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Papau New Guinea plans to ban Facebook for a whole month

Facebook is being banned in Papau New Guinea for a month so that the country can research the effect of social media on its population and also identify and close fake accounts. The country’s communication minister Sam Basil stated that a month’s ban will allow the filtration of pornography and fake accounts from the website.

Sam Basil added that this time is convenient for the collection of information especially for those operate fake accounts, people who post fake news, and those who upload pornographic content on Facebook. Sam reported to the Post Courier newspaper about this development because it was going to allow for genuine identification of Facebook account holders to use the social network in a responsible way.

This news has come right after Facebook’s grilling and criticism from lawmakers and users all over the world over its user data handling, adding to the revelation of Cambridge Analytics usage of 87 million unauthorized data from American Facebook users.

Facebook has also been on the radar on the ongoing investigation of how Russia meddled into the U.S Presidential elections that happened in 2016. Facebook deleted so many Russian linked accounts which are said to have been used to create divisions among the citizens of U.S before the election through ad buys that were targeted, controversial posts and through events.

According to Sam Basil, these cases that hang over Facebook show the vulnerabilities that citizens of Papau New Guinea have on their information on Facebook. Basil went ahead to suggest that Papau New Guinea is going to create its unique social networking site which their citizens are going to use.

According to a digital media expert based at the University of Sydney, Aim Sinpeng stated that the vast majority of New Guineans are not on Facebook, and a ban will not affect its population. Aim Sinpeng never understood the reasoning behind the ban, because the government can go ahead and do a research on fake accounts, filter them and close the fake accounts without creating a limit on user access to Facebook.

Sinpeng is not sure what is going to be achieved by a one month ban and why it is even necessary in the first place; as a Facebook analysis can still be done without a ban.

The Fruitful Efforts of Different American Performing Artists

John Marr, a successful artist will be starting his North American tour from June 15th. He is purposely organized the tour to raise funds for promoting his most recent album Call the Comet. Tickets will be available from the 1st of June. Fans can either access them through John Marr’s website or through his sales agents. Before deciding on tackling his career singlehandedly, he used to play guitars for a band called the Smiths.

The places that he will visit from the 15th of September include Toronto, New York, Portland, Mexico City, San Francisco, Tennessee, Boston and Los Angeles. After that, John Marr will close the tour at Pennsylvania at one the most popular theatres in Philadelphia. His other albums include Playland which was released in 2014.

In other news, the most anticipated 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards will be featuring artists such as Chloex Halle, Mustard, and Nick Jonas. These amazing artists will take control of most of the performances in the evening for purposes of spicing up the event. Mustard and Nick Jonas will present their collabo dubbed as ‘Anywhere’. Mustard is one of the singers who have achieved enormous fame right in front of our eyes. Besides, he is an actor and has won awards such as Best On-Screen Team. He has worked with other superstars and they include Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson, Karen Gillan and Jack Black. The 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards will be happening at the Barker Hangar in Los Angeles.

On the other hand, Chloex Halle be performing ‘The Kids Are Alright ‘alongside another jam known as ‘Warrior’. Chloex Halle comprises of two ladies who will be filling the air with vigor and relentess power. Their song, ‘Warrior’, is a piece that speaks powerfully about music performance. Not only does it restrict them to express their talents but also pass across certain empowering messages.

Most importantly, the event will be filled with other celebrities such as the Blank Panther Star, Michael Jordan, Chris Patt, Zendaya, Seth Rogen, Lena Waithe, Gina Rodriguez and many others. It will be quite a colourful event surrounded by positive energy from successful and talented individuals. Therefore, fans are urged to embrace the comfort of their home televisions on the 18th of June for a sizzling experience.

Meeting at Trump Towers between Trump’s Lawyer Cohen and Russian Billionaire Viktor Vekselberg

Michael Cohen who is president Trump’s lawyer had a meeting with the Russian Oligarch on the relations between Russia and the U.S eleven days before the inaugural ceremony of making Trump the president, according to an individual who was aware of the meeting.

Viktor Veekselberg who is a billionaire paid Cohen through a firm $500,000 as a consultation fee. Cohen met with Veklelberg in his offices in the Trump Tower’s 26th floor for about 20 minutes, as the individual stated who provided the information anonymously because the meeting was not supposed to be discussed publicly. Viktor and Cohen were later joined by Andrew Intrater, who is the American cousin to Viktor and heads a private equity firm in New York that is responsible for managing the financial assets of the Russians.

