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The Organo Gold Standard

Dan Ketchum wrote an article for which highlighted the business practice of the Canadian-based coffee bean distribution company Organo Gold. The company’s business model is structured so that the consumer is unable to directly purchase their products within the retail setting, aside from their website. What the company does implement is a policy that supplies the product to their many contracted distributors, while offering a percentage of sales commission to these establishments based on the amount of product they sell. With the basic premise that drives all business operations, the more product that is sold, the more capital said establishment will acquire. This drives these establishments to push Organo Gold’s products to their consumers at a higher frequency, with the effort of obtaining that added monetary incentive. Read the reviews at

Organo Gold approaches the development of their product using precise ingredients, accompanied with biological research. The company was co-founded in 2008 by Bernardo Chua and his experience in marketing has propelled the company to estimated revenues of thirty-five million dollars, as per calendar year 2010 records. Leading the advertising and sales division is the other co-founder Shane Morand. The company’s product research division, labeled the Scientific Advisory Board, is led by the company’s Chief Medical Consultant Dr. Irma Prado. Organo Gold shares a partnership with Chinese company the Fujian. That company’s founder Li Ye and Dr. Li Xiaoyu both oversee operations and product development in the organic compounds that make up the ingredients of Organo Gold’s coffee mixtures. Visit Bizfluent to know more about Organo Gold.

Those mixtures consist of gourmet beans combined with ganoderma, a mushroom typically found in tropical regions and is used in many Asian medicines. The Organo Gold company notes that their ingredient mixtures, combined with the herb ganoderma lucidum, has inherent properties that help manage cholesterol, prevent certain illnesses from developing, and is overall healthier than many of the other coffee examples found in today’s market. Their main objective is the continual research of the next generation of ingredients and staying ahead of the industry’s latest trends. Organo Gold also offers green tea and hot chocolate products in addition to their signature coffee blends and its main distribution platforms are within the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Canada, and many more to name a few. With the National Coffee Association report in 2009-2010, coffee manufacturing totaled over one-hundred and twenty-five million bags. It is safe to say that Organo Gold has no intention of slowing down its efforts anytime soon.


Enroll in the NV Real Estate Academy, and Start Flipping with Nick Vertucci

Nick Vertucci is the founder and owner of NV Real Estate Academy. The Academy supplies the training and the tools to get started in real estate investing. He shares his real life experiences with his students, providing them with the knowledge needed to JumpStart their new career.

Nick knows about the challenges they may face. He sticks by his students as they get started, and he prepares them for their new endeavor. The NV Real Estate Academy has experienced and dedicated instructors on its team. The knowledgeable customer support staff is available to answer your questions or concerns.

Nick Vertucci teaches his unique style of flipping real estate. Like any good investment, one of the key concept is to buy low, and sell high. The same holds true when investing in real estate. The main key to success in flipping real estate is to get the proper training.

Nick Vertucci has years of experience in the business of flipping real estate. Many years ago, before Nick began his career in real estate investing, he was struggling to make ends meet. He was exhausting his savings just to pay the bills. What happened next was life changing for Nick. His friend invited him to attend a real estate seminar. He wasn’t very enthusiastic about going, but Nick agreed to accompany his friend to the seminar.

As Nick listened to the instructor, he started to get very interested and excited about what he was hearing. He studied and learned everything there was to learn, and he was soon making money on his own real estate transactions. He had finally found something that he and good at, and something very profitable as well.

Nick Vertucci started the NV Real Estate Academy to share his passion with others. The coursework is completely online, thereby allowing students to learn at their own pace. Nick and his team of instructors will coach and guide the student throughout the entire transaction. His goal is to teach his students everything he has learned about flipping real estate, and helping them reach their financial goals, as he has done.

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Lawrence Bender Pushes the Limits with Pulp Fiction

Lawrence Bender first started pushing the limits of what we were used to seeing in mainstream cinema with his breakout film, Reservoir Dogs. This collaboration with Quentin Tarantino launched Lawrence Bender to new heights in his career and gained him recognition as one of the forward-thinking film producers who was willing to go out on a limb for the right project. Despite the overwhelming success of Reservoir Dogs, I still think the best film that Lawrence Bender produced was Pulp Fiction in 1994.

