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The Truth is (Still) Out There: A Spoiler Free Review of the Return of The X-Files

Cult Classic The X-Files returned to television for it’s eleventh season, on Fox, January third. This season is directly correspondent to 2016’s season ten cliff hanger ending. Recently, many X-philes have been despondent over Gillian Anderson, who plays Agent Scully on the series, announcing that this would more than likely be her last season with the show. This seemed to contradict show runner, and creator, Chris Carter’s hopes that this season would relaunch the series anew for subsequent seasons. Despite the future of the franchise however, the opening episode of season eleven garnered some high viewer numbers, and assured Fox and Ten Thirteen productions that the world was still waiting for the final truth.

My Struggle III, the first episode of season eleven, continues the story weaved throughout season ten’s ‘mythology’ episodes, and picks up with the narrative of Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, and, most prevalent throughout the episode, The Cigarette Smoking Man. My Struggle III takes a deep focus on the character which William B. Davis portrays, and bears heavy resemblance to the seventh episode of season four, Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man, going so far as to reveal information on the character that had yet to be brought to the light in the twenty year old series.

Ultimately though, My Struggle III, plays like an action noir, which isn’t a bad thing in the least, but my be jarring to some long time fans that are expecting the mysterious fog of season four. The dialogue is fast paced, and you can feel the tension winding up after following up last season’s incredible mid-scene cut ending. My Struggle III will ultimately be continued in the season’s final episode, and in the meantime, we’ll get what will undoubtedly be some great episodes from long time X-files writing favorites Glen and Darin Morgan. For an indepth look at this season, and the overall arch of The X-Files, check out Chris Carter’s interview with Collider at

First Look at the New Venom Movie

At the 2017 Brazil Comic Con, revelers were treated to the very first sneak-peek viewing of Marvel’s newest upcoming film, Venom. The movie’s image was revealed at the convention’s video panel and actor Tom Hardy is going to play the antihero and his co-stars will include Michelle Williams, Woody Harrelson, Jenny Slate and Riz Ahmed. The film will be loosely based on the “Venom: Lethal Protector” comic book, this was a miniseries that was released back in 1993. The expected release date for the film will on October 5, 2018.

Michelle Williams is going to play as Anne Weying, the ex-wife of Eddie Brock. Fans of the comic book had already guessed what role Williams would play and the actress revealed that she won’t be playing She-Venom anytime soon, thus she is open to jump into her character in the future. Eddie Brock is the main character that struggles with this dark parasitic secret called the Venom Symbiote. The sentient alien being finds human hosts to bond and control for its own survival on earth. Venom comics made its first appearance in Marvel’s “The Amazing Spider-Man: The Alien Costume,” in issue #252 on May 1984. The new film’s primary antagonist of Venom will be Cletus Kasady also know as Carnage, was said to be played by actor Woody Harrelson. Kelly Marcel and Todd McFarlane join the film as the screenwriters. Venom was reported to be released with an R rating and it will be directed by Ruben Fleischer.

DC Comics Films Coming Out in 2018

Though Aquaman is the only DCEU film coming out this year, there are plenty of DC Comics movies to choose from if you like superheroes in DVD or animated form.

Scooby Doo! & Batman: The Brave and the BoldOr did it?Batman: Gotham By GaslightBatman Ninjathe trailerSuicide Squad: Hell to PayDeath of SupermanTeen Titans Go! To The MoviesAquamanLEGO DC Superheroes: The Flash
• Scooby Doo! & Batman: The Brave and the Bold: Sadly, the death of Adam West killed hopes of more Silver Age Batman adventures. Or did it? Now available on DVD and digital download.
• Batman: Gotham By Gaslight: Based on a popular Elseworlds comic that is set in a steampunk reality. Available for digital download on January 23 and on Blu-Ray February 6.
• Batman Ninja: The Bat-Family is transported back to feudal Japan and must fight samurai versions of supervillains! It sounds silly, but the trailer looks cool.
• Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay: Not much is known about this one, except that it will be an original story set in the DC Animated Movie Universe.
• Death of Superman:Wait, didn’t the direct-to-DVD franchise already do this one? The new version will be more accurate to the source material, though it will a second film in 2019 to complete that goal.
• Teen Titans Go! To The Movies:The first of two theatrical films, this will see the TV cast try to get their own film to prove that they are legit superheroes.
• Aquaman: The only DCEU film this year, this will have the prince of Atlantis face off against his evil brother as well as Black Manta. Set for December 21, 2018.
• LEGO DC Superheroes: The Flash: The evil Reverse-Flash has stolen Barry Allen’s powers—and his identity! Can Barry save the rest of the Justice League from this speedy supervillain?

“Creed” Writer Working on “Black Panther” Digital Comic

One of the co-writers of the movie Creed is taking his stab at writing the Black Panther comic, while his former colleague works on the character’s solo film for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Creed, a spin-off of the Rocky movies starring the son of Apollo Creed as he is trained by his father’s old boxing frenemy Rocky Balboa, was co-written by Ryan Coogler and Aaron Covington. While the former is now working as the director on the Black Panther movie, his former partner is getting to write two issues of one of the character’s comic books. Covington is not involved in making the film, however.