The anonymous individual who provided this information said that the meeting that was held in January 2017 was based on cultural and business relations between Russia and the US. Viktor Vekselberg has been working in the past few years on improving the U.S trade and tech relations.

The firm that paid Cohen $500,000 is called Columbus Nova and Stormy Daniels the adult film star’s lawyer said that the money went to a shell company owned by Cohen. The same shell company which is called Essential Consultants LLC was the one that was used to pay off Daniels (Stephanie Clifford) for her silence on the alleged affair that Trump had with her, which Trump denies.

Federal investigations on Cohen are currently going on in New York after Robert Mueller who is a special counsel investigating the contracts between Russian intermediaries and the presidential campaign of Trump referred the matter to the authorities.

Vekselberg is reported by Columbas Nova to have no association with the money transfer as was earlier stated. In April, Vekselberg was targeted with sanctions by the U.S Treasury Department as links were discovered on his ties to Vladimir Putin who is the Russian president.

The New York Times reported the meeting between the three men that happened in the Trump Tower, referring to a video surveillance followed by an Intrater interview. Intrater is the owner of Columbus Nova that is said to have been a medium of paying Cohen with the consultation fee of $500,000.

Twenty And Talented

Imagine being young in your twenties and having your name gracing one of the business publications. The staff at Forbes works around the clock selecting the world’s finest 600 people for this list. Then expert editors slim that list down to what becomes the Forbes 30 under 30, which is a harder list to make than being accepted into Stanford and Harvard University. If you are lucky enough to break Forbes’ 30 under 30 crucial list it is because you boast the passion, will power and game-changing drive needed to get the world’s attention and also have been living just shy of 30 years.

The arts, media, Hollywood, technology, consumer tech, ecommerce, sports, gaming, marketing, you name it are all the categories apart of this list. The year long process has to collect nominations that exceed 10,000 people. Then the judges have to groom the list down to a measly 600 people. These 600 people posses the characteristics of grit, passion and vision. They come from over 50 various countries. They are college educated and college dropouts. They are startup founders and co-founders. They are social entrepreneurs. Floral business owners. Technology startup founders. Pet care company owners. They are actors. They are musicians. There’s a California mayor, U.S. Olympian, wide receiver, real estate disruptor and high school dropout rounding out the list. Some reside on the East Coast and some reside on the West Coast. Some are just under thirty and some are still in their teens.

Most of Forbes’ 30 under 30 honorees believe in having grit. The complete list of the honorees can be found here Your text to link… They believe passion is important and thirdly a vison is a must. Whether these 3o incredible trailblazers work in the same sector or not, they believe in doing good and making the world a better place. Only one percent of them believe fame and fortune define success. The other ninety-nine percent believe what makes this world a better place is doing what you love. With a mindset like that it is pretty safe to assume, these ambitious visionaries will continue to shock and shape the world around us.

Hurricane Maria Death Toll is in the Thousands

Hurricane Maria was a category 5 major hurricane that destroyed many homes in late September of 2017. It was the worst ever natural disaster that Puerto Rico and Dominica had to endure.

The government declared that the lives claimed by the storm were only sixty-four, but studies indicate that it is more likely that the death toll is actually over 5,000. The Puerto Rico Center for Investigative Reporting did not believe that the fatalities could be so low, and they came to that conclusion after their own findings.

A research group that is from Harvard Chan School of Public Health teamed up with a group of graduate students in Puerto Rico from the Ponce Health Sciences University and Carlos Albizu University. They conducted a survey, of over 9,000 people, and asked about the deaths and what caused them between September 20th and December 31st in 2017. They concluded that more people died in these months than from the years before. After hurricane Maria, the mortality rate in Puerto Rico had risen sixty-two percent.

The coming weeks after the hurricane hit, funeral directors and families stated that there were many deaths caused by the hurricane, and that those deaths were not included in the death toll from the government. Apparently, many victims were cremated, with government permission, and they decided to not include them in the death toll.

The researchers from Harvard stated that the victims’ families claimed that those who died from injuries from the hurricane were not able to, or did not have, access to medical care. The hurricane caused a power outage in Puerto Rico, the roads were collapsed and cellphone towers were ruined, which prevented many people from being able to seek help. The living conditions for the average household between the months of September and December consisted of eighty-four days without electricity, no water for sixty-eight days, and cell phones would not work for forty-one days. There is also no clean water, so the people drink from the springs and wells. Unfortunately, there was a leptospirosis breakout and three people died.

