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Fox Signs on for The Orville Season 2!

Seth MacFarlane led The Orville made an interstellar splash when it hit Fox channels this past fall. Quickly developing its fan base with intricately crafted science fiction storytelling, leaning on the explorative spirit of Star Trek and Lost in Space, as well as MacFarlane’s trademark sense of humor and narrative, The Orville became heralded by critics throughout its first season. As recently announced by Fox, The Orville has been signed for a second season, allowing MacFarlane and company to continue to boldly go where few comedy programs have before, straight to the hearts of the most diligent science fiction fans, while at once being enjoyed by audiences at large.

The Orville tells the story of Captain Ed Mercer, leader of The Orville, and ex-wife and commander of The Orville, Kelly Grayson, along with stories of the crew of the ship, and the discoveries made in deep space. The Orville makes perfect use of decade’s worth of science fiction influences and manages to subvert them for surprising encounters in what may feel like familiar space for Star Trek, Star Wars, and Battlestar Galactica fans. The Orville has stood out as a surprising television series for MacFarlane who is known for his animated series’ focusing on comedy focus, whereas The Orville is particularly serious in tone while playfully adopting humor elements throughout.

With a second season of the series it is likely we will see MacFarlane delve deeper into world building and providing his characters with a more intricate backgrounds, while at once allowing the twisting and turning sci-fi nature of the series to show through more broadly. Without a doubt The Orville has become a surprise hit for a variety of different T.V. fans, and will bring us another season of sci-fi hi-jinks on the bridge of the federation ship in 2018. To find out more about The Orville, and the upcoming season 2, visit

Can Quentin Tarantino Make Star Trek Cool?

When people think about Star Trek, they think about space exploration and even a few battles. When people think about Quentin Tarantino, they think about witty dialogue, foul language and graphic violence. So what exactly do they have to do with one another? One thing that very few people would expect is Quentin Tarantino directing a Star Trek film. Well, there is news. Quentin Tarantino is in talks for directing the next Star Trek film. Another bit of news that can really blow minds is that it is going to be R rated if Quentin Tarantino directs it.

There may be a bit of disbelief about this development. However, it seems as if Paramount and J.J. Abrams is on board for this. Therefore, it is likely to happen after Quentin Tarantino releases his 9th film which is going to deal with the Manson Murders. Now, an R rated Star Trek may not be as far fetched as one might think. The Star Trek films are filled with some rather intense moments. Star Trek VI in particular needed some edits in effects in order to avoid the R rating. The only thing is the question as to whether Quentin Tarantino’s style is a good fit for Star Trek.

Another thing that seems to to be revealed is that this upcoming film might not center around the rebooted TOS crew, but may instead focus on the next generation crew. The only thing is what direction Quentin Tarantino is going to take. One question that remains is whether he is going to adapt an episode into a film. There are ideas of sending the Star Trek crew to the past which has been done at least twice in a film. Quentin Tarantino could also keep the action in the 24 century and add blood spurts to phaser blasts along with some profanity.

Agora Financial: In Pursuit of Greatness

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This Film Has Been Rated R

There was a time not too long ago when hearing this was rare. For about a decade, it seemed that every big action movie that has come out has been given the PG-13 rating. The disturbing thing at the time was that a lot of the PG-13 films have come from R rated properties. While these are not first time occurrences (Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome was a PG-13 film in an R rated franchise that came out in 1985), it did bring about some glaring issues. For one thing, there are obvious bits where the violence has been watered down. Also, a lot of the action scenes have been filmed with quick cuts and rapid movements which make it hard for the audience to make out what is happening on the screen.

The worst thing about PG-13 films is that they came at a time when Hollywood was starting to become gimmicky. When a film happened to be successful, Hollywood wanted to copy that film over and over. For instance, the Batman Reboot films have led to other properties being rebooted. While the first couple of reboots like Batman Begins and Casino Royale were good, there were tons of reboots that were disasters.

These past 10 or so years was like the Hayes Code era of films. Now, Hollywood has calmed down because it has realized that it is more important to tell a good compelling story than to cater to a rating. Even Disney can be trusted to leave the Deadpool franchise alone as the R rated portion of the X-Men franchise. The only issue is that it might be going to the other extreme where everything has to be rated R. For instance, studios seem to be on board for an R rated Quentin Tarantino directed Star Trek film. Since the success of Deadpool, John Wick, and Logan, Hollywood has seen that there is a market for R rated films that is perhaps as big as the PG-13 market.

