepwater explorers.

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PSI Pay: The Solution Millennial Consumers Are Ever Grateful For

Looking at how the millennial generation is doing things today, it is evident technology has advanced to another level. People who were born in the 1980s onwards seem to be the greatest technology consumers around the world. Most people within this millennial generation use the modern technology when making their transactions. Contactless payment is probably the most enjoyable payment transaction this generation enjoys. With an electronic object or even a mobile device, it is easier to swipe money and payments from any location. All you need to look for is a payment terminal that would process your transaction more efficiently.

PSI Pay happens to be the contactless payment method people have been looking for. With this method, you can use the modern payment card to complete your transaction. If you have some digital accounts for your company, organization, or business, you need to find out more about this contactless payment method. PSI-Pay has its main offices in the UK, and it is penetrating to other many countries. Europe is among the continents that enjoy the contactless payment this company has introduced. The company also uses Kerv to make online payments convenient. With certain terminals set in different parts, more contactless payment rings are being introduced.

Kerv collaborates with PSI Pay to make online payments great. Kerv is issuing virtual cards to make this great idea possible. According to the PSI Pay, there are more than 38 million locations where contactless payment technology could be used across the world. This method existed many years ago, but people who lived at that time didn’t pay much attention to it as a noble payment method. Most people can’t help praising this method for the convenience it brings.

With PSI Pay, you don’t have to carry a lot of cash with you. You also shouldn’t find exchanging your currencies or getting change from your wallet or purse a problem. People who have used this contactless method severally know their credit or debit cards don’t require the approval of any kind. Contactless payment is a system you can load easily whenever you want. It helps you to load your funds through your local bank or any payment center near you. It’s good to understand this payment technology doesn’t dismiss cash or disregard its usefulness.

How Corporate Resolutions Performs Executive Background Checks

Corporate Resolutions has a highly trained and experienced team that carries out executive background checks and investigations on fund managers, administrative teams, hires, vendors and partners in a bid to allow interested parties to make the right choices.

Here is how they get it done;

Private Equity Arrangements

If you are a private equity investor, they make sure that you have all information about the deals you want to close. Our review takes a look at a wide range of angles and spans multiple jurisdictions. They help you confirm the information presented to you as true. They also help you find red flags and also seek to establish facts that can help you at the bargaining stage.

Venture Capital Deals

VCs need to be absolutely sure about the credentials of the people they work with. Corporate Resolutions pores through volumes of data, looking into the reputations of possible investors, their conduct on social media and their credentials. The company then tables a report to the client’s desk.

Selection of Fund Managers

If you are looking at hiring a manager, you want them to be able to work with minimum hassle. You also want  them to be competent people with no record of criminal history, conflicts of interests or wrong credentials. They look at all facets of their personal and professional lives and examine how what they find could affect their work and then report back to you.

Board Member Appointments and Executive Hiring

A company needs to know precisely who they are hiring. They take a look at the candidates you submit to us, dissecting their past and diving deep to establish possible past infractions or red flags. At the end of our investigations, they are able to come up with a solid picture of the people you expect to fill senior level positions.

Vendor Screening and Pre-Engagement

Businesses deal with tens of thousands of clients, vendors or partners. Every new relationship comes with risks, and they help companies mitigate that. They take a look at prospective partners, ensuring that they are squeaky clean and cannot tarnish your brand in any way. They do this by checking out their history, credentials, and public outlook.

Due Diligence at the International Level

Our investigations have a global scope, where they work with over 75 countries. They have seasoned partners in our networks, and they come from highly specialized investigative backgrounds, which make it easy for them to go out there and collect the most elusive of data. This network helps move things faster because every asset in every country is tasked with very specific responsibilities.

IPOs, Mergers & Acquisitions

Companies are always acquiring others, making joint venture deals or putting out large sums of money for investments. Before you go all in, you need to know what you are setting yourself up for. They begin by taking a look at the most valued players on your list and work our way down. Our experts are constantly on the lookout for triggers that could cause risk or embarrassment in the future. In overseas cases, they take special care to make sure data is collected on the ground and compared with what they already have.

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Actor Who Played Colossus Wants Colossus to Fight Thanos

Stefan Kapicic, the star who plays as Colossus in the Deadpool movies was asked who he wanted to see Colossus fight next after fighting the Juggernaut. He has answered that he would love to see Colossus take on Thanos. This is an interesting statement because X-Men and Avengers are both Marvel characters. However, there are hurdles to seeing this happen. For one thing, Fox has the movie rights to these characters. The only way that this can be a possibility is when the deal is finalized between Fox and Disney. However, this is not expected for a while.

Another thing that is interesting is that there is a link between Deadpool and Avengers. This link is actor Josh Brolin who plays Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War and Cable in Deadpool. This link has enabled Deadpool to make the joke calling Cable Thanos. Another interesting thing that Deadpool and Avengers share is that both recent releases have been praised by audiences and critics. While Deadpool is not making nearly as much as Avengers partially because of the rating, they both have high levels of praises. Some of the early reviews have stated that Deadpool 2 was even better than Infinity War.

As of right now, there are talks about a Deadpool 3 and an X-Force movie. Also, depending on how the deal goes with Disney and Fox, the characters might start appearing in the MCU. The only thing is how it would work if this does happen. Disney and Fox would be a big thing for the MCU.

Australian Aboriginal Culture Touted in New Netflix Film

This month, Netflix released Cargo, an original film invoking themes of zombies and a global apocalypse. Set in the deserts of Western Australia it stars Martin Freeman, Susie Porter and Simone Landers. The dark film offers vivid cinematography and an original spin on the conventional horror pandemic motif.