Months after this disaster, there is still so much more that needs to be done and people that need help. And hopefully in the future we are more prepared and act sooner.

James Dondero – A Philanthropist at his best

James Dondero started his career by graduating from college with two Bachelor of Science degrees. From college, he started working with JPMorgan Chase & Co which he completed a financial training program. James Dondero then went on to work for American Express and managed a large fund while there.

James later became the Chief Investment Office at Protective Life’s GIC Subsidiary. He transformed the company into a $2 billion business. Currently, James is the Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management which is in Dallas, Texas. Visit to know more about James.

Highland Capital Management is considered one of the largest investment company across the globe. They specialize in several different accounts such as equity and hedge funds. James also is very much involved in various charitable organizations in the Dallas community, as well as using his company to help improve North Texas and assisting those in need in the Dallas community.

James Dondero donated $1 million to the Dallas Zoo to help rebuild the hippopotamus habitat after it closed in 2001 due to a hippopotamus death. Other locals have joined James and together donated a total of $14 million to the Dallas Zoo. Now visitors can view the hippopotamus within an area that is named after James Dondero’s investment firm. Visit to know more about James Dondero.

James and his company also donated money to the Perot Museum of Natural Science, he assists with Uplift Education, the Snowball Express and now a partner with Mary Jalonich, who is the President and CEO of the Dallas Foundation. Together they have formed Highland Dallas Foundation Inc which helps James select charities. Their Foundation helps with veterans, educational needs, and health care concerns in the North Texas area.

James Dondero also offers grants to support various organizations in North Texas. James offered a $1 million challenge grant to The Family Place which is a shelter for men who have experience domestic violence. James also raised additional funds to help residents at The Family place, and he is indeed a Philanthropist at his best.


President Trump Ignored the FBI’s Warning in 2016

US President Donald Trump during the weekend asked the Justice Department and the FBI why they didn’t inform him about the “Russia issue” during the presidential campaign in 2016. For those who are just joining in the discussion, it is easy to label the two departments as at fault. Even Ari Fleischer who is the Press Secretary of the White House noted that this concern was raised legitimately.

Now, the issue is not that the question is not valid, but the question was answered several months ago as the NBC News declared in a report that was documented in December last year.

In this report, it showcases how Trump was warned about foreign adversaries that included Russia. He was warned how these adversaries were going to try to spy on his campaign according to several officials of the government who were aware of the matter.

A counterintelligence briefing that was organized by the senior FBI officials was presented to president Trump. Similarly, the FBI presented Hillary Clinton with the same briefing with the objective of providing the presidential nominees with information that would make them be aware of the potential threats that were coming from foreign spies.

According to the report, the two presidential nominees were asked to report about any kind of suspicious activity during their campaigns to the FBI.

There are different ways to look at the whole story. Firstly, the complaint that was presented by Donal Trump – that the FBI should have notified him while he was undertaking the presidential campaign about the “Russian issue” as they attacked his political campaign system- is hard to even take on a serious note given the fact that there is evidence that states that he was given a counterintelligence briefing on the same in 2016.

Since the president decided to remind us about the bigger picture, it shows how much he ignored the entire FBI briefing. Sadly, no one in his campaign thought of mentioning the matter to any law enforcement, even after a counterintelligence briefing was presented about how Russia was planning on gaining access to his presidential campaign system.

To paint the picture whole, when Trump was receiving the first counterintelligence briefing after the FBI warning, several Trump campaign members of staff and his family had met with Russians, but Trump never mentioned anything.

Rosanne Tweets, The World Reacts

The power of Twitter was never more present than recently with the cancellation of Roseanne Barr’s popular television show Rosanne. So how did a tweet lead to the cancellation of a very popular show on a major network? The answer to this can be found when you go back and look at the whole story. Rosanne made a joke about Valerie Jarrett that was very much in bad taste and the world reacted. It did not take long for the reaction to this tweet to spread. People on both sides of the tweet expressed their feelings taking to the social media platform and letting their support or lack of for Rosanne be known.

A few hours later the network reacted even though the actress had already publicly apologized. this was looked at as an act that simply could not be overlooked. The network was in a position that they had to do something to distance themselves from the tweet and that was when the decision to cancel the show was made. This should have been the end of this, but soon Twitter was overrun again by those on both sides of the issue.