The comic in question is Black Panther: Long Live the King, which is a digital-only limited series made in conjunction with the website Comixology. It is set in a separate continuity from either the main run of Marvel Comics or the MCU, though it shares many aspects of both universes. Covington will write issues #3 and #4 with Mario DelPennio doing art; the first two issues were done Nnedi Okorafor and Andre Lima Araujo, who will also write the final two issues afterwards.

The Covington/DelPennio arc will reportedly feature Black Panther, real name T’Challa, both as the teenage prince of Wakanda and later as its adult king, when he has taken the Black Panther mantle along with the crown. He will have to deal with a monster tearing through the country and efforts to rebuild the country after some sort of political upheaval.

The first issue of their run on Black Panther: Long Live the King will be available on Comixology on Wednesday, January 10, 2018. The Black Panther film is set for release February 16.

Spawn to Finally Get a Reboot

Spawn is one of the comic book franchises that were casualties of an earlier era of Hollywood when it just did not know how to handle adaptations. One of the issues with Hollywood is that it has given the projects to people who were not fans of the comic franchise. As a result of that and other issues, the films have turned out to be an insult to fans of the original source material. Fortunately, there has come to be an era where comic book movies are consistently good. They are also among the most popular franchises as of now.

One of the comic book movies that are being planned is a reboot to Spawn. Todd McFarlane is going to go in a different direction for this film. He is going to treat Spawn as not only a bit player, but also the antagonist even though he is a protagonist in the comic book. The 1997 film also depicted Spawn as the protagonist. However, the characters were handled in a way that did not give justice to the source material. The Spawn comic books were gruesome and gory. One of the biggest mistakes in the film was that it was shot for a PG-13 rating.

There was also an animated HBO series that was more true to the gruesome nature of the comics. There were a ton of scenes that were very disturbing to watch in the animated version. The story also featured quite a few characters that were left out of the live action movie version. Given that the reboot is going to focus more on the humans trying to catch the resurrected character, it is very likely that more of the human characters are going to be featured such as the two detectives that have been trying to catch the character.

Adam Strange Appears in New “Krypton” Trailer

The first full trailer has dropped for the SyFy series Krypton, which will focus on the titular planet about 200 years before one of its few survivors becomes the hero known as Superman.

The show focuses on Superman’s grandfather, Seg-El (played by Cameron Cuffe), who is from the once great, now disgraced House of El. In the trailer, his voice-over explains that their family is famous for overthrowing tyrants, and indeed, the plot of the show will focus on him attempting to bring change to the social status of Krypton, with apparently a lot of focus on the planet’s religious caste.

The trailer, however, focuses more on a different aspect of the show: a man (unidentified here, but apparently Adam Strange from other materials) has come back in time to warn Seg-El about a different time traveler, who wants to ruin Krypton and prevent Seg-El’s heroic descendant from ever arriving on Earth. The official synopsis adds that Seg-El may have to choose whether to save his planet or allow young Kal-El to go to Earth to be a hero.

Other arcs from the show will apparently include Seg-El’s secret romance with a woman from the rival House of Zod (as in the famous general), and Brainiac showing up as one of the main villains. (Perhaps the one that Adam has come to warn him about?)

It is unclear if this show is supposed to be set in the DC Extended Universe, especially since one of its creators, David S. Goyer, worked on Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. He is also currently working on writing the Green Lantern Corps movie, tentatively set for release in 2020. If so, it will the franchise’s first TV series.

Warner Bros. Promotes Toby Emmerich in Executive Shake-Up

Shortly after promoting Walter Hamada to lead its superhero movie division, Warner Bros. has had another executive shake-up with Toby Emmerich being promoted to chairman while Sue Kroll has lost her longtime job as the company’s president of worldwide marketing and distribution.

Before this, Emmerich was chief content officer. Kroll, meanwhile, while still be working for the company as a producer. It is also being reported that the company’s CEO, Kevin Tsujihara, will be taking less direct involvement in the film-making process.

The apparent purpose of these moves is to enhance the company’s franchises, most particularly the DC Extended Universe. Already far behind their rival, the Marvel Cinematic Universe that is owned by Disney, the five superhero films set in this series have all been divisive at best and turned out lower than expected profits, with the notable exception of last year’s Wonder Woman. Many credit this with a lack of a coherent vision for the franchise (which, to be fair, ties into its goal of being more director-led than the tightly controlled MCU).

Aside from the DCEU, Warner Bros. has several other powerful franchises going right now, including the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and LEGO animations.

Hopefully Emmerich will be able to put and/or keep these series on track. As it stands, he has some experience, having overseen the company’s work on successful properties like The Lord of the Rings and The Conjuring horror films. (Interestingly, Hamada also has ties to the latter franchise, as do James Wan and David F. Sandberg, the directors of the next two DCEU films, Aquaman and Shazam.) With Disney recently empowered by its acquisition of Fox, Warner Bros. is going to need a lot of talent and luck to stay competitive.