The Talented Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub’s career as a U.K. diplomat are coming to an end. For the past four years Taub has worked as an Ambassador for the State of Israel. Some people consider him one of the most well-known and respected Israeli diplomats of recent decades. After four years of diligent work with the Court of St. James, Daniel looks back on his diplomatic work in the United Kingdom.


In spite of being such a popular ambassador, some of Taub’s favorite hobbies remain unknown. Daniel Taub enjoys reading books in his spare time — English literature being a key focus of his. When he isn’t perusing through books the former diplomat enjoys spending time with his family at the London Theater. He lists High Society as a musical he’s recently seen, and includes Les Miserables as a musical he plans on viewing soon. Daniel Taub regrets not seeing more musicals when he had the time to.


There is, however, more to Daniel Taub than hobbies and diplomat work. Daniel Taub appears to have a firm philosophy he lives his life by. It’s a philosophy that’s open to new experiences when they’re beneficial. Taub values being a British Israeli diplomat for the various perspectives it offers. Some of the most interesting people he’s met were critical of his homeland, Israel. But that doesn’t keep Taub from valuing their perspective and inevitably forming personal bonds with people that could be considered his political opponents. He values interactions with people of all kinds, with his family at the helm of these social relationships. The interview shows Taub to optimistic about his past, present, and future as well. Looking back at the past four years of British Ambassador work, he says he feels deeply satisfied about what he managed to accomplish. Sure, more work could have been done — more goals reached, more networks established, more foreign relations strengthened. But Taub knows he already achieved plenty. During his four years his team opened Israel information centers in both Scotland and Wales and expanded the information centers in Manchester.


Yet those aren’t even the most renowned of Daniel Taub’s successes. For the man frequently considered to be a workaholic, those are just among a large pile of achievements. From 2011 to 2013, Taub helped increase UK-Israel bilateral trade to $8 billion. 2011 was the same year he had his first notable meeting with the Queen of England. Learn more:




Concerns over Disney Owning Fox

As excited as people seem to be at the idea of Disney owning Fox, there have been some concerns voiced over what that could mean for some of the property of Fox. Among the concerns for the acquisition is what could happen to property such as Deadpool. Given that Deadpool is one of the most successful R rated movies in the recent era, and Disney is the one company that is known for keeping things on a kid-friendly level, there is naturally going to be some concern that Deadpool is going to be one of the characters that are toned down.

Fans may not have to worry. For one thing, Deadpool and X-Men may be kept apart for a little bit. Another thing that is to be considered is that Disney has other studios that actually release more adult films. One of the studios is Touchstone Pictures. This studio is known for releasing R rated films. There is also Hollywood pictures which is known for projects such as 1995’s Judge Dredd starring Sylvester Stallone. Disney is also allowing Marvel to do its own thing for the most part when it comes to the content in the films. Even some of Quentin Tarantino’s films have been released through a Disney studio.

Even the Star Wars films are somewhat darker and more violent under the direction of Disney than the prequels, which were a little more Disney-esque than a lot of the films released under the company. Rogue One was rewritten and reshot for a darker ending. The Force Awakens is a little gorier than any other Star Wars movie before it other than Revenge of the Sith. Therefore, there are a ton of reasons that Deadpool might be okay. Other properties might get going in a smoother fashion such as more Alien and Predator movies.

Star Wars and the Push For Diversity

Back when the first Star Wars movie appeared, there was diversity, but only in the form of humans mixing with different creatures. George Lucas didn’t really think of diversity when he shot the first Star Wars back in the 70s. However, he has taken a step forward when he has brought in Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian. While most of the actors playing human characters consisted of people of European descent, some of the aliens bore a slight resemblance to other ethnic groups. By the time Return of the Jedi was released, Billy Dee Williams was perhaps one of the only non-white actors to have a prominent role. The only other non-white actor that was recognizable was James Earl Jones, but that was only a vocal role.

Even the prequels seemed to be lacking when it comes to diversity. However, it did a little better than the original trilogy. With The Force Awakens, there has been a strong push for diversity with one of the lead actors being Jogn Boyega, a Black actor from Britain. Rey is played by Daisy Ridley. It seems like this generation of Star Wars leads are more diverse than previous.

The actors are not the only ones that are starting to be diverse. There are plans to bring about diversity to the directors. There are also plans for another Star Wars Trilogy that is not related to the current trilogy. This could mean that it is not going to have anything to do with the Skywalker bloodline or Rey’s lineage.