Pulp Fiction confused and delighted fans all over the world with its quirky humor and serious backdrop. The movie revolves around interwoven storylines of crime plots. It delves into the seedy underground of the Los Angeles crime scene and infuses humor with graphic violence. Even after the debut of Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction was deemed too violent and offbeat for some critics. It started gaining critical acclaim for its juxtaposition of raw personalities with seriously violent activities. The writing in this classic film is certainly worth of all the praise it has received over the past almost 25 years, but it was Lawrence Bender’s vision behind the camera that brought the entire movie together.

Lawrence Bender was not involved in the movie industry from a young age. After growing up in Jersey, Bender studied engineering at the University of Maine. He took an odd turn by trying out dancing as a career. Once he suffered a serious injury, Bender was forced to look elsewhere to fulfill his dreams of working in the arts. He took an entry level job on several movie sets and started learning his way around the industry. It quickly became clear that Bender had an eye for design and telling a story in an impactful way. Reservoir Dogs was his first foray into producing mainstream movies.

Since he has worked in Hollywood, Bender has received three Oscar nominations and a growing list of other awards. He has also produced major documentaries and successful television series. Bender has worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood and is considered one of the most successful producers.

Felipe Montoro Jens Public Private Partnership

Felipe Montoro Jens is a successful business leader in Brazil. During his career, he has helped hundreds of people in various ways. He has started several successful companies. He enjoys managing his business and helping customers.

Felipe Montoro Jens also participates in several partnerships with the local government. In these partnerships, he works with other business leaders to accomplish a common goal. He is passionate about helping people succeed at a high level. He wants every child to have access to primary education. He also believes that people should have affordable housing options.

Early Career

When Felipe Montoro Jens went to college, he wanted to earn a degree in business. He worked numerous jobs to pay for school. He learned valuable lessons about the business world during this time.

After graduating, he worked at a small company in his city. The company participated in several community events each year. He enjoyed helping people in the local community. He decided to become a business owner and focus on adding value to customers.

Starting a Company

The process of starting a business is not easy. Few people have the work ethic to succeed. Felipe Montoro Jens had to borrow a lot of money initially. It was a struggle to invest in the right areas of his company. He had to get the help of several business leaders in his local area. He was finally able to earn a profit after several years in business.

His company is now one of the leading businesses in his city. He mentors other business owners on how to improve profits.

Government Work

Felipe Montoro Jens is working on several projects with the local government. He wants the government to provide better education options for children. He is donating a large sum of money to get the project started.



Fortress Investment Group Profits from Distressed Assets

Global investment firm Fortress Investment Group gains tremendous profits from distressed assets and other under-performing investments that create a powerful long-term income stream that is propelling the organization to over $65 billion in assets under management. Fortress Investment Group has tremendous leadership from various pioneer investors in the alternative asset category. One, in particular, is Peter Briger the Principal and Co-Chairman of Fortress Investment Group and also serves as the head of the credit business. Peter Briger is an alumnus of Princeton University where he received a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree and he also completed his education at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business where he received his Master’s in Business Administration.

As a shrewd businessman and creative financing guru Peter Briger has established the skill set and expertise to power Fortress Investment Group into tremendous profits within the alternative asset investment categories. Fortress Investment Group invests in alternative assets including private equity, real estate, and other credit-related asset classes. Within those sectors of investment, they specialize in distressed assets, underperforming assets, and illiquid credit investments. Fortress Investment Group has compiled a portfolio that establishes diversity in asset classes that expand far beyond the general norms of most investment firms in the world. They are headquartered in New York City, New York and have offices around the world that provide key insight into various geographical markets on a global scale. Peter Briger has developed key insight through his various appointments throughout his career especially ones within Goldman Sachs where he held various committee appointments and performed admirably within every step of his tenure with the organization.

Peter Briger also provides high levels of visibility for Fortress with his appointments such as his membership in the Council on Foreign Relations and the Silicon Valley Leadership Council. Peter Briger has established a reputation for providing the capital resources and creative credit financing for Fortress Investment Group to establish the resources needed to execute lucrative returns on investment on various alternative asset opportunities. He specializes in the evaluation and analysis of global credit, private equity, and real estate investment opportunities around the globe. With the intellectual prowess to lead Fortress Investment Group through the functional analysis and strategic evaluation of various alternative asset opportunities, Peter Briger has established himself as a true intellectual and valuable asset within the firm. Fortress Investment Group is a global investment firm that has gained tremendous profits from distressed assets and other underperforming assets to create one of the most well respected alternative asset firms in the world.