Ricardo Guimaraes& BMG Receive Honors To Merit

Ricardo Guimaraes, President of BMG, recently received the Diploma of Honor to Merit from the City Hall of Belo Horizonte (his place of origin) in 2017. He previously received the Great Collar of Legislative Merit in 2004. These awards were bestowed upon the successful businessman for his dedication and continual contributions to Brazilian athletics. Guimaraes has heavily invested in several sports programs over the years including football, volleyball, tennis, and Olympic gymnastics as well as local medical centers. BMG and the Guimaraes family have literally put more financial support into the sports and athletics in Brazil than any individual or company in history. Read more about the actual award ceremony here.

Guimaraes is an entrepreneur and the current president of Banco BMG, an 87 year old financial firm that has become one of the largest and most influential in the Brazil. He is the fourth Guimaraes to play a leading role in the Brazilian financial sector. Since 1998 BMG has worked both with individuals and corporations, offering both business and personal credit lines, credit cards, paycheck solutions and more. Prior to the late 1998 the firm focused mainly on retail investment. Another difference between BMG and other financial institutions are that they offer low interest rates and work with low-income individuals as well, and Ricardo Tosto’s Website.

Before founding Banco BMG the Guimaraes family had owned and operated coffee plantations, a canning factory, and maintained a large investment in cattle. They are one of the most powerful and wealthy families from the Minas Gerais region of Brazil. The Grandfather of Ricardo originaly founded the Banco BMG back in 1930. They have risen to their bank to the very top of the sector. BMG’s main mission statement is to “Make the customer our partner and, through a solid relationship, seek agile, competent and personalized solutions”,  and learn more about Ricardo Tosto.

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Pushing Unnecessary Romances in Star Wars

There have been a lot of talk about the direction of the story in the Star Wars Saga. One of the topics being discussed currently is a possible relationship between Poe and Rey. This can be even more unexpected than a relationship between Finn and Rey. One thing that can get in the way of a romance is the possibility that it is shoehorned into a film. Daisy Ridley has stated that she is not very thrilled about the idea of any type of romance for Rey in Star Wars IX, which is going to be the closing film of the trilogy. Fans are already disappointed with the trilogy so far.

The first film in the sequel trilogy was seen as more of a remake of A New Hope. The Last Jedi was filled with so many twists and turns that it seemed like the theater was playing five different movies. To make things even more disappointing, behind all of the twists and turns was just a remake of The Empire Strikes Back with a little bit of Return of the Jedi being thrown. However, the director of The Last Jedi is considering coming back for a new trilogy in the Star Wars franchise.

There are plenty of possibilities in the Star Wars franchise when it comes to romance. Finn is likely to have someone that he is in a relationship with, and it is not likely to be Poe.

As of what is coming up next, it is likely that the next Star Wars is going to be directed by JJ Abrams who has directed The Force Awakens. There is no telling where they are going to go with the IX one. There have been plenty of twists in the story that has resulted in many disappointments when it comes to characters.

David Giertz Gives His Take On Social Security

David Giertz is prepared to council his peers and team members about the importance of Social Security. Social Security is an important aspect of any retirees’ long-term plan. Financial advisors have fallen into the habit of glossing over this subject because it is a very complicated issue. The Social Security ledger has more than 2700 rules that must be thoroughly understood in order to explain them properly. It has become customary for advisors to maneuver around the subject. However, David Giertz has done his own research and noticed that retirees are more educated about Social Security than ever before. They expect their advisors to have detailed information about the topic. If clients are not thoroughly briefed on Social Security they do not hesitate to terminate their relationship with their current financial agency and move on to a another adviser. Giertz understands the concern that comes from the retirees. If they did not implement the benefit at the correct time the retiree stands a chance of losing lots of money over time.

David Giertz has a wealth of experience in the financial services industry. He has spent more than 30 years developing his techniques that have brought profitable success to his clients. David was President of Nationwide Financials Sales Distribution Organization where he elevated the revenue bottom line from 11 billion to 17.8 billion. David continuously demonstrated successful decision making while moving his company forward. He implemented wholesale strategy for the private sector retirement plans, life insurance, mutual funds and annuities.

David Giertz is an experienced business coach with many credentials. He was the leader of Financial Institutions Bank Channel in 2004. Financial Institutions Bank Channel went on to acquire Warehouse Distribution Bank Channel by 2009. Giertz became a member of the Nationwide team in 1999 and stepped into the role of Regional Vice President. He was based out of Miami Florida where he oversaw the operations in 7 States including Puerto Rico. David increased the overall revenue of his region by 40%.

David Giertz was a member of Citigroup before joining Nationwide. He worked with the organization for 10 years and served as a Financial Services advisor. He then went on to become and Area Director. David eventually rose to the position of Executive Vice President of Sales where he continued to add accomplishments to his outstanding resume.

David Kurtz is an active member of community organizations such as the Board of Trustees at Millikin University. David is also the Chairman of the Budget and Finance Committee at it Millikin University. He is proud to be a board member of the Girl Scouts of Broward County.

David Giertz began his successful career by acquiring and MBA from the University of Miami, and a BS from Millikin University.