The movie opened to largely positive reviews, including a favorable write up on the website. One distinctive element in the production involves the decision to portray the traditional intuitive Aboriginal culture in Australia as furnishing a survival advantage during the downfall of a doomed consumerist society. A strikingly high percentage of Aborigines don’t contract the ravaging illness which decimates other people in the movie.

A Film Debut

Actress Simone Landers portrays Thoomi in the film. The teen avoids the contamination of a grim zombie-causing pandemic. She crosses paths with Andy, a father desperate to promote the survival of his young daughter. Together they face a challenging trek through a world transformed by a deadly and devastating plague. The film casts talented Simone Landers in her first professional acting role.

A Star With Extensive Credits

Martin Freeman who plays Andy in Cargo by contrast possesses a lengthy series of acting credits. Many viewers in the United States may remember his guest appearance as the devious Lester Nygaard in the 2014 season of Fargo. His roles include portraying Dr. Watson in the British-based Sherlock television series. He has starred in numerous movies (including appearing in recurring roles in The Hobbit franchise based on the J. R. R. Tolkein fantasy novels and as intrepid Iain MacKelpie in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot(2016)). The character of Andy in Cargo perseveres with determination despite overwhelming odds against his child’s survival.

Andrew Lincoln Exits The Walking Dead

Fans of the AMC zombie series The Walking Dead will be shocked to hear that series star Andrew Lincoln has announced that he will no be part of the horror series following the show’s upcoming ninth season. Lincoln is only expected to appear in six episodes next season. The actor has been playing Rick Grimes, an ex-cop turned leader in a post-apocalypse America, since the show’s first season in 2010. While Lincoln has not said why he wants to quit the zombie series, speculation rests on the actor wanting to spend more time with his family. The Walking Dead films in Georgia while Lincoln’s family lives in the United Kingdom. Lincoln has also stated that he feels that Rick’s story arc is coming to an end, and he wants to see the character’s journey come to completion.

Lincoln is not the only actor who has been with the show for a long time to exit the series recently. Last season, Chandler Riggs, who plays Rick’s son Carl on the show, left after his character suffered a bite from a walker. Like Lincoln, Riggs had been with the show since it began in 2010. Additionally, it was recently announced that Lauren Cohan, who has played Maggie since the show’s second season, would also only appear in six episodes of the coming season.

While fans worry that Lincoln and Cohan’s exits will lead to the show’s end, AMC plans to continue the series despite the exit of two of its biggest stars. Part of the network’s plan to keep audiences interested in the series is to offer actor Norman Reedus, who has played Daryl Dixon on the show since season one, a larger paycheck to stay with the series. Rumors are that the show’s writers hope for Reedus to assume Lincoln’s position as leading actor on the series.

The Darker Side of Muppets Explored With Happytime Murders

When people think about muppets, they think about the characters that they have seen in shows like Sesame Street. However, there is a new movie coming out that is based on the concept of muppets. This is called Happytime Murders. This is a violent film filled with foul language and adult themes. One scene in the trailer shows a muppet getting blown away. This shows that the film is going to involve murder and other acts not expected in a show about muppets.

Melissa McCarthy has a lead role in Happytime Murders. The overall feel of the film is reminiscent of The Heat. In this movie, Melissa McCarthy plays the role of a detective who has to solve the case of the murders of the Happytime Gang cast. This seems pretty straight-forward. The trailers show enough footage for people to make an assessment of the kind of movie they expect to get. This could be reminiscent of some of the action comedies of an earlier era.

One thing that people make comparisons to is Who Framed Roger Rabbit. However, this film puts muppets in the place of the cartoon characters. This is also not the first time that human actors have interacted with muppets on the big screen. There are plenty of films that feature some of the muppets and characters similar to muppets. Either way, this could go one of two ways. This can actually be a good film, or this can turn out to be a mediocre movie going experience.

Adam Milstein and anti-Semitism

Adam Milstein holds positions in other organizations most of them to do with philanthropy, to get. He is also a partner in the management of Hager pacific properties. He is a graduate of the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s Of Science Degree in Business and Economics in 1978 and later in 1981 he got an MBA from USC (University of Southern California). Adam Milstein has also served in the IDF during the Yom Kippur War that was back in 1973. He is also Chairman of the Board of the Council of Israeli-American, of which he is a co-founder.

Other than, his charity work, which largely focuses on the growth of the Jewish People as well the State of Israel. Adam and his wife are co-finders of a foundation that sponsors the education of not only students but also young professionals who wish to connect to their Jewish roots, those who want to identify with the State of Israel and provide an information hub of facts about the Israel state and the Jewish people. In 2016, Algemeiner named Milstein its Top 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life.

Recently Adam Milstein opened up, about the growing anti-Semitism that has long been associated with the radical right but has now begun increasing on the left as well, and it is a well-known fact that radical Muslim movements also incite their followers with vicious anti-Semitism. In the world that is becoming increasingly connected, these three groups are now exchanging ideas, tactics and even sharing their views online. This created a surging wave of hate, bigotry, and racism that has opened the gates to radicalization.

From his words to his work, and the partnerships he gets involved in, it becomes clear that Adam Milstein holds a deep spiritual and emotional connection to his Israeli Homeland. He believes that identifying with their Israeliness opens a world that many young American Jews conditioned to think that Jewish ties are centered around the synagogue, have never thought of before.

Though Milstein plans to continue working on behalf of Israel, he also has opinions that are less than famous especially among who have lived in Israel all their lives.