Highland Capital is on the Cutting Edge of Investments

Highland Capital Management has been through several iterations before settling on an official company name and product and service focus. The company and its team are actively involved in the philanthropic efforts within the local community. Highland Capital is proud of their commitment to the community. Their efforts help to build strong community ties and an enhanced quality of life for its citizens. It is important to the team at Highland to contribute effort and resources to initiatives with a mission that deals with improving the lives of those in need. They focus on efforts that concentrate on veteran’s initiatives, healthcare and education. In the past 13 years Highland has contributed more than $10 million to charitable organizations. Read more about Highland Capital at

Highland Capital Management began its story in January of 1990. The founders of the company are Mark Okada and James Dondero. They initially formed a partnership with PLIC (Protective Life Insurance Corporation) and they specialized in income markets with fixed rates and included the management of secured bank loans. The entity morphed into PAMCO (Protective Asset Management Company. PAMCO, an investment advisory company registered with the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) was owned by the partnership of Dondero and Okada at a 40 percent share and by PLIC at a 60 percent share.

As the company grew and experienced a measure of success, Dondero and Okada acquired the share of PAMCO owned by PLIC and formed RAM (Ranger Asset Management). The company operated as an independent advisor and was registered with the SEC. The following year, RAM changed its name to Highland Capital Management.

Highland established several products such as the first comingled bank loan fund and the alternative investment 40 Act platform. As the company grew, they added new products to their lineup and jumped into the business of mutual funds. They purchased two floating rate funds Columbia Asset Management. Visit to know more.

Highland put its pioneering efforts to work and developed CLO’s (collateralized loan obligations). Since its inception, Highland has not only structured, but monitors more than 39 CLO’s/CDO’s with a total of $32 billion. This effort makes Highland Capital the largest CLO manager in the world. Product and service expansion continued with the establishment the first total return strategy by focusing on assets experiencing distress. Highland also established two bank loan separate accounts for large public pension plans. The company continues to develop new and improved strategies that allow investors to achieve their return goals with the level of risk they are willing to take.

Today, Highland Capital Management is an growing investment company that is independently owned. The company supports a team of more than 180 employees based world-wide. Clients include individuals of high net worth, governments, financial institutions, corporations, endowments, foundations and public pension plans.


Barbara Stokes and Matchless Leadership Abilities

Barbara Stokes is a detail-oriented professional who has been working as a leader in Huntsville in Alabama for a long stretch of time at this point. She’s the individual who heads things for a firm that’s known as Green Structure Homes Delivered. She has all of the right qualifications for the coveted position as well. Stokes is a capable Chief Executive Officer who has an A+ background. She’s a Mercer University alumnus who knows so much about all kinds of topics that relate to her position. She finished studying at the Macon, Georgia school back in the beginning of the 2000s. Her private school education got her 100 percent ready for an enriching vocation in the disaster relief building sector. Although she’s an indisputable leader, she’s also an individual who possesses dazzling and strong teamwork abilities. She works right next to a professional by the name of Scott Stokes all of the time. Scott is another trustworthy leader for Green Structure Homes Delivered. That’s because he functions as the firm’s skilled Chief Operating Officer. The two individuals attend events for the company regularly. They represent the company and all of its offered services by talking about it in considerable detail. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

Stokes knows physics and biomedical engineering like a champion. Those were topics that were massive focuses for her during her illustrious college career. She took many comprehensive courses in college that taught her a lot about everything from thermodynamics to technical communication. Barbara Stokes can give people a lot of information that involves the ins and outs of material properties and manufacturing. She can give them many details that involve all different aspects of material structures.

This painstaking company head knows the value of paying her dues. That’s because she did a lot of that before coming to Green Structure Homes Delivered. She paid a lot of attention to her classes at Mercer University. She, after that, made the choice to take launching her career seriously. She worked for a couple of big companies like Boeing and the Pisces Corporation. These gigs gave Stokes the strength to shine in her present leadership opportunity. Read this article at

Most people who meet Stokes are fully aware of how jam-packed her day-to-day schedule at work is. She’s not the kind of person, though, to only concentrate on one thing. Stokes undoubtedly gives more than 100 percent to her job at Green Structure Homes Delivered. She also gives that same devotion to various other sectors in her life. Volunteering in the neighborhoods that are close to her Huntsville residence is something she likes to do any time it’s possible. She has children she loves guiding and teaching as well. She’s a mother who also happens to deliver at work.

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