All of this has created a discussion about the actions that those that are in the public eye and how they use social media to express their views. There are those that say those in the public eye should think carefully about what they say in all forms of social media. More and more companies, networks and broadcast platforms are holding their talent accountable for the things that they say when on social media.

The example of what happened with Rosanne Barr shows that many companies and especially those in broadcasting are taking things seriously and distancing themselves from individuals that may present a less than flattering image when they take to social media. There is a lot that these people can learn from this example and hopefully, they will be a little more careful about the things that they say on social media and think about the impact that a joke or comment can have on a company that they work for as well as for their career as well. As time passes more of these companies will be taking a harder stance on those that work for them coming out and making statements that are not reflective of them and their company.

Talos Energy Emerges From The U.S. Gulf Of Mexico

Talos Energy is an unconventional gas and oil organization led by a highly experienced team of managers working in offshore exploration as well as production. The organization has a steady track record of maintaining its positive results. The company successfully established and sold Gryphon Exploration Company and Phoenix Exploration Company, two Gulf of Mexico gas and oil companies.

On Thursday, Talos Energy became a public organization following the closure of a merger costing almost $2 billion with Stone Energy from Louisiana. The transaction produced a greater offshore energy participant focusing on the Gulf of Mexico and the United States. Talos, the private equity-backed company, went independent by purchasing greater shares in Stone, a public trading organization.

This young Houston-based company started trading in New York Exchange with the ticker TALO. Timothy Duncan, the Chief Executive Officer and President of this organization, called the merger a transformational combination. It is a 63 – 37 percent type of sharing in the new organization with Talos backers owning the majority while Stone shareholders got the later.

Duncan mentioned during the announcement that Talos Energy is exceptionally placed to maximize on its high-quality asset and returns focused programs in offshore Mexico and the United States Gulf of Mexico. It is also to take advantage of possible opportunities that may develop following the transaction.

The establishment of this organization took place six years ago with its intentions being on the Gulf with the monetary backing of important private equity organizations the Riverstone Holdings and the Apollo Global Management. The initial plan was to make Talos Energy public in 2014/ 2015 utilizing an IPO, but the fateful oil bust drowned those ideas up to now.

The organization got lucky with Zama discovery last summer after the organization won some of the initial offshore bids with various partners in Mexico’s energy transformation process which opened oceanic barriers to foreign investors. Zama is the crucial initial discovery in the region’s deregulation processes. Stone Energy had been operating from Lafayette for over two decades, but later in 2016 filed for bankruptcy protection during the fall of oil prices and reemerging last year.

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The 30 Under 30 Forbes’ 2018 Class

Every single year Forbes collects an extensive list of very ambitious people under the age of thirty. This list spans several industries of twenty something year olds making their unique mark on the world. For the 2018 30 under 30 class, Forbes has six hundred young go-getters across twenty various industries apart of their prestigious class.

The process of selecting these 30 individuals under the age of thirty is a year long task. Forbes is in their seventh year of selecting the minds of the world’s most talented young people walking the globe. The origination of this annual list got its start because of the several young people in the technology industry making big startup moves and therefore earning a lofty net worth.

The process involves selecting 600 honorees and placing 30 into 20 categories. There is a no repeats process. So rest assured that each year all 600 honorees are completely new names to the list. The 20 categories include: Education, Consumer Tech, Art & Style, Energy, Enterprise Tech, Games, Food & Drink, Finance, Media, Healthcare, Hollywood & Entertainment, Law & Policy, Manufacturing & Industry, Marketing & Advertising, Music, Retail & E-commerce, Science, Social Entrepreneurs, Sports and Venture Capital. This process is rather complex to be selected. The nominations total at 15,000 candidates. From that number, only 4% or 600 are selected as the 30 under 30. The judges that select this infamous 30 come from a variety of backgrounds including art & style, Hollywood, the entertainment business, ecommerce, sports and marketing.

From science to education to social media these amazing 600 people have their hands dabbled in so many diverse industries yet have some common characteristics. The lists boasts a hefty amount of ivy league school attendants. The occasional college dropout also made the list. An overwhelming majority are founders and co-founders. More than half the business owners started their businesses to solve a problem. Over a quarter of the entrepreneurs want their businesses to change the world. A full list of the 30 under 30 honorees can be read at Your text to link…

Forbes has crafted a well rounded list of individuals who believe in having grit, passion and vision. These youthful minds are the bright and leading way-makers of tomorrow.