There seems to be plenty of exciting things happening with Star Wars. Disney is making a lot of deals and working on a lot of projects that are sure to not only entertain but innovate. With a deal being made with Fox, they are surely going to be in control of some of the crowd pleasing franchises that they can develop into new projects. Among the things to look forward to is the complete released of the restored original trilogy.

Guillermo del Toro’s Plan for Pacific Rim 2

The film “Pacific Rim” was a monster movie when it was released in 2013, all courtesy of director Guillermo del Toro.

While the movie didn’t break box office records upon its release, it was well received by critics and fans, so naturally the idea of a sequel was in the clouds, mainly because of its international haul. Originally, del Toro planned to directing the sequel and a spin-off for television, but sadly had to drop from the project in early 2016. With him gone, Steven S. DeKnight filled in as the director.

DeKnight has had success behind directing “Spartacus” and Marvel’s “Daredevil,” and with the aide of three different writers, came up with a story that was quite different from what del Toro originally had in mind.

Despite the change in the movie’s story, audiences can still find out about what the original ideas that del Toro had were. When being interviewed about his upcoming film “The Shape of Water,” he mentioned that he had filmed some scenes in Shanghai and used the river there to combine it and make it into a back drop. He added that he also traveled to the desert to shoot some scenes for a background. San Francisco was the last place he used to shoot scenes, mainly because he saw so many previous disaster movies end up there.

To conclude, del Toro’s vision for Pacific Rim 2 would’ve been much more different than the final product set to be released in March of 2018, but even with this knowledge the sequel does open up the world to all kinds of new stories that can be explored.

Series Renewals and Cancellations in 2018

Truly we live in the golden age of television! With so many streaming services, renowned TV channels, and free options, Television producers and providers are vying for the hottest and best programming around. Unfortunately, this also means that some of our favorites will be going off the air next year in preparation for new shows. There were both bad and good surprises this year as networks and services announced just what we’d be seeing on our assortment of screens next season. Below we’ll take a look at just a few of the series’ we’ll be saying goodbye to, as well as some upcoming gems.

Three separate Marvel affiliated Netflix series’ recently announced they would be producing subsequent seasons. DareDevil will be going into season three on the digital streaming service, as will Jessica Jones, and the newest of the three, The Punisher, will be seeing a second season. Three of Netflix’s other series’ also recently announced new seasons as well. Orange is the New Black will be going into its seventh season, while the adult animated comedy Bo Jack Horseman will be going into its fifth. Netflix has also signed on for a third installment of Stranger Things, unsurprising due to the shows incredible popularity, though we may not be seeing it until 2019 according to a few reports floating around online.

On the other side of the net, Hulu are remaining quiet on their continuing series’, though it is greatly speculated Marvel’s Runaways, and sci-fi comedy Futureman will be seeing a second season. Seth MacFarlane led The Orville will be seeing a second season on Fox, while Cartoon Network mainstay Adventure Time will be ending after season nine. In other surprising endings and cancellations, neither Netflix’s The Get Down or ABC’s Tim Allen led The Last Man Standing will be receiving further seasons. For a full listing of what will be coming to screens in 2018, as well as those beloved series’ getting the ax, check out:

Why Rocketship Education Gets Parents To Engage In Their Children’s Learning

Rocketship Education is a network of charter schools headquartered in Redwood City, California. They build deep bonds with both the students who attend their schools and their parents. This was on display early in 2007 when a creek in San Jose went over its banks, flooding many homes in the area. Some of these families had students attending Rocketship Education. When the charter school heard about what happened the quickly started raising funds for the affected family, ultimately raising more than $60,000. The families were able to use this money to pay for new rent deposits, fixing their damaged homes, and replacing some of the items they had lost.

At Rocketship Education they recognize that it’s the family of their students who are most important for their educational outcomes. They operate K-5 schools that use a hybrid approach to teaching, both conventionally with a teacher and incorporating technology in their classroom approach. They also keep parents in the loop about what is happening in their schools and students classrooms. Parents are even given the chance to interview new teachers before they are hired so that their input is taken into account.

Deeply engaged parents have students who perform very well in school. By engaging the parents in aspects of the school such as the curriculum and how they can help at home the students rapidly advance in their understanding of subjects. This is really important as after fifth grade the Rocketship Education students often start attending public school. The carryover of engaged parents in a public school setting can help that system also improve.

Rocketship Education was founded in 2006 and is run as a nonprofit. The two founders were John Danner and Preston Smith. Their leadership resulted in a organization that now has schools in several communities. Most of their students come from a disadvantaged background. This often includes both race and income levels for the families. These types of students often struggle in the public schools as schools in these types of areas typically don’t have the resources to offer a